About White Gold Wedding Rings

White gold wedding rings are gradually replacing those made of yellow gold which have been used for many years. The main difference between these two types of rings is the amount of gold as well as alloys used in their production. These rings which can be worn by both men and women are considered to be more fashionable than the conventional ones that are made from yellow gold. However, it is important to note that the white gold is as valuable as yellow gold and is worth investing in as a wedding ring. In addition, they are a great substitute for a black diamond ring which is also a favorite of many couples planning a wedding.

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Many reputable jewelers have white gold wedding rings as part of their collection, which gives couples an opportunity to choose the ones that most suitable for them. These wedding rings are available under a diverse price range depending on the gold karat and if any precious stones have been included in their design. Most times, the higher the carat or use of gemstones, the more costly the wedding ring made of white gold. Nevertheless, there are a number of online jewelry stores that sell cheap white gold wedding rings to individuals that are looking for quality rings at discounted prices to use in their ceremony.

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Pros and Cons of White Gold Wedding Rings

Even though white gold wedding rings are becoming the popular choice for most couples, it is important to know more about them before making a final decision. Some of the pros and cons of purchasing wedding rings made of white gold are:


  • It is a good alternative for couples that cannot afford rings similar in appearance to silver such as titanium or even platinum. White gold has a brilliant color which does not fade off easily thereby making it a good choice for mens white gold wedding rings. Men wearing these rings do not have to worry that they will start looking darker and unsightly over time.

  • The strong alloys which pair up within white gold makes it resistant to scratches and more durable when compared to yellow gold. Wedding rings are usually worn on a daily basis and should be able to withstand most surfaces or pressure that would make it bend or get easily damaged, which are features that are inherent in white gold.

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  • White gold is light in weight thus making it an easy metal to fashion into various ring sizes for men and women. It is common to find these rings embedded with various types of precious stones because of their flexibility which makes the metal a perfect choice for white gold wedding rings for women.

  • Wedding rings made of white gold are able to complement other types of jewelery when worn together to reveal an individual that is fashionable and willing to try out new things. Most times, the rings are able to highlight the other types of jewelry worn on the hand thus making the overall combination quite stylish.


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  • There are a number of wedding rings in the market that are counterfeits which makes it important to know the number of alloys used in producing the ring to know whether it is real or not.

  • Most rings made of white gold are plated with rhodium to give them a silver color and more brightness which makes them attractive. However, the rhodium wears off over time thus requiring them to be re-plated by a jeweler at least annually.


In general, wedding rings in white gold is a great way to stand out at your wedding and also express your personal style. They can be of the same design or not depending on the preference of the couple getting married. 

What Makes a White Gold Ring Fashionable?

The attention you get when wearing a white gold ring can only be attributed to its unique color and fashionable appearance. These rings are a great alternative to the conventional ones made of yellow gold and are widely accepted by jewelry enthusiasts. Although many people wear rings made of white gold for their engagement or wedding, they can also be worn as part of jewelry with no special meaning. The best way to enjoy wearing these rings is buy more than one and pair them up with different outfits when going to work, formal events and even when spending time with friends.

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When shopping for a white gold ring, it is common to find them in a number of jewelry stores as part of their wide collections. These rings are available in a variety of designs and styles which make them a favorite for people that are looking for jewelry that brings out their personal style. When choosing these rings, it is important to make sure that they complement your lifestyle and are affordable as well. If possible, browse through a number of jewelry stores both online and at physical stores to compare prices so that your final choice fits your budget and is good quality as well.

Popular Jewels Found On White Gold Rings

The best way to ensure that a white gold ring does not look plain or invaluable is by adding various jewels to its design. There are a number of jewels that can be set in rings made of white gold but the most common ones include:

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  • Diamonds – Many of the wedding rings made of white gold usually have diamonds as part of their design. The diamonds are usually of different shapes and colors and a good alternative for popular wedding jewelry such as a black diamond ring. Rings made of white gold can have a black diamond as the center stone and still look as fashionable as other diamond rings.

  • Sapphires – The brilliant blue color that is present in a sapphire white gold ring gives it an attractive appearance that is rare to find. The use of this precious stone provides more value to the white gold band and is a good alternative to the conventional diamonds that are used in many rings used for engagements or weddings.

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  • Emeralds – The rarity of these gemstones makes an emerald white gold ring an asset to many women that have it as part of their collection. The design of the white gold metal band plays a great role in the appearance of the emerald which has a beautiful green color which makes it stand out on the finger. These emeralds can be cut in different shapes to make them appear bigger and brighter.

