Types of Jewelry for Men and Women

The term jewelry refers to personal ornaments that typically contain jewels and precious stones like black diamond ring or better still, are made of them.  They are either worn as personal adornments or for utility to show rank or wealth or to follow superstitious customs or fashion. Traditionally, different types of jewelry were made from a variety of materials including the following; feathers, nuts, berries, perforated stones, seeds, hair and teeth of animals.

Beautiful Types Of Jewelry

Although both gold and silver are used in the making various types of jewelry, gold has always been the preferred metal. Jewelry is decorated by etching, filigree, embossing, and engraving as well as through use of enamel, precious stones, gems, mosaic and glass.

All About Types Of Jewelry

Types of Jewelry

There are various types of jewelry, used for both male and female sexes for various purposes, and worn on different parts of the body, starting from the hair down to the feet. The following are the different jewelry types used today especially for women:

  • Hair ornaments – these include hair pins and fascinators
  • Head ornaments – these include body piercing jewelry like earrings, nose rings, nose studs, crowns for the head and grills for the teeth.
  • Neck ornaments – these include necklaces, choker and neck beads.
  • Arm ornaments like armlets which are upper arm bracelets, cuff links, bangles and bracelets.
  • Hand ornaments which include slave bracelets, friendship bracelets as well as the different kinds of beaded bracelets.
  • Finger ornament – which include personal ring, friendship bond, promise ring, engagement ring and wedding ring.
  • Body ornaments – these are jewelry like breastplates, belly chains, chatelaines, body piercing jewelry and brooches.
  • Leg and feet jewelry– these include anklets, toe rings and barefoot sandals.

There is also jewelry that is not only for beautification purposes and these include amulets that work as protective charms, used both traditionally and currently; prayer jewelry such as Jape malas, prayer ropes, rosary beads and prayer beads, celibacy rings and pledge rings.

Different Types Of Jewelry

Couples jewelry is also useful and popular because most couples use them to express their feelings for their loved ones. The following are some examples of couples’ jewelry rings, customised necklaces, bracelets and lockets.

Usually jewelry is only worn by women, but today there are already different types of jewelry available for men like rings, bracelets, necklaces and stud earrings. Fashion designers have created jewelry designs that suit every man’s personality and style.  Jewelry for men are lighter, simpler, durable and sturdy because most men enjoys outdoor activities such as sports.

Unique Couples Jewelry

Most types of jewelry on the above list are used by women in an effort to enhance their physical beauty and appeal. Some are for both men and women while others are exclusively for the men. Cuff links for instance are jewels exclusively for men. There are also ear studs, watches, rings and neck beads just for men. Amulets, celibacy vow rings, pledge rings and prayer jewelry are for both sexes. The list keeps growing as men and women discovers new ways to wear jewelries as part of their daily activities.