Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings at a Glance

Most vintage diamond engagement rings may look old but what they symbolize is timeless. They symbolize timelessness, regality and most importantly, romance. That not everything. They also cover the period of the vintage platinum, Filigree and the retro engagement rings. though some quarters draw a line of distinction between the circa periods of the vintage from the antique, the craftsmanship and artistic designs shown from the early 1800s to the 1900s reflect in high and clear tones the brilliance and creativity its circa designers. That explains why vintage diamond engagement rings are expensive and rare.  Surprise your significant other with one of and she’ll remain indebted to you forever.

Elegant Vintage Style Diamond Engagement Rings

Choose Something Unique

It is easy to have a hard time choosing between modern and vintage diamond engagement rings. But like you will find out, vintage rings always take the medal. Either way, try the best you can to select a vintage diamond engagement rings that your better half will treasure for decades to come. Consider collections of vintage Victorian, Edwardian or Art Deco diamond engagement rings. For these, the price should be anything between moderate and high end.


All antique vintage diamond engagement rings come in a wide range of unique and dainty designs that can effortlessly sweep your fair lady off her feet. Keep in mind that there are several diamond cutters who can easily create new vintage inspired diamond rings from your own choice of design. As such, matters about design and style shouldn’t really worry you.  All you need to be concerned with is how much you will spend on the ring as well as the 4 Cs of perfect vintage diamond engagement rings. From there, you can begin your epic journey back to the days gone by with ease.

All About Antique Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings

Victorian Style Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings

They date back from as early as 1830. One unique thing about them is the word ‘Dearest’ which was intricately etched in the rings. Their circa settings come in rose or gold with small diamond pieces or a conspicuous pearl accented with colored gems. Style then changed to one large diamond as the center stone when diamond mines in South Africa produced big diamonds. More deigns the saw the light of the day. Some of these deigns include

  • Stunning pink sapphire diamond rings
  • Long and thin rose cut diamond rings
  • Unique dematoid engagement rings
  • Regard diamond engagement rings


Edwardian Style Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings

Edwardian vintage style diamond engagement rings feature intricate lace like detailed designs.  They are actually more detailed than their Victorian counterparts as some boast of gold engravings, immaculate and classic motif craftsmanship. They are quite costly with the cheapest selling for around $12,000. You may have to part with double the amount for vintage yellow diamond engagement rings with appraisal certificates.

Classic Vintage Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

Other Factors

When it comes to diamond vintage engagement rings, you really don’t have the usual natural vs. treated option. The reason is simple. Back then, technology had not advanced that much to a point where there were treated diamonds. That in fact explains why a simple vintage diamond engagement ring will cost more than a nice looking treated black diamond ring.

Stylish Vintage Black Diamond Ring


Charm your lady with a vintage engagement ring and you will win her trust, love and affection forever. Choose a unique vintage diamond ring and be armed with it before you go down on one knee. Keep in mind that before it comes to that point, you will have to roll up your sleeves and embark on an epic window shopping adventure. That is the only way you will come across a unique, value priced diamond ring that will leave her breathless.

Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings: The Best Mix of Modernism and Antiquity

Cushion cut diamond engagement rings have demonstrated their fame for over 100 years now. They are acknowledged to a great degree since they are not quite the same as the standard square, rectangle or conventional round cuts. What really sets cushion cuts separated is that it has an extremely dazzling and obsolescent cut. It looks very like the mix of square, ovals and round diamonds. The remarkable brightness and shimmer of this cut diamond makes it an exceptionally engaging choice for everyone.

Find The Perfect Cushion Cut Diamond Ring For Her

What is A Cushion Cut Diamond?

There are some ladies who love the cushion cut diamond ring nowadays. There has been noteworthy change and improvement in the diamond cutting engineering. Along these lines there has been change in the stadium of the advanced cushion cut diamond. Indeed for ones who wish to have a collectible or vintage engagement ring, it has postured to be the ideal wager. Indeed because of the irregularity of the cushion cut engagement, it has massive measure of special style and advance for couples who run with this choice.

Know More About What Is A Cushion Cut Diamond

Appreciating The Quality and Value

A paramount focus which must acknowledge before set to purchase diamond cushion cut engagement rings is that one must have fundamental instruction about the ring. Variables like quality and cost get imperative components. The quality and value might be dictated by viewpoints that incorporate shade, clarity, carat weight and cut of the diamond.

