A Better Insight on Black Diamond Ring

A lot of people, men and women alike, love their jewelry. Since the earliest times, people have been fascinated with these shiny, glittering things that they hung on their necks, ears, wrists and fingers. And when it comes to the kind of jewelry they put on their fingers, a lot of these people become very particular when it comes to the kind of ring they wear.

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Rings do come in different shapes and sizes, depending on the gender of the person who wears it and their very own preferences. These rings are also made from valuable metals like gold and silver. And to add more value, people who make this jewelry even add some precious stones on top or around the ring itself. Stones they put on the rings vary from birthstones to precious rocks such as diamonds.

Diamonds come in many different colors varying from light to dark, colorless diamonds to diamonds with colors. Colored diamonds are favored by many as they make the jewelry they wear feel more unique and personal. And speaking of uniqueness that a person can have for their finger jewelry, nothing beats having a black diamond ring made by none other than the most reputable jewelers.

A Little History about Black Diamonds

Black diamonds, also called Carbonado which means burned in the Portuguese language, is also a product of thousands of years of volcanic activities much like other colors of diamonds. The first set of black diamonds was discovered by Portuguese explorers when they reached the regions of what is now Brazil and parts of the Central African Republic in the mid 1700s. Black diamonds are also considered one of the rarest form of diamonds as very few have been found in existence compared to other diamond colors. Because of its rarity, any jewelry which holds this precious stone like the black diamond ring is considered to be jewelry of high value. Upon closer look, black diamonds are not entirely black at all; instead they have these dark inclusions that enable these precious gems to look black.

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Black Diamonds in Rings

Because of its color, black diamonds look good in almost any kind of ring color. For example, a titanium ring with black diamonds embedded in it would look good especially when worn by men, as the titanium ring itself is mostly worn by the male population. A silver black diamond ring also look good when worn by either men or women. A silver band may have a large black diamond on top of it or have several small black diamonds placed all around the ring itself. They can even fill up little spaces of different ring designs to allow emphasis of such designs. Gold bands with black diamonds though can have a steeper price than its titanium and silver counterpart, looks very stunning when combined. The black diamonds can even be combined with other colors of diamonds to bring out a more complex form as well as adding more value to the jewelry itself.

Different Kinds of Rings with Black Diamonds

A black diamond ring can be worn by anyone during special occasions and can even be a symbol for a lot of things especially on important days of a person’s life. So without further ado, here are some of the different types of rings that can be incorporated with these precious black diamonds.

Engagement Ring

Because of its color, a black diamond engagement ring is one of the best engagement rings ever. Engagement rings embedded with black diamonds is a total thing of beauty. Another good thing about this type of engagement ring is that not a lot of people go for this diamond color, making it unique and would totally stand out on any crowd. Women love to be pampered and stand out among their friends, that is why having them wear an engagement ring with black diamonds on it especially those with the large gems would totally make them feel more special adding an extra spark in the relationship of any couple. A lot of famous celebrities have also gone with the black diamonds as their engagement ring accents, adding a little celebrity touch to the jewelry itself. Celebrities like Jennifer Love Hewitt and Carmen Electra have been presented with these wonderful engagement rings by their beaus.

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Wedding Rings

Just like their engagement counterpart, having a black diamond wedding ring is also one of the coolest things to have on any couple’s most special day. Like any kind of diamond that is placed on wedding rings, black diamonds themselves have stood to the test of time, so this would also symbolize any couple’s aspiration and dream to stay together no matter what comes their way, until death do they part, so they say. Uniqueness is also one thing to consider should anyone wish to go for black diamonds as part of their wedding rings. Since not everyone goes for a black diamond type of wedding ring, having these kinds of wedding rings for the wedding would surely make unique looking couples no matter where they may go.

Another thing to remember when opting to have black diamond wedding ring sets for any couple is that the jewelry is highly fashionable, that it would highly stand out and will compliment any kind or type of clothing that a person wearing a black diamond embedded ring would wear. So when couples are on the hunt for wedding or engagement rings, they now have another choice in these beautiful rings with black diamonds on it.

Taking Care of the Ring

Like any other rings or any kind of jewelry for that matter, a black diamond ring is also vulnerable to typical jewelry wear and tear. So it is very important that this precious jewelry is taken care of properly to prevent damage and add to the longevity of such beautiful rings. So listed below are just some of the tips that anyone could follow to ensure that these precious jewelry would grow old with its owner.

  • Cleaning

Cleaning a black diamond type of ring is just like cleaning any other kind of ring with stones in it. After wearing, a person can wipe the jewelry with a soft clean cloth to remove dust and other residues that may build up within the ring’s small corners that can be an unpleasant sight in the future. One can also clean the ring with a mild detergent or soap with lukewarm water once the ring looks a little dirty. Dry the ring with a towel paying special attention to the nooks and crannies because even though diamonds can be pretty tough, improper handling of such jewelry could result in damage.

  • Storage

Like any other kind of jewelry, rings with black diamonds need to be stored into a proper container when not in use. A person should also avoid placing black diamonds along with other jewelry with diamonds on it as diamonds are known to cut each other and may contribute to the damage in the black diamond’s integrity and design. This instance needs to be observed properly especially when traveling since random movements during transport may result in this jewelry hitting each other. There are numerous containers especially made for rings that are available in the market today.

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If you’re in for something different but luxurious at the same time, the best way to go is definitely to black diamond rings. Ask your favorite jeweler today to see the available options that you can decide upon.