Advantages of Fake Engagement Rings

The media would make a stir when famous celebrities announce their engagement and one of the first things they would probe is how much and what design is the engagement ring. Women of high status are pestered with paparazzi hovering on the ring that fits the ring finger of the hand. This emphasis on lavish engagement rings have paved the way to marketing bigger, more sparkling and more expensive cuts of diamond rings. The praise they get for having an expensive ring is very opposite to the critic on what other people would believe so in marriage proposals. This is the reason why very few people disclose how much their rings cost or if it was even real in the first place.

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While these rich and powerful men show off their prowess in buying expensive engagement rings, the ordinary worker would settle on the rings under a thousand dollar or for most people would afford fake engagement rings.

Advantages of Fake Engagement Rings

No matter how appealing an expensive wedding and engagement rings could be, if you don’t realize it, there are also many advantages of having fake engagement rings.

benefits of black diamond ring

  • Fake versions can also look realistic and worthy of the same level of praise and appreciation as with real expensive ones.

  • When you are prone to losing things, when losing a fake and cheaper ring, you can easily replace it and won’t have to go on a panic attack of not finding it.

  • The cost of the fake ring is just a fraction of the real expensive one. This is beneficial to those men who don’t have a lot of money in spending for the right ring that would wow his girl.

  • You can use fake engagement rings for travel for safety and caution against theft, robbery and misplacement of the item.

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There are many cheapfake engagement rings available in the market. They also come in different colors and hues to resemble precious gems and stones. Ruby and Sapphire gemstones are the most popular unique engagement rings. However, one of the best fake engagement rings is probably the Cubic Zirconia. It closely resembles the real diamond, sparkles like the real diamond and can be fashioned into famous diamond cuts. With its close resemblance to diamonds, having one of these fake engagement rings would truly wow your girl without the hefty price tag.

Unique Diamond Engagement Rings

Aside from precious gems and stones, there is also one type of diamond engagement ring that you should not miss to check out. One of the rarest to find is a black diamond ring. The sophistication it brings to the wearer’s hand makes it a sure stand out amongst all other engagement ring. This stand out ring is suited to the highly fashionable woman who has a keen taste on fine things and knows the value of a black diamond on her hand.

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Some women would love real expensive jewelry while other women are contented with just any fancy jewelry. Depending on the kind of person she is, you will need to get to know her preferences before settling to buy fake engagement rings. If she really loves you, any ring will not matter as long as you have sincerely put up an effort to propose to her in the most memorable way the two of you will treasure the memory forever. Some women consider splurging on an expensive ring is rather materialistic while others display a love for the finer things in life. Whatever you decide, make sure that the focus of the proposal is your commitment and love for the person and not on the ring. After all, true love doesn’t come with a cost.