  • Clarity. This alludes to the virtue and clearness of the cushion formed diamond. The nature, size, area of outer and inside defects goes into choosing the clarity of the diamond.
  • Color is yet an alternate vital characteristic. It can go from yellowish to having tints of light black, tan, yellow to being dry also. Indeed there are other shade reaches like red, pink, blue, green, tan around others as well
  • The cut might allude to the shine, symmetry, complete and extents of the diamond. The splendor and flame of the diamond is a capacity of the cut, which heads off to focus its significance.
  • Carat is the weight of the diamond. The more the carat, the more stupendous the weight

Unique Diamond Cushion Cut

It is exceptionally supportive to know these key focuses which make it simpler to purchase this engagement ring. This really prompts the whole process being an exceptionally heavenly one.

An alternate perspective to cushion cut diamond engagement rings incorporates the changing styles. They have a special style that makes them look distinctive and stand separated as dazzling gems around alternate diamonds. Interestingly ladies like to incorporate stress stones to improve the magnificence of the ring. As well as that the setting of the four pronged plan is additionally decided on since it secures the stone in an unflinching way.

Cushion diamonds frequently convey to a premium degree regarding evaluation just like the black diamond ring, halfway due to their irregularity, and likewise because of their uncommon status around diamond cuts. That being said, in the event that you are intrigued by acquiring a cushion, there are a few components to consider which will help you to perceive a great worth.

Beautiful Black Diamond Ring for Men

Cushion, with their huge features, aren’t exactly also upgraded for shimmer and fire as the cutting edge round splendid cut. Hence, cushions with moderately low evaluations in the clarity and cut evaluating ranges could be detectably dull in presence. Assuming that you’re searching for a cushion diamond, you’ll undoubtedly need to stay with those with cut evaluations of very good or higher, and VS1-2 or above for the clarity evaluation.

Shade evaluations ought to be in the common G-I region, while the weight of the carat ought to be 1 or less. With genuine vintage cushion diamonds, however, the reviewing could be conflicting contrasted with today’s principles, so in the event that it hasn’t been recertified in the later past, you may find that cushion cut diamond does not fit the criteria provided and still look great.

Princess Cut Diamond

Princess cut diamond is also known as the quadrillion cut, it is the cut to utilize more of the rough diamond while retaining its sparkle and shine.


Simple Princess Cut Diamond Ring

Princess cut diamond ring is the most popular fancy shaped diamond, but is the second most popular cut shape after the round brilliant cut diamond. The face-up shape of this diamond is square with pointed corners, with a pyramid profile. The princess cut is slightly cheaper than the round brilliant cut diamond. They demand attention with its glitter from the way it reflects light. The princess cut diamond can be used as a center stone in a multi gemmed ring and other jewelry pieces.

Princess cut engagement rings

Princess cut diamond engagement rings have become one of the most desired rings and finding a quality one is not easy. You have to consider quality depending on the size, quality of stone, extra details and ring metal. The cost varies from $200 to $10,000 or even higher. The ring has 49 to 58 facets thus reflecting a lot of light and is made of 80% stone.

Gold Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

The variations are:


Princess cut solitaire ring

The diamond maybe set parallel to the ring band or slightly set at an angle to create a diamond shape. They are commonly set in platinum or white gold for that sleek look, but can come in a unique multi-tone engagement ring created from blending different metals.

Three stone Princess cut ring

This diamond engagement ring is a set of smaller diamond stones placed on both sides of a big diamond gem and is considered as one of the most popular variations.

Black diamond princess cut ring

Also known as carbonado, which means band in Portuguese. This gem has a dark inclusion making it look good on any jewelry, especially the black diamond ring which has been proven to be the best and one of the most expensive rings. The princess cut on it gives it an extra glitter making it very visible and elegant.

Unique Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Princess cut diamond earrings

Princess cut diamond earrings come in variations of studs, dangling pieces and even hoops. The stud variations are simple for daytime wear yet their brilliance and sparkle make them ideal fie evening wear. The hoops come with several stones making the sparkle greater and more classical. They are very expensive. The dangle style of this diamond pieces is a major wardrobe staple and are a great investment as they go with almost any outfit and come in different lengths.

Generally the diamond earrings with this cut are unique pieces that accessorize all styles perfectly.


Pretty Princess Cut Diamond Earrings


Since the rings are very expensive yet are vulnerable to ordinary wear and tear, special care is highly recommended to increase the jewelry life.

