Wedding Rings: A Symbol for Life

Wedding rings serves as a seal to every wedding ceremony. They are exchanged after couples exchange their vows to stick to each other until death. They are a symbol of a vow made by two people to be together for the rest of their lives. This is a part that most people do not like missing especially those who are also planning to have their weddings soon. This is the most anticipated part of the ceremony because people want to learn from it and get inspirations if ever they would have a weeding of their own in the future.

Choosing The Right Wedding Rings

It is almost every couple’s desire to make a statement with their rings, almost everyone’s desire to leave their wedding guest guessing on cost of your wedding rings. This cannot be so if you just pick up any type of ring on streets. It requires thorough research, numerous comparison of quality, searching online for better and discounted prices for your rings. Once you are through with all these then you can take that initiative of purchasing your dream wedding ring.

Finding The Unique Couples Jewelry

However, it is easy to be overwhelmed when it comes to purchasing the rings and not many consider life after honeymoon. This is why it is essential for a marrying couple to first come up with a budget on how much they are willing to spend on their rings for their wedding.


Perfect Wedding Rings for Him and Her

Things to Consider when Purchasing Wedding Rings


  • Get a wedding ring that matches your partner’s personality, since this is something you will want them to always wear. Give them something of their own taste to be assured of no disappointments. For a lady, you can go for pink diamond ring, rare black diamond ring, gemstones, sapphire or even rose gold. For men you should go for a flashy yellow gold, Diamond or platinum.
  • Ensure you get one that matches your partner’s wardrobe, you do not want them to color crash with their wardrobes and it will be so easier for you to get a ring that matches their wardrobes than it will be for them to change their wardrobe to match with their rings.
  • Get your wedding rings from an established jeweler. By doing this you are guaranteed that whatever stones you have chosen are genuine and you can also get them at a fair and cheaper price than elsewhere. It is rare for a known jeweler to offer fake stone since they will be jeopardizing their expertise.

About Womens Wedding Rings

Always look for the best wedding rings for the most special occasion of a couple’s life. If you are also looking for couples jewelry, you should also get them from a jeweler. Here you can never miss the type of jewelry that you are looking for and if you want a complete set you are guaranteed of not only getting them but also getting at cheaper prices. Once you are through with getting right type of rings for your wedding , you can now relax and wait for that big day in which you will become a couple and look forward to having a long marriage life.

Nice Wedding Jewelry Pieces

Your wedding day is a very special and regardless how the future will turn out to be, your wedding jewelry has to be just as special. When of course most people will be awed by the dazzling beauty of your wedding ring, you should also pay attention to your other wedding jewelries. You might also want to select wedding jewelry sets matching your ring, dress and hairstyle. Here, you will find out how to pick the perfect wedding jewelry for your special day.

All About Wedding Jewelry Set
Picking Your Provider

To select the perfect wedding jewelry, you must first select a reputed jewelry shop. Do not wonder why it should be a reputed one because they always promise the best wedding jewelry for brides. Other than that, you can also trust them to provide you with bridesmaid wedding jewelry that matches your own jewelry sets but do not outshine them. Therefore, before you can select a provider, you need to know the answers of the following questions.

  • Precisely, if possible, how many weddings as well as engagement ceremonies they have provided or designed jewelries?
  • Ask for evidence against their claims.
  • Inquire about their style and design technique, that is, what they focus on. Are they reputed for their traditional design or contemporary?
  • Are they capable of imitating the design of any jewelry worn by a famous entertainer? If so, then check how many times they have accomplished until now.
  • Check how they charge as well as their pricing policy. In addition, see if they offer any discounts.
  • What are their cancellation policies?
  • Even if you do not have any intention, ask if they rent jewelry for weddings. If yes, then ask about their policies.


Perfect Wedding Jewelry For Brides

Note that you need to worry about the above section only if you are buying new jewelries, not if you are planning to wear family heirlooms. Some grooms have family engagement or wedding rings given by their mothers to give to their brides-to-be like a black diamond ring.

Rare Black Diamond For The Bride

Selecting Your Wedding Jewelry

Regardless if your jewelries are new or old, you should follow the following guideline while picking your jewelry for your wedding.

