Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings at a Glance

Most vintage diamond engagement rings may look old but what they symbolize is timeless. They symbolize timelessness, regality and most importantly, romance. That not everything. They also cover the period of the vintage platinum, Filigree and the retro engagement rings. though some quarters draw a line of distinction between the circa periods of the vintage from the antique, the craftsmanship and artistic designs shown from the early 1800s to the 1900s reflect in high and clear tones the brilliance and creativity its circa designers. That explains why vintage diamond engagement rings are expensive and rare.  Surprise your significant other with one of and she’ll remain indebted to you forever.

Elegant Vintage Style Diamond Engagement Rings

Choose Something Unique

It is easy to have a hard time choosing between modern and vintage diamond engagement rings. But like you will find out, vintage rings always take the medal. Either way, try the best you can to select a vintage diamond engagement rings that your better half will treasure for decades to come. Consider collections of vintage Victorian, Edwardian or Art Deco diamond engagement rings. For these, the price should be anything between moderate and high end.


All antique vintage diamond engagement rings come in a wide range of unique and dainty designs that can effortlessly sweep your fair lady off her feet. Keep in mind that there are several diamond cutters who can easily create new vintage inspired diamond rings from your own choice of design. As such, matters about design and style shouldn’t really worry you.  All you need to be concerned with is how much you will spend on the ring as well as the 4 Cs of perfect vintage diamond engagement rings. From there, you can begin your epic journey back to the days gone by with ease.

All About Antique Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings

Victorian Style Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings

They date back from as early as 1830. One unique thing about them is the word ‘Dearest’ which was intricately etched in the rings. Their circa settings come in rose or gold with small diamond pieces or a conspicuous pearl accented with colored gems. Style then changed to one large diamond as the center stone when diamond mines in South Africa produced big diamonds. More deigns the saw the light of the day. Some of these deigns include

  • Stunning pink sapphire diamond rings
  • Long and thin rose cut diamond rings
  • Unique dematoid engagement rings
  • Regard diamond engagement rings


Edwardian Style Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings

Edwardian vintage style diamond engagement rings feature intricate lace like detailed designs.  They are actually more detailed than their Victorian counterparts as some boast of gold engravings, immaculate and classic motif craftsmanship. They are quite costly with the cheapest selling for around $12,000. You may have to part with double the amount for vintage yellow diamond engagement rings with appraisal certificates.

Classic Vintage Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

Other Factors

When it comes to diamond vintage engagement rings, you really don’t have the usual natural vs. treated option. The reason is simple. Back then, technology had not advanced that much to a point where there were treated diamonds. That in fact explains why a simple vintage diamond engagement ring will cost more than a nice looking treated black diamond ring.

Stylish Vintage Black Diamond Ring


Charm your lady with a vintage engagement ring and you will win her trust, love and affection forever. Choose a unique vintage diamond ring and be armed with it before you go down on one knee. Keep in mind that before it comes to that point, you will have to roll up your sleeves and embark on an epic window shopping adventure. That is the only way you will come across a unique, value priced diamond ring that will leave her breathless.