All about Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Black diamond engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular in a world where regular white diamonds just don’t ‘cut’ it any more. Diamonds have been so aggressively marketed over the past few years that it has become a standard for engagement rings. A black diamond ring, however, makes a bold and different statement. Read on to find out more about the significance of these stones, and their true value.

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What is a Black Diamond?

A black diamond, unlike many people think, is a real diamond. The formation of a black diamond occurs under a different set of conditions to a white diamond, but both are essentially diamonds in a very real sense. The value of a black diamond is very similar to that of a white diamond, but it does not have the universal appeal of the latter because of its different refractive properties. Rather than take in the light, bend it and send it out as a sparkle, black diamond engagement rings will absorb the light – which gives them their characteristic dark color.

Why Are They Popular?

Antique black diamond engagement rings are extremely popular in today’s jewelry market. The intrinsic value of the diamond itself may be equal to a white diamond, but the extrinsic value comes from its unique color. A black diamond today is as exotic as white diamonds were when they were first mined, cut and made into jewelry. Black diamonds are slowly gaining traction as more people are veering from the beaten path to look for exotic stones to mark their most memorable moment – their engagement. Here are just some of the special properties that make these exquisite black stones so popular:

  • They are polycrystalline stones with a unique structure that absorbs light rather than refracts and reflects it.
  • They exhibit a property called photoluminescence, which means they emit light after they have been exposed to it and the light source has been removed.
  • The theory that these stones actually came from outer space is one that appeals to people’s romantic sensibilities.
  • It has been suggested that this mineral was actually formed before our Solar System came into existing, boosting their appeal even further.

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Other Colors

This type of mineral is available in a variety of colors other than black, the most common being gray, shades of green or even brown with a mottled appearance. The most expensive stones are generally closer to pitch black with very little refraction – or sparkle – seen.

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Buying a Black Diamond Ring

Purchasing black diamond engagement rings for women involves a different process to buying regular white diamonds. Jewelers do give certificates of authenticity for these diamonds as well, so be sure that when you buy natural black diamond jewelry, you ask for a certificate to go with it.

You can also choose to buy synthetic diamonds, which are generally cheaper and are man-made rather than naturally formed. A synthetic black diamond looks exactly like the real thing but, because it is less expensive, it is more widely available. Buying an engagement with synthetic stones only involves checking for major flaws rather than having somebody vouch for the authenticity of the stones.

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Choosing between black and white diamond engagement rings is a matter of personal preference. Some people prefer the classic beauty of a white diamond in all its glory, while others prefer a more subtle but equally exotic and enticing black stone. The choice between black and white should be a decision based on your wishes and that of your fiancée, not what other people think about it. Buying black diamond engagement rings is the easiest part because they are extensively available online. The only thing you need to do is to make sure you only purchase from a trusted website that has a strong security protocol and a sound privacy policy.