  • First, your necklace must be in harmony with your dress cut. If you have a strapless bodice, then go for pearl or rhinestone choker. If you have a sweetheart or V neckline, then choose a diamond solitaire.
  • Your jewelry gemstones should match with those of your dress and headpiece. Pearl is good with beading whereas zirconia and diamond work great with crystals and sequins.
  • If you are planning to wear long, plain gloves, then consider wearing a tennis bracelet. If you are planning to keep your wrist bare, then consider pearl or rhinestone cuff.
  • The last piece you must pick is your earrings. You must pick this piece as the last one because it must match your hairstyle, necklace and headpiece. Chunky earrings with a drop look are perfect if you are planning an upswept hairstyle. On the other hand, small bejeweled hoops as well as simple studs go well with dramatic necklace, decorative veil, and tiara.


Elegant Bridesmaid Wedding Jewelry

Of course, you do not need to be too confused about the whole process. If you pick a good provider, then they could help you with your jewelry planning. In addition, do not forget to check out their couples jewelry collection.

Types of Jewelry for Men and Women

The term jewelry refers to personal ornaments that typically contain jewels and precious stones like black diamond ring or better still, are made of them.  They are either worn as personal adornments or for utility to show rank or wealth or to follow superstitious customs or fashion. Traditionally, different types of jewelry were made from a variety of materials including the following; feathers, nuts, berries, perforated stones, seeds, hair and teeth of animals.

Beautiful Types Of Jewelry

Although both gold and silver are used in the making various types of jewelry, gold has always been the preferred metal. Jewelry is decorated by etching, filigree, embossing, and engraving as well as through use of enamel, precious stones, gems, mosaic and glass.

All About Types Of Jewelry

Types of Jewelry

There are various types of jewelry, used for both male and female sexes for various purposes, and worn on different parts of the body, starting from the hair down to the feet. The following are the different jewelry types used today especially for women:

  • Hair ornaments – these include hair pins and fascinators
  • Head ornaments – these include body piercing jewelry like earrings, nose rings, nose studs, crowns for the head and grills for the teeth.
  • Neck ornaments – these include necklaces, choker and neck beads.
  • Arm ornaments like armlets which are upper arm bracelets, cuff links, bangles and bracelets.
  • Hand ornaments which include slave bracelets, friendship bracelets as well as the different kinds of beaded bracelets.
  • Finger ornament – which include personal ring, friendship bond, promise ring, engagement ring and wedding ring.
  • Body ornaments – these are jewelry like breastplates, belly chains, chatelaines, body piercing jewelry and brooches.
  • Leg and feet jewelry– these include anklets, toe rings and barefoot sandals.

There is also jewelry that is not only for beautification purposes and these include amulets that work as protective charms, used both traditionally and currently; prayer jewelry such as Jape malas, prayer ropes, rosary beads and prayer beads, celibacy rings and pledge rings.

Different Types Of Jewelry

Couples jewelry is also useful and popular because most couples use them to express their feelings for their loved ones. The following are some examples of couples’ jewelry rings, customised necklaces, bracelets and lockets.

Usually jewelry is only worn by women, but today there are already different types of jewelry available for men like rings, bracelets, necklaces and stud earrings. Fashion designers have created jewelry designs that suit every man’s personality and style.  Jewelry for men are lighter, simpler, durable and sturdy because most men enjoys outdoor activities such as sports.

Unique Couples Jewelry

Most types of jewelry on the above list are used by women in an effort to enhance their physical beauty and appeal. Some are for both men and women while others are exclusively for the men. Cuff links for instance are jewels exclusively for men. There are also ear studs, watches, rings and neck beads just for men. Amulets, celibacy vow rings, pledge rings and prayer jewelry are for both sexes. The list keeps growing as men and women discovers new ways to wear jewelries as part of their daily activities.

Promise Rings: Symbol Of Commitment And Promise

Promise rings are getting very popular among the wedding couples these days. Even though these rings have become commonly seen ornaments, many don’t know about the significance of these rings. These rings symbolize the commitment between two persons. Surprisingly, apart from the traditional uses for wedding and engagement, these rings are also being used for any kind of promise these days.

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Couples Jewelry: Defining Age-Old Traditions

The concept of couples jewelry associates pairs of rings of similar designs and materials. Engagements and weddings are common occasions where people look for jewelries for couples. Nowadays, the extent has come forward with another concept, which is the commitment or promise of couples to each other.