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  • Aquamarines – Buying an aquamarine white gold ring as a gift item for people born in March is quite common especially if they appreciate jewelery. The gemstone which is light blue in color complements the bright color of the white gold and makes it a stylish choice for many women. In addition, it is an ideal engagement or wedding ring for women that want to have a valuable ring with a subtle appearance.


In general, rings made of white gold can be worn to symbolize a number of special occasions depending on its design. To find the best ring, it is important to make the purchase from a reputable jeweler who will be able to sell one which is of good quality. If possible, seek the advice of the store assistant before making a purchase to ensure that you get the best white gold ring available.

Tips on How to Shop For the Best Black Gold Rings

It is hard to imagine gold being black. The only black gold people know of is oil. But thanks to technology and intense studies on how to bring out the best of jewelry pieces, there is actually black gold. It is lab made because really, no black gold lies deep under anywhere in the world. So just how is black gold formed? Yellow gold or rather the normal gold people are used to is simply alloyed with other metals and elements in different proportions. The color tones differ from dark black to shades that edge shoulders with the color gray. This makes it possible for love birds to stun each other with black gold rings.

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Why Black?

It is hard describe black gold rings as anything but elegant. And as is often the case with elegant and exquisite rings, you must spend a fortune to get one. A hefty price tag is simply the constant aggregate with these rings. They are more or less like the ever charming, ever elegant and ever sparkling black diamond ring.

Note that there are several choices of black gold rings, with different degrees of quality. Taking time to review the vendor’s information is therefore a smart move. It will help you understand more about black gold rings and go ahead to give you a clear idea of the science behind the black gold ring you are buying.

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What to Consider When Buying the Ring

The ring will always remind your girl of your love and commitment to each other. It must therefore be a ring she must instantly fall in love with. On that note, ask yourself these questions:

  • What’s her ring size?

  • Does he favor flamboyant designs or simple ones?

  • Does she have preferences in shapes and cuts i.e. square, oval round?

Other Options

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Sounds strange but once you have your eyes set on black gold wedding rings, you won’t consider other options. Why so? Black gold boasts of unique optical qualities and features that are alien to other metals like silver, manmade diamond and sapphire. There are 1001 indicators that make them easy to identify and spot with the naked eye of someone who understand black gold engagement rings. It does not end there; black gold ring designers always ensure that their pieces showcase higher radiance. All these boil down to one fact; black gold wedding and engagement rings are in a league and class of their own.

Customization Options

It depends on who is buying who the ring. Men are simple. Their dress codes are always simple. Their rings are not exceptions. As such, mens black gold rings ought to have little details and additives. The furthest you can go is to have the initials of your names inscribed on the ring. But even then, ensure that this is done on the inner band of the ring. This is not the case with women’s rings and black hills gold rings for women prove it.

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For women, uniqueness is a key element. That is why getting her a black gold ring accented with other stones like sapphire and diamond will win you her heart for a long time. The only thing men’s and women’s black rings have in common is maybe handling. It is always about taking them for polishing at least once a year and storing them in their pouches when not in use.


The fact that you have your eyes set on black gold already shows that you are unique. Bank on that fact and make most use of it by either customizing her ring or just having it accented with diamonds. You will have nothing but her heart to win. 

Why Gold Engagement Rings Still Rock

Life changing events always call for some sort of celebration just to commemorate the occasion in style. A wedding or rather marriage proposal is one of those moments. You have to make it unique as you will celebrate the occasion just once. As such you must present the woman of your dreams with not just a ring but the RIGHT ring; something that will make her to want to spend the rest of her life with you. Try gold engagement rings.

Choosing the Ring

Expect a challenge; more or less like what you went through trying to win her love. That aside, it is always recommended that you follow your instincts as far as designs of gold engagement rings are concerned. Color matters too, which is why yellow gold engagement rings are always in demand. They easily blend with most skin tones and attires and they are always classy. In addition, yellow gold symbolizes warmth and love.

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Remember to have a look inside the band of your gold engagement ring so as to see the mark of its quality. The mark ranges from 14k to 14 k and 24k which is the purest and softest form of gold under the sun. It will cost you a fortune, so be sure to have it insured.

