What It Takes To Find the Right Antique Diamond Engagement Rings

If you are about to get engaged, then there is no doubt at all that you have already mulled over what kind of ring you’ll stun your better half with . You must have pondered if it’s really worth it to go for antique diamond engagement rings. Well, it is! Instead of bumping into any jewelry store, consider going back to the good old days and get your lass an antique diamond ring. Not only will it stand out as unique and elegant, it will cost you less and save you a lot of time. The ring will also become an immediate heirloom and leave your fair lady with a feeling of longevity and sophistication.

stylish antique diamond engagement rings

Where and How Do I Shop For An Antique Ring?

Take note of the fact that an antique engagement ring is any ring that is more than 50 years old. Use the fact as a yardstick throughout the shopping process. It also helps to note that unique antique diamond engagement rings were made before 1950 and that they may be sometimes be referred to as vintage engagement rings. With all these in mind, you can shop for that antique black diamond ring secure in the knowledge that after all, you won’t get a raw deal. Feel free to choose a ring from any of the three ancient eras which include:

  • Victorian Antique Era- The era runs from 1835 to 1900. Victorian antique diamond engagement rings are often set in rose gold or yellow colors. They feature very simple yet elegant designs that range from intricate to magnificent designs. They also feature extras such as pearl and gold accents with diamonds that boast of extra facets on the bottom. Note that they are extremely delicate.

silver and squared black diamond ring

  • Edwardian Era– It runs from 1900 to 1920. This is about the time when platinum became a popular gem in North America and later to other parts around the word. Edwardian era antique diamond engagement rings were sort of lacy with prickly shapes and filigree details on the mountings. Clear and dazzling sapphires were often used with the diamond to give the rings more appeal. Edwardian era marked more advancement in jewelry designs and actually saw the birth of both yellow diamond antique engagement rings and antique cushion cut diamond engagement rings.

  • Art Deco Era- the era runs 1920 to 1930 and is often referred to as the era of jazz, machinery and exploration. Vintage and antique diamond engagement rings from this era reflect many of these feelings in one way or the other. They boast of streamlined geometric looks that reflect fashion trends of the art deco era. That is why most antique style diamond engagement rings from this era have colorful and glittery contrasting gemstones as aesthetic extras.

canary yellow diamond antique engagement rings

So Which Ring Is The Best?

It all depends on what is appealing to your eyes. It also depends on what is available when you are shopping for that engagement ring. the fact that they are diamond antique rings cut decades ago means that they are not that easy to come by. You must therefore be patient when shopping for ring and weigh other viable options should you miss your preferred antique diamond engagement ring. Other factors such as the price of the ring you want to buy also have to be considered, since most diamond rings are really expensive. Take proper care of your Victorian diamond engagement ring should you opt for one. As already mentioned they are delicate and require special handling.

classic antique cushion cut diamond engagement rings


It takes some effort to find that special ring for the love of your life. Don’t let that bother because you will enjoy the whole ring hunting process. Just be on the lookout for the best designs and be cautious enough to see into it that you don’t get a raw deal.