Can a man wear promise ring? This is a very common question with a simple answer. Based on the theory that defines the significance of promise ring, both men and women can wear these rings. There is no reason that men cannot wear a promise ring like women usually do. In fact, some manufacturers have been working with exclusive promise rings for men.

Tips on Where To Get Promise Rings

Men’s rings can be divided into few major groups:

  • Pre-engagement rings
  • Purity rings
  • Friendship rings
  • Religious rings

The rings for men and women are almost same and the difference is merely in weight and size. Also, manufacturers say the rings designed for men are intentionally made durable and sturdy because most men are usually involved in outdoor activities. If your man is a sporty one, get a light weight type of ring that perfectly fits his ring finger so it won’t fall off easily.

There are designer rings for men or for couples available in the market like black diamond ring. They are durable and elegant but very expensive. If you have the budget they are a perfect choice, not just because they look great and very trendy, but they are good investment and very durable. If an engagement is ahead, the man and the woman should wear the rings of same design.

All About Promise Rings

Where to Get Promise Rings: The Real Quest

  • Many jewelry manufacturers work on these promise rings. They offer grand collection of these rings varying in materials, prices, gems, colors, and sizes. These manufacturers also offer customized promise rings for the intensive buyers. You can find these rings in almost every jewelry shop you visit.
  • A promise ring for both men and women, being attached with the commonly spreading trend, has become exclusive products today. All the jewelry stores are trying to present with affordable commitment rings. You can find cheap promise rings in most online stores. Before you buy one, consider the prices, materials, and sizes of the products carefully. Be sure to compare prices, in order for you to get the best deal.

Sweet Promise Rings For Men and Women

This jewelry has created a brand new tradition and has become popular today. If you wish to buy these rings, you should know about the meanings and significance of these rings first. This must be ensured that you and the other person making a commitment or promise have an understanding about the promise rings. Read the above mentioned guide where to get these wonderful couples jewelry at affordable prices.

Useful Tips In Buying Couples Jewelry

Wearing couples jewelry is one of the most romantic things that people in a relationship can do. The matching jewelry means that they both belong to each other. The jewelry for both couple may have their names engraved on it or the date and place where they met. It could be something simple that has a special meaning to both of them.

Cool Couples Jewelry For Men And Women

Different Types Of Couples Jewelry

There are several types of jewelry for couples. There are couples rings, couples jewelry necklaces, couples bracelets, and couples charms. It would just depend on the preference of the couple on what type of jewelry they would like to wear because there are couples who do not like wearing rings and there are those who do not like to wear bracelets. Some couples prefer wearing matching necklaces with matching charm while others opt for just a simple pair of necklace.

Choosing what jewelry for couple to buy is pretty simple. You just have to decide what you want to wear. However it is the choosing of the jewelry that is not so simple. You have to know about the metal and things like that to know if you are getting the right jewelry.

Customized Jewelry For Couples

Buying Tips


  • Choose The Design That You Both Like

The jewelry that you buy should be something that you both like. Take time to discuss about what type of jewelry you would want to wear. Would it be a ring, a necklace, a bracelet or a charm? Then you choose the design of the jewelry you choose. Make sure that the couples jewelry for men is the same with the jewelry for women that you chose.

  • Platinum, Gold Or Silver?

Decide also what kind of metal you want your couples jewelry to be. Platinum is more expensive than gold but it looks more beautiful. If you decide to go for gold, you still have to decide if you want white gold or yellow gold. Silver is not a bad choice considering that silver is the in metal nowadays. If it so happen that you both have different preferences then you just have to learn to compromise.

Cute Couples Jewelry Necklaces

  • Readymade Or Custom Made?

There are couples jewelries that you can readily buy at any jewelry shop. You just have to choose the design and metal used. If you do not want this, you can opt to have a goldsmith make the jewelry for couple that you like. You can design the jewelry, buy the metal and have it made. If you want expensive jewelry for both of you, there are also designer rings available like black diamond ring for couples.

  • How Much Is Your Budget?

People would say that love does not have a price. That is true but in this world nothing is free so you just have to be practical and set a budget that you both can afford for your jewelry. It would make no sense to buy something that you can’t pay for.

Steampunk Couples Jewelry

Buying couples jewelry is not so much of a chore if you just both talk about it and decide on what you really want.