It is recommended that:

  • You wipe with a clean cloth and mild detergent to remove residue and dust particles.
  • The ring should also be stored in proper boxes after use and never store with other rings as their surfaces will rub on each other creating scratches on it.
  • Also care should be taken not to expose the jewelry to direct fire.

Finally the most crucial point when deciding on which diamond stone cut, is picking on the size, and color that suitably matches your style. The type of metal accompanying this diamond contributes highly on its aesthetic value. The princess cut diamond is the most contemporary style. When thinking of choosing this type of diamond cut for your marriage proposal, it is important to consider your girlfriend’s jewelry preferences and size of the finger without giving her the clue that you are planning a big surprise. Good luck with that!

All about Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Black diamond engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular in a world where regular white diamonds just don’t ‘cut’ it any more. Diamonds have been so aggressively marketed over the past few years that it has become a standard for engagement rings. A black diamond ring, however, makes a bold and different statement. Read on to find out more about the significance of these stones, and their true value.

elegant black and white diamond engagement rings

What is a Black Diamond?

A black diamond, unlike many people think, is a real diamond. The formation of a black diamond occurs under a different set of conditions to a white diamond, but both are essentially diamonds in a very real sense. The value of a black diamond is very similar to that of a white diamond, but it does not have the universal appeal of the latter because of its different refractive properties. Rather than take in the light, bend it and send it out as a sparkle, black diamond engagement rings will absorb the light – which gives them their characteristic dark color.

Why Are They Popular?

Antique black diamond engagement rings are extremely popular in today’s jewelry market. The intrinsic value of the diamond itself may be equal to a white diamond, but the extrinsic value comes from its unique color. A black diamond today is as exotic as white diamonds were when they were first mined, cut and made into jewelry. Black diamonds are slowly gaining traction as more people are veering from the beaten path to look for exotic stones to mark their most memorable moment – their engagement. Here are just some of the special properties that make these exquisite black stones so popular:

  • They are polycrystalline stones with a unique structure that absorbs light rather than refracts and reflects it.
  • They exhibit a property called photoluminescence, which means they emit light after they have been exposed to it and the light source has been removed.
  • The theory that these stones actually came from outer space is one that appeals to people’s romantic sensibilities.
  • It has been suggested that this mineral was actually formed before our Solar System came into existing, boosting their appeal even further.

best sophisticated black diamond ring

Other Colors

This type of mineral is available in a variety of colors other than black, the most common being gray, shades of green or even brown with a mottled appearance. The most expensive stones are generally closer to pitch black with very little refraction – or sparkle – seen.

exquisite black diamond engagement rings for women

Buying a Black Diamond Ring

Purchasing black diamond engagement rings for women involves a different process to buying regular white diamonds. Jewelers do give certificates of authenticity for these diamonds as well, so be sure that when you buy natural black diamond jewelry, you ask for a certificate to go with it.

You can also choose to buy synthetic diamonds, which are generally cheaper and are man-made rather than naturally formed. A synthetic black diamond looks exactly like the real thing but, because it is less expensive, it is more widely available. Buying an engagement with synthetic stones only involves checking for major flaws rather than having somebody vouch for the authenticity of the stones.

perfect black and white diamond engagement rings


Choosing between black and white diamond engagement rings is a matter of personal preference. Some people prefer the classic beauty of a white diamond in all its glory, while others prefer a more subtle but equally exotic and enticing black stone. The choice between black and white should be a decision based on your wishes and that of your fiancée, not what other people think about it. Buying black diamond engagement rings is the easiest part because they are extensively available online. The only thing you need to do is to make sure you only purchase from a trusted website that has a strong security protocol and a sound privacy policy.

Things You Need to Know about Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Rings

Fred and Ginger, Sonny and Cher, chocolate and peanut butter, milk and honey…some things were just destined to be together and diamond and sapphire engagement rings are no exception. With the wide array of choices available, a set of diamond and sapphire engagement rings can go down your history with as much excitement and romance as Romeo and Juliet…with a much happier ending so to speak.

beautiful diamond and sapphire engagement rings

Why Sapphire Engagement Rings?

No need for the blues, with sapphires you can effortlessly veer off into an array of melodies. While sapphire rings are often associated with royal blue, they actually cover a large portion of the kaleidoscope from reds to oranges to purples. You can therefore imagine the glitter and glitz of a white or black diamond ring surrounding by a radiant ruby sapphire. If you fancy the idea of colored diamonds like yellow or pink, you can find an excellent complimentary sapphire to exude an elegant if not magnificent summer sunset on your finger!