Go For a Unique Gold Engagement Ring

Women like gold engagement rings with intricate detailing. They just can’t get enough of gold engagement rings with filigree work done on the bands. This can be done on diamond engagement rings too, so as to come up with a perfect mount. Consider any of the following detailing options:

pretty white gold engagement rings

  • Scroll detailing

  • Style band

  • Antique

  • Bezel detailing

  • Curved baskets

  • Engraving

  • Trellis detailing

Yellow gold engagement rings blend well with these details. The same cannot be said of black gold engagement rings and white gold engagement rings which are just unique on their own. They are also delicate and expensive. With a simple yellow diamond engagement ring, the lowest you can go is $500 while the furthest end of the spectrum is about $3000.

Gold vs. Other Metals

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Gold is stronger than other popular metals like platinum. This means that gold rings do not scrap or bend easily. Take white gold for instance. It stays brighter for long and is very easy to maintain. What’s more, it is more affordable than platinum and the more popular black diamond ring. Platinum engagement rings also become blunt easily. Their prongs also break easily than the prongs on gold rings. This is something you wouldn’t want on your gold ring because prongs highlight the beauty of a gold or diamond ring.

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Of course, there is silver, which is more affordable than gold and many go for it. But think about it for a moment. You want to stun the woman of your dreams. You want to spoil her and tell her through an engagement ring just what she means to you. Nothing will make this easier and more fun than a value priced gold engagement ring. It will blow her mind away, and it won’t end there. It will see into it that she forever remains indebted to you.


Don’t just choose a ring. Choose the right ring. Then ensure that the ring will complement the skin tone of your fair lady. This should be easy if you take time to observe the kind of gold jewelry your lady prefers. Her collection could be antique gold jewelry or contemporary ones, so surprise her with just what she likes. It will give her a hint that you really understand her. Also, remember to take the necessary precautions when shopping, to avoid getting ripped off.

Rare and Special Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Gold rings are enduring. Therefore, presenting the woman of your dreams with one will let her know how much you treasure her enduring love. But don’t just give her a golden ring. Consider rose gold engagement rings and buy her one.

Why rose gold?

There is an undeniable sentimentality that comes with the sight of a rose gold ring and the sight of falling starts at night. Each of these priceless sights blaze and shimmer memories that make love worth and dying for. But only one of the two sights never fades away; the rose gold engagement ring. It is always a constant reminder as to how you revere the person you hold most dear. The pink tone makes it even more alluring, something that is certainly alien with the common black diamond ring.

antique style rose gold engagement rings

How rose gold is formed

Pure or rather fine gold is way too soft to be effectively moulded into jewelry. That is why other metals have to be blended with rose gold to add strength and durability. Some of these common metals include:

  • Nickel
  • Silver
  • Copper
  • Palladium

It is the proportions of these metals that result in the exact shade of the gold; light pink. The chemistry behind all these is simple. Copper’s natural color is deep burnished red; diluting it with an alloy of silver and gold results in an alluring pink tinge.

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Styles of rose gold wedding and engagement rings

The stunning beauty of rose gold is an intricate contrast to traditional gems and metals. This makes it ideal for multi tone rings. Some of the most common rose gold engagement rings include:

  • Celtic Rose Gold Rings – They boast of stunning patters and knots. They effortlessly contrast with other metals to form multi tone engagement rings with charming hues.
  • Filigree Rings – They feature subtle pink hues, delicate designs and extremely romantic accents.
  • Inlaid Rose Gold Rings – They are widely known for subtle contrasts and unique color combinations.
  • Claddagh Rose Gold Rings – Red, pink or rose is used for the symbolic heart in this design to highlight its love connotation.
  • Mokume Gane Rose Gold Rings – The design blends different metals to create exquisite patterns and knits in mokume gane.

Finding unique rose gold rings


Rose gold is extremely rare. This should not worry you because world class ring designers are now shifting their attention toward unusual gems and metals. That said, choose independent jewelers when shopping for unique rose gold rings. They are more likely to offer unique designs.

Another great option to consider when looking for rose gold diamond engagement rings is to opt for antique rings. Go for those with art deco styling, because in the art deco era, designers made extravagant use of rare metals and bold colors. Back them, rose gold was really popular. You can therefore have an easy time shopping for antique rose gold engagement rings than you would have shopping for some contemporary designs. What’s more, vintage rose gold engagement rings are unique and timeless.

Rose gold cost

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Expect to spend more on rose gold engagement rings than you may have planned. Just like already mentioned, rose gold is a rare metal. Then the demand is high. This automatically makes the price to hit the ceiling. Expect to pay even more for customized rose gold engagement rings for obvious reasons; your designer will have to employ his or her skill to offer you what you paid for.


