Everything You Need To Know About Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

Every Tom, Dick and Harry can tell you something about colorless diamond engagement rings. From where to buy them, where to have them polished and where to sell them. But when it comes to colored diamond engagement rings, only a handful of people can dare speak on the subject. Reason? Colored diamonds – specifically yellow diamond engagement rings, are a preserve for those with a taste of class. Those who know what it mean to but their significant others a gem that can give them a hint of just how much they mean to them.

astonished yellow diamond engagement rings

What Makes Yellow Diamonds Unique?

It is a proven fact that out of every 10,000 diamonds found naturally, only one will have a visible color, which could be either pink or yellow. In a nutshell, colored diamonds are usually full of brilliance, sparkle and fire as light hits them at different angles. Surprising your loved one with a yellow diamond ring on your wedding day will therefore symbolize her worth and the fact that you just can’t trade her for anything else under the sun.

dark black diamond ring

Shopping For the Right Diamond

The thumb rule here is, know what you want. This simply means that you should be able to tell the difference between a treated yellow diamond engagement ring and a natural yellow diamond engagement ring. You may have to seek the assistance o a skilled jeweler to be able to tell the difference. Such concerns aside, always keep in mind that diamonds have specific colors that fall out of a grading zone used to determine a diamond’s worth.

Diamonds that that fall with D-Z in the grading zone are referred to as fancy yellow diamond engagement rings. The grading system is universally accepted so you can shop for your canary yellow diamond engagement rings anywhere in the world using the system. Just remember that grading is done through the pavilion (face down) so as to accurate measure the absence of the color yellow in a diamond ring.

formal canary yellow diamond engagement rings

  • D to F – Colorless

  • G to J – Almost Colorless

  • K to M – Very Light Yellow Color

  • N to R – Extremely Light Yellow Color

  • S to Z – Light Yellow Color


It all depends with the four C’s of a value priced diamond – color, carat, cut and clarity. For instance, a 1.48 carat yellow diamond ring sells for about $28,000. This goes a long way to explain just one thing; that for most couples, the cost of natural yellow diamond engagement rings can be prohibitive. Fortunately, there is a solution, in the form of treated yellow diamond engagement rings.

heart shaped fancy yellow diamond engagement rings

How Different Are Treated Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings?

It is hard to tell the difference between a treated diamond ring and natural one. What matters at the end of the day is that you walk down the aisle with a yellow diamond ring. But even then, the kind of diamond treatment method matters a lot. The most common treatment method, which is irradiation, happens to be the best one as well. It penetrates the diamond and leaves permanent coloration which could be pink yellow green or whichever color one desire. There is however one caveat that comes with treated princess cut yellow diamond engagement rings. Always let your goldsmith know that your diamond ring is treated as the heat from the soldering torch used to polish diamonds can impact the coloration of your yellow diamond engagement rings.


Take time to find out more about the diamond engagement rings you wish to buy. Do this because it is incumbent upon your seller to inform you that the yellow or black diamond ring you are about to buy is treated. Take time to also window shop for the rings. By the time you are through, you will have learnt more about diamond rings and will have an easy time shopping for any diamond jewelry the next time you need one.