What about the Costs and Customization?

Keep your options open so that if the cost of a colored diamond becomes too much, you still have an alternative. Go for colored sapphires. The main charm could be pink and yellow sapphires, blended well by intricate linings of smaller diamonds. This way, no one can uncover your secret. You will have saved a lot and still pull a stunt that will leave people ogling.

crowned black diamond ring

Alternatively, you can create the ‘look’ without the price tag. That is if you desire colored vintage diamond and sapphire engagement rings and if you are not courting a wealthy partner. Simply set a smaller pink or yellow diamond in the center and intricately surround it with the same sapphire colors. This easily creates at mind blowing look and greatly lowers the costs. In other words, you don’t have to break the bank just for the diamond and sapphire engagement rings. You can have that million dollar look without subjecting yourself to debt that can outlive your marriage.

Where to Buy the Rings

This can be a little bit tricky, especially if you know little about diamond and sapphire engagement rings. Normally, you can find exciting selections on these rings through the following:

  • There are several jewelry stores that sell diamonds, but as is often the case, jewelers take advantage of clueless buyers. So be smart before visiting any jewelry store. Do your homework. Research online if you have to. Then when you get to the shop, speak like someone who knows what he’s looking for. That is as far as offline shopping for diamond and sapphire engagement rings is concerned.

unique diamond and blue sapphire engagement rings

  • The best deals are always online but even for this option, you still have to be careful, especially when shopping for diamond and blue sapphire engagement rings. Make sure who you are dealing with is reputable and certified. Read unbiased reviews and try to find out if there have been unsatisfied customers before. Then lastly, go for nothing short of GIA certified contemporary or antique diamond and sapphire engagement rings.

How Do Handle The Rings?

It happens to everyone. You take off your ring sapphire or diamond engagement ring before you shower. By the time you go back for it, it is lying in a puddle of soapy water. This happens time and again till the ring losses its glare. In the worst of cases, you take a dip into the swimming pool and you lose it. Don’t worry, such jewelry catastrophes do happen. Your best bet should therefore be to insure the ring. Then always take it off when showering or swimming. Wipe it with tissue paper and clean with a solution of warm water and a few drops off ammonia.

crowned antique diamond and sapphire engagement rings


Blend sapphire and diamond engagement rings to come up with something unique. Do this with someone who understands how to blend colors. In the end, what matters is stunning your love and making the whole engagement event as colorful as possible.

Just Why Are Man made Diamond Engagement Rings Trending?

It’s almost impossible to flip through TV channels and magazine pages without coming across something about man made diamond engagement rings. That is justified, given that man made diamonds have come a long way. Science has been trying for hundreds of years to create flawless synthetic diamonds. Ultimately, 21st century technology has pushed that prospect into fruition and made it a reality.

about man made diamond engagement rings

Why Man Made?

There are 101 reasons to go for man made diamond engagement rings instead of the natural, mined variety. For starters, the price tags that come with natural diamond engagement rings are in the very best and politest verbiage, an illusion. Sounds off-putting to some but truth is, some diamond cuts out there are not a just reflection of what diamonds should be worth. That’s why you have to be careful when shopping for both natural and man made diamond engagement rings.

Take that with a pinch of salt. Then keep in mind that studies reveal that at least one out of every three diamonds sold in the United States today has been artificially altered to skyrocket its value. Further studies reveal that on average a couple churns out 40% too much for their diamond engagement rings.

unique and squared black diamond ring

Beyond deceptive an exaggerated pricing, there are other issues of ‘blood diamond’, forced child labor and a myriad of disturbing natural diamond facts. For the emotionally sensitive diamond lover, these facts may mean that her love for the diamond cave in with time. After all, it would be demeaning to always put on diamond ring that reminds you someone somewhere had to die or sweat for it just for peanuts. All these facts leave one viable alternative which needless to say, is free of all the said evils – the manmade diamond engagement ring.

How Do They Look Like?

Quality man made diamond engagement rings are virtually indistinguishable from the natural variety. They are also extremely affordable than the typical black diamond ring, which happens to be very popular. You may not know it but recently, socially conscious celebrities and public figures like Angelina Jolie and Minnie Driver have made a vocal stand of wearing only man made diamonds to gala events.