True love is hard to find, just like the rose gold engagement ring is. So when you find one, it makes perfect sense to crown it with something as priceless and unique. Go out of your way and tell her just what she means to you with a value priced rose gold engagement ring. 

Different Styles and Options for White Gold Diamond Rings

What can you possibly think of that looks more appealing than a set of white gold diamond rings? Frankly, a white diamond engagement ring firmly set on a noble lady’s finger, boasting of a luscious diamond mounting, can only be compared to a tropical sunset. You just can’t get enough of it. That is as far as simple and common white gold diamond ring designs and styles are concerned. Wait till you come across world class styles and designs.

The best white gold diamond ring styles

The latest style of white gold diamond wedding and engagement rings is the tension style or if you like, the invisible style. Tension set white gold diamond rings wholly rely on the tension in the metal to firmly hold the diamond mounting in place. The style allows light to pass right through the mounting, creating a priceless brilliance and sparkle.

stylish mens white gold diamond rings

Note that round and cushion cut diamonds are still the most popular choices for white gold diamond rings. But because tension designs allow the diamond to be the center of attention, every diamond cut looks elegant when allowed to hog and hug and the limelight. Emerald cut, pear shaped, asscher cuts– the list goes on and on- all look stunning when intricately set on white gold diamond rings.

Then there is the prong setting. Four to six prongs hold the white gold diamond ring in place tightly. The setting works well even with mens white gold diamond rings. It also makes it possible for the diamond to brilliantly sparkle because light easily penetrates from all facets of the diamond.

exquisite white gold diamond rings

Bezel setting too is an elegant design, though not as appealing as tension. The design forms a collar or a rim around the diamond mounting to make sure they are held firmly in place. Bezel may make the diamond appear smaller. It just does not produce as much sparkle. It is therefore an excellent for people who are hyperactive and always on the go. This is because of its flatter appearance compared to a prong or tension setting and protects the diamond.

Other custom options

Always keep in mind that your lover will always sport her white gold diamond ring wherever she goes. You must therefore be sure that your choice will always blend well with her personality. Think of it this way; if she is an avid fan of accessorizing for perfect impression and success, buy her a ring that will accentuate her attire, skin tone and personality with ease. How do you do this? It’s simple. Just go for white gold diamond rings for women with filigree details.

beautiful and elegant black diamond ring


Don’t worry about the costs that come with white gold engagement and wedding rings. If you really love her, you can do anything for her and in any case, there are several reputable jewelers selling cheap white gold diamond rings. You only need to tell them you need loose and fancy white gold diamond and engagement rings. This does not mean that you just impulse buy because of the affordable price tags. Consider the 4 C’s of quality diamonds and ensure that the gold diamond ring you want to buy comes with an appraisal certificate.

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More tips to consider

A white gold diamond ring is at worst elegant and at best magnificent. The same can be said of a black diamond ring .With one, you really have nothing to lose. But like any other good thing out there, you have to sweat so as to find the right one; one that can leave the woman of your dreams breathless each time she recalls how you went down on one knee and slid the ring into her finger. That’s why you need to look for the right ring size, the best design, the best style and last but not least, the finest quality

Propose Perfectly With Gold Diamond Rings

Diamond, then gold: then gold diamond rings. Sounds like a marriage made out of this world; the kind of marriage any girl would envy. There is however a disclaimer that comes with gold diamond engagement rings. You must spend. Unless you are one of the infinitesimal numbers of lucky men who stumble upon great deals, you just have part away with lots money for the ring. That should not worry because gold diamond rings always keep the spice in hot spot love birds refer to as romance. Fortunately, the time to put all those spices and ingredients to boil is on your engagement with a gold diamond ring.

exquisite black diamond ring

What makes the rings special

Any girl will feel luxuriously languid in a gold diamond ring, just like she would in a black diamond ring. That’s just that. Gold diamond engagement rings are embedded with different cuts and carats of diamonds. You can have a high carat gold ring embedded with a high carat, colored diamond on a ring. The result is as may have already guessed, a unique ring that cannot be described as anything but elegant. Speaking of colored diamond, it is always a smart move to go for gold diamond rings with that extra flare that will ensure the ring blends well with your lady’s character and outfit. This means that the diamond stud on the ring should be blue, pink, champagne or just about any color your girl will find breathtaking.

best rose gold diamond rings designs

Which style and design to go for

The secret to buying a perfect ring, may it be for women’s or mens gold diamond rings, is to compromise (which is what marriage is all about). Compromise between what you are okay with and what will leave your lover breathless. With that in mind, consider any of the following designs:

  • Knife Edge

  • Contour

  • Bezel

  • Trellis

  • Classic

  • Cathedral

best gold diamond rings

Exercise caution

Finding gold diamond rings or rose gold diamond rings in modern or classic styles crafted in 12k or 18k yellow gold is not hard. But finding such rings complete with complimentary appraisal certificates is hard. You must therefore prepare yourself to walk from one store to another just to get value for your money. Another way to ensure that you are buying genuine gold diamond engagement rings is to check if your vendor has a money back guarantee should the ring fade or lose its flare. That just goes a long way to show that the vendor is confident enough that he is offering you value for your money, and nothing else but genuine yellow gold diamond rings.

