Different Styles and Options for White Gold Diamond Rings

What can you possibly think of that looks more appealing than a set of white gold diamond rings? Frankly, a white diamond engagement ring firmly set on a noble lady’s finger, boasting of a luscious diamond mounting, can only be compared to a tropical sunset. You just can’t get enough of it. That is as far as simple and common white gold diamond ring designs and styles are concerned. Wait till you come across world class styles and designs.

The best white gold diamond ring styles

The latest style of white gold diamond wedding and engagement rings is the tension style or if you like, the invisible style. Tension set white gold diamond rings wholly rely on the tension in the metal to firmly hold the diamond mounting in place. The style allows light to pass right through the mounting, creating a priceless brilliance and sparkle.

stylish mens white gold diamond rings

Note that round and cushion cut diamonds are still the most popular choices for white gold diamond rings. But because tension designs allow the diamond to be the center of attention, every diamond cut looks elegant when allowed to hog and hug and the limelight. Emerald cut, pear shaped, asscher cuts– the list goes on and on- all look stunning when intricately set on white gold diamond rings.

Then there is the prong setting. Four to six prongs hold the white gold diamond ring in place tightly. The setting works well even with mens white gold diamond rings. It also makes it possible for the diamond to brilliantly sparkle because light easily penetrates from all facets of the diamond.

exquisite white gold diamond rings

Bezel setting too is an elegant design, though not as appealing as tension. The design forms a collar or a rim around the diamond mounting to make sure they are held firmly in place. Bezel may make the diamond appear smaller. It just does not produce as much sparkle. It is therefore an excellent for people who are hyperactive and always on the go. This is because of its flatter appearance compared to a prong or tension setting and protects the diamond.

Other custom options

Always keep in mind that your lover will always sport her white gold diamond ring wherever she goes. You must therefore be sure that your choice will always blend well with her personality. Think of it this way; if she is an avid fan of accessorizing for perfect impression and success, buy her a ring that will accentuate her attire, skin tone and personality with ease. How do you do this? It’s simple. Just go for white gold diamond rings for women with filigree details.

beautiful and elegant black diamond ring


Don’t worry about the costs that come with white gold engagement and wedding rings. If you really love her, you can do anything for her and in any case, there are several reputable jewelers selling cheap white gold diamond rings. You only need to tell them you need loose and fancy white gold diamond and engagement rings. This does not mean that you just impulse buy because of the affordable price tags. Consider the 4 C’s of quality diamonds and ensure that the gold diamond ring you want to buy comes with an appraisal certificate.

affordable white gold diamond rings for women

More tips to consider

A white gold diamond ring is at worst elegant and at best magnificent. The same can be said of a black diamond ring .With one, you really have nothing to lose. But like any other good thing out there, you have to sweat so as to find the right one; one that can leave the woman of your dreams breathless each time she recalls how you went down on one knee and slid the ring into her finger. That’s why you need to look for the right ring size, the best design, the best style and last but not least, the finest quality