Celebrity Engagement Rings

You undoubtedly feel that celebrity engagement rings becomes the hot topic and among the most exciting issues to talk about. That may be correct since celebrities are normally linked with sensational lifestyle that needs a lot of money. This is not quite possible with common people, for they cannot pull similar stunt.

Beautiful Celebrity Style Engagement Rings

Sensational engagement rings

Some years back, Elizabeth Taylor created sensation with her 30 carat, emerald cut diamond given to her by her third husband Michael Todd. This amazing and spectacular piece of jewelry shocked the world at that time. The next one, from Prince Charles to Diana was even more sensational, an 18 carat, deep blue oval sapphire.

Those are just two examples of spectacular celebrity engagement rings that have left people around the world talking. Those who need selecting the best celebrity engagement rings should match it with their partner’s style, needs and requirements. Women love diamonds, and they also usually love unique design, particularly for engagement party.

Today a woman would not feel guilty about putting on such celebrity inspired engagement rings. In fact, there are a number of women who judge how much they are loved by their partners from the size of rings they are given. Diamond, after all, is a known to be a girl’s best friend and the bigger it is, the better.

 Stunning Celebrity Inspired Engagement Rings

A case of two celebrities influencing choice of engagement rings

When you see celebrity engagement ring worn by superstars like Catherine Zeta-Jones or Madonna you take notice and their choices influence the fashion you follow. Those stars and celebrities are leaders in setting jewelry and fashion trends, and thus when you can afford it, there is pride in having those celebrity engagement rings.

Diamond size in present styles has grown from average of one carat, to over three carats. That is some big rock which is expensive and is going to set you quite back a bit. But a number of girls know they deserve it since, as said before, girls just love those diamonds. So why not surprise the girl of your life with that black diamond ring that is bound to mesmerize her?

Celebrities Black Diamond Ring

Choosing engagement rings

There are many celebrity style engagement rings you can choose, just as there are many celebrities. What is not to be doubted is that each one of them normally wants to come up with their own, unique design.

While a number of celebrities can decide to buy expensively priced engagement rings, there are some of them who can afford them but have chosen not to. Though what they have spent might still look enormous amount to common people, the fact remains that they have spent less compared to their worth.

Brad Pitt’s engagement ring presented to Angelina Jolie was just some $250,000, a pittance compared to the couple’s net worth. So, in this case it proves the ring’s cost, or money should not be an issue when buying an engagement ring. Tom Cruise also gave Katie Holmes an engagement worth similar amount.

Know The Best Celebrity Engagement Rings

Choosing What the Stars Have Chosen

So how can you choose those rings? When inspired by a celebrity, you can go online and find an engagement ring that your favorite star also presented to her girl. There are many pictures of these engagement rings that are presented up close so you can see the details of the ring. You can have your ring customized to mimic the celebrity ring or you can pick the style which is closest to that ring style. Nonetheless, a good research and observation to your girlfriend’s jewelry preference is the key in getting that perfect engagement ring for that perfect partner you want to spend the rest of your life with.