Propose Perfectly With Gold Diamond Rings

Diamond, then gold: then gold diamond rings. Sounds like a marriage made out of this world; the kind of marriage any girl would envy. There is however a disclaimer that comes with gold diamond engagement rings. You must spend. Unless you are one of the infinitesimal numbers of lucky men who stumble upon great deals, you just have part away with lots money for the ring. That should not worry because gold diamond rings always keep the spice in hot spot love birds refer to as romance. Fortunately, the time to put all those spices and ingredients to boil is on your engagement with a gold diamond ring.

exquisite black diamond ring

What makes the rings special

Any girl will feel luxuriously languid in a gold diamond ring, just like she would in a black diamond ring. That’s just that. Gold diamond engagement rings are embedded with different cuts and carats of diamonds. You can have a high carat gold ring embedded with a high carat, colored diamond on a ring. The result is as may have already guessed, a unique ring that cannot be described as anything but elegant. Speaking of colored diamond, it is always a smart move to go for gold diamond rings with that extra flare that will ensure the ring blends well with your lady’s character and outfit. This means that the diamond stud on the ring should be blue, pink, champagne or just about any color your girl will find breathtaking.

best rose gold diamond rings designs

Which style and design to go for

The secret to buying a perfect ring, may it be for women’s or mens gold diamond rings, is to compromise (which is what marriage is all about). Compromise between what you are okay with and what will leave your lover breathless. With that in mind, consider any of the following designs:

  • Knife Edge

  • Contour

  • Bezel

  • Trellis

  • Classic

  • Cathedral

best gold diamond rings

Exercise caution

Finding gold diamond rings or rose gold diamond rings in modern or classic styles crafted in 12k or 18k yellow gold is not hard. But finding such rings complete with complimentary appraisal certificates is hard. You must therefore prepare yourself to walk from one store to another just to get value for your money. Another way to ensure that you are buying genuine gold diamond engagement rings is to check if your vendor has a money back guarantee should the ring fade or lose its flare. That just goes a long way to show that the vendor is confident enough that he is offering you value for your money, and nothing else but genuine yellow gold diamond rings.

Handling the rings with care

beautiful yellow gold diamond rings

You certainly don’t want to damage the delicate psyche of your fair lady with a ring that is susceptible to scratches. She is going to wonder if you really value her. The ring you buy her should therefore need little to no maintenance at all. Diamond is the hardest metal, closely followed by gold. Your best bet should therefore be a 14 or 18 carat gold and a diamond mounting of the same class. This means that you will only need to take the ring for polishing just once every year.

Finding the perfect ring

The gold diamond ring has come out of the closet and stridden uptown in a wide range of designs, styles and colors that can suit even the coyest of brides. The sad thing about all these is the fact that finding that perfect ring is a challenge. You have to window shop and most importantly, buy something that your lover will love instantly. This means studying her preferences and tastes well. Ask around if you have to. Research online too. By the time you’ll be down on your knee, she’ll have no words for you but tears of joy.