Many have mistaken the diamonds for real diamonds and have even valued the diamonds than they are worth. This begs the question; just what is the difference between manmade diamond rings and natural ones. The difference is simple. The former are made in a lab, the latter are mined.

curved cheap man made diamond engagement rings

Types of Man Made Diamond Rings

There are types of manmade diamond rings, otherwise referred to as synthetic diamond rings. The options are numerous, but unbiased and reliable information is scarce. That’s why man made diamond engagement rings reviews always come in handy when shopping for cheap man made diamond engagement rings. The most common types of manmade diamonds today are:

  • Cubic Zirconia

  • Russian Diamonds

  • Gemesis Cultured Diamond Rings

How to Take Care of Manmade Diamond Rings?

It is simple. Just take care of your man made diamond ring like you would your natural ring. It should however be noted that man made pink diamond engagement rings need special care. They are more susceptible to scratches, so avoid keeping them with other diamonds. Simply make good use of your special diamond ring case or pouch.

oval man made pink diamond engagement rings


Natural diamonds may be expensive. But guess what! You finally have a cheaper alternative. You only need to find out the favorite color of your significant other then go for a manmade diamond ring with that color. You will spend less and more importantly, you will surprise the woman of your dreams with something unique; something she may have never heard of or seen before!

Charm Her with a Champagne Diamond Engagement Ring

They say love knows no bounds; that it can defy all odds. That’s true. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of your money. You have to be frugal with it and spend within your means. It therefore makes sense to go for an engagement ring that will not leave your pockets frozen. Of course you will want to stun your better half with a ring that will blow her mind away. Every man wants that. After all, she is yours.

You played your cards well, may be through hook and crook all in the name of wooing her. So the thought of spoiling her at any given time is often not an afterthought. It just happens by default. On that line and more so on the engagement issue, try not to succumb to overspending and impulse buying. Consider champagne diamond engagement rings.

colored champagne diamond engagement rings

Why Champagne?

Focus on the diamond aspect first. The color, cut, clarity and carat will come later. Diamonds have something inexplicable with woman. The two are intertwined, like the ying and the yang. They complement each other. Presenting your girl with a diamond ring will therefore see into it that she not only remains committed and loyal but also indebted to you for as long as she lives; now to the champagne part or if you like, the color part.

Truth is, champagne diamond engagement rings lie at the low end of the value scale compared to other fancy diamond rings like the black diamond ring. This should work to your advantage as it means you will spend less on the ring. But don’t count into the whole ‘cheap’ thing yet. Experts are on record saying that champagne rings will follow a similar lucrative trajectory like pink and yellow diamonds as soon as the largest producer of champagne diamonds, the Argyle Mine closes in 2018. This means that soon, very soon, champagne diamond engagement rings will be very expensive. Buy yours while you still have the time, or if you are in it for the money, invest in champagne diamond engagement rings.

royal squared black diamond ring

Customize Her Ring

Men can be okay with someone else sporting the same attire like them. Women cant. It is just off putting to them. That said, go for that champagne diamond engagement ring, but make it unique. You can have it customized in different ways so as to make it not only appealing but perpetually unique. You can go about this by having her name inscribed on the ring. This too is common, so think outside the box and blend the initials of your names, then have the letters inscribed on the champagne diamond engagement ring. Victorians were the first to perfect this art as their diamond engagement rings were often inscribed with the word ‘dearest’ speaking of Victorians, why not go…

sparkling pink champagne diamond engagement rings


Think about it, only a handful of antique pink champagne diamond engagement rings exist today. The ones available are expensive. This means that investing in such a ring will let your lady know just how much she means to you. Other hues such as antique peach diamond engagement rings are not as rare but can still sweep your fair lady off her feet. Bottom line is, antique champagne diamond engagement rings will always stay relevant and stand out as unique. Charm your woman with one.

squared peach champagne diamond engagement rings


Champagne diamond engagement rings may be affordable than other diamond rings, but they are still unique. All that matters is buying the champagne diamond engagement ring and spicing it up with something that will flatter your lady. Ask your jeweler for the perfect cut and creative methods that you can have the ring customized. That way, you will end up with an affordable ring that will always leave your woman grateful that she has you for a man. 

Choosing the Best Unique Diamond Engagement Rings

You may not know it, but your lady is priceless. She completes you. She’s the epitome of your becoming. It therefore makes perfect sense to embark on an epic ring hunting adventure before proposing to her. You can consider unique diamond engagement rings or you can go simple on her with ravishingly stunning black diamond ring. Either way, choose a ring that will give her a hint on just how much she means to you; a ring that will symbolize the love and commitment you will shower her with.

braided unique diamond engagement rings

Be Unique

Customs and traditions assert that when a man and a woman love each other, they date. Then they get to know each other and subsequently declare their readiness to commit to each other. This is often crowed by an engagement event where the ring stands out as the symbol of love and commitment. In a way, the pattern always goes on and on and the ring recipient can almost predict the kind of ring she’ll have. Be unique, break away from the traditional ways and give your significant other something that will leave people ogling at your union.