Handling the rings with care

beautiful yellow gold diamond rings

You certainly don’t want to damage the delicate psyche of your fair lady with a ring that is susceptible to scratches. She is going to wonder if you really value her. The ring you buy her should therefore need little to no maintenance at all. Diamond is the hardest metal, closely followed by gold. Your best bet should therefore be a 14 or 18 carat gold and a diamond mounting of the same class. This means that you will only need to take the ring for polishing just once every year.

Finding the perfect ring

The gold diamond ring has come out of the closet and stridden uptown in a wide range of designs, styles and colors that can suit even the coyest of brides. The sad thing about all these is the fact that finding that perfect ring is a challenge. You have to window shop and most importantly, buy something that your lover will love instantly. This means studying her preferences and tastes well. Ask around if you have to. Research online too. By the time you’ll be down on your knee, she’ll have no words for you but tears of joy.

Why You Need To Buy Your Lover a Gold Engagement Ring

If you’ve had an eye on the latest fashion trends in Hollywood, chances are you have already seen the rise in number of Hollywood common figures sporting what is certainly the latest fashion statement in engagement rings – gold rings, yellow gold engagement rings to be precise. Staging a comeback after being thrown into the back burner by popular crowd favorites such as palladium, platinum and white gold rings, yellow gold is without a doubt making its presence felt once again.

cute gold rings

What Makes The Rings Special?

With Victorian and antique inspired engagement rings being part and parcel of the current trends in engagement rings, it should not be a surprise that gold rings are back. Timeless and classic, there was a time when all ladies wished they could be wooed with gold rings. Starters, a gold engagement ring is more or less like a diamond engagement ring, as far as symbolizing eternal love is concerned. It just doesn’t fade or tarnish, just like the love a man should have for his woman. It is also strong and durable, which is why gold and diamonds complement each other.
white and black diamond ring


Unfortunately, due to the emergence of creative jewelry designers and the fickle nature of fashion trends, gold engagement rings quickly faded into oblivion. This happened because of the metallic looks that the designers used with silver overtones. Suddenly, engagement rings were not just pure gold. They were accented with other gems. It is now strange that somehow, this is no longer considered trendy.

What Changed?

In the age of smartphones and cutting edge technology, people have made up their mind that they have had enough of rose gold rings accented with other metals. They have now gone back to the glamour and glitz of the good old days. Demand for things is now high, something that justifies their hefty price tags.

What Are The Advantages of Gold Engagement Rings?

  • Truth is, you will churn out more money for a black diamond ring than you will for a gold ring. So pricing is the advantage gold has over diamond other gems like platinum.

  • You will also have an easy time maintain the glare and sparkle of your gold engagement ring than you would have if you had a diamond engagement ring. Why so? Gold does not get scratched easily.

  • It does not need plating, so maintaining its luster is always a downhill task. It also complements most skin tones with ease.

  • You can also have it polished quickly should it lose its glitz. The only exception could be gold rings, which must be handled sparingly.

elegant rose gold rings

Customization Options

It is not a smart idea to customize gold engagement rings. The furthest you can go is to inscribe your lover’s name on the ring. This is simply because gold on its own, always stand out as unique, especially gold rings for men. The simpler they are, the more alluring and appealing they get.

special white gold rings



You can’t go wrong with gold engagement rings. Their flares always remain relevant. Their charm can woo any woman into saying yes for marriage. You’ll have to pay much for the ring but it will be worth it. Just be sure to take the necessary precautions when shopping for the ring. Buy the right carat for the right price and from a reputable jeweler.

Speaking of where to buy the ring, shop online. This way, you can always get value for your money as online goods hardly come with exaggerated price tags. Remember to exercise common sense precautions like sticking only to reputable and trusted online jewelry stores. Make good use of reviews, testimonials and word of mouth or referrals from friends who have already bought gold engagement rings online before.