Choose the Right Ring

There is a clear rift between a ring and the RIGHT ring. It does not end there; unique diamond engagement rings come in several designs, styles and cuts. What will and should make your selection different and individual to your taste is the kind of perception you have towards your better half. That fact, couple with a little knowledge on unique diamond engagement rings trends and styles will make your ring selection a simple downhill task. Speaking of trends, be keen on the following trends that stand mark as hallmarks of unique diamond engagement rings.

four edged black diamond ring

  • Custom Designed Diamond Rings – They are for people whose tastes tend to have a bend towards something new, yet unique. The trend is still relatively new, so it is perfect for anyone looking for unique black diamond engagement rings or the rarer and expensive unique yellow diamond engagement rings. Be sure to have special words inscribed on the ring, just to give your fair lady the pleasure of having her fantasies fulfilled. Inscribe her name or a combination of your names.

  • Diamond Eternity Rings – The trend is also new but it is gaining popularity at an alarming rate. It features on conspicuous diamond in the middle of the ring with other gems set proportionately around the ring to give it more flare. They are ideal for brides who have a thing for sophisticated jewelry designs that have to complement not just their outfits but their characters and personalities as well.

round and unique black diamond engagement rings

  • Natural Vs Treated Diamonds – There have been raging debates for a long time now on whether treated diamonds are fake diamonds. They are not. As a matter of fact they are unique and affordable. Natural diamonds are just too expensive for the common man to afford. The former option therefore comes in a rescue alternative to a man who wants to impress with a unique diamond engagement ring but money stands as a stumbling block.

  • Alternative Metals- It is not a trend per se, but just a way of cutting on the engagement ring costs and considering other viable options. This means choosing other metals such as titanium or platinum. So, if anytime the thought of shopping for unique blue diamond engagement rings scare you, consider going for alternative metals.

round and unique yellow diamond engagement rings


Choosing a unique diamond engagement ring is about buying an expensive ring that is eye catching. It involves taking time to study diamond ring trends and choosing treading on a path that only a few have trodden on before. Go antique if you have to or go for a mix of diamond colors. At the end of the day, you want to surprise the woman of your dreams with something she’s never seen before.

A Guide to Choosing Round Diamond Engagement Rings

 Many laymen use the terms ‘shape’ and ‘cut’ interchangeably, when referring to round diamond engagement rings. The terms are actually different and have little to do with each other. Diamond cuts are simply the styles or designs based on the arrangement of a diamond’s facets. Diamond shapes on the other hand are self explanatory. Their converging point comes with the fact that shapes and cuts are just but styles developed to realize full use of a diamond’s properties. There are several diamond shapes than there are cuts. Some of the most common include:

  • Round Brilliant Diamonds

  • Oval Diamonds

simple round diamond engagement rings

  • Marquise Diamonds

  • Pear Shaped Diamonds

  • Heart Shaped Diamonds

  • Princess Cut Diamond

  • Emerald shaped diamonds

  • Asscher shaped diamonds

  • Cushion cut diamonds

quartered black diamond ring

Round Brilliant Diamonds

They are characterized by their distinctive shine and sparkle. They also happen to be the most poplar diamond shapes on earth. Men and women alike prefer them because of how good they look in different deigns and how they easily stand out even when accented with other gemstones. Unlike other rings, round diamond engagement rings feature 57 facets complete with a culet and a fiery intricate touch. Note that round diamond engagement rings are only available in platinum, white gold and yellow. You may therefore have to weight other options if you wanted an elegant, round shaped black diamond ring.


Most round diamond engagement rings are designed with a single solitaire. That is why the grace of round diamond engagement rings with halo can hardly be matched with that of other varieties. The solitaires on these rings are intricately balanced with extra ordinary balance. The end result is often solitaire round diamond engagement rings that can charm just about any woman.

double round diamond engagement rings with halo

Why Round?

Over 75% of diamonds in the market today are round brilliant. That highlights just how desired round cut diamond engagement rings are. They are timeless pieces of grace and elegance that have withstood the tests of fashion and time with ease. They blend with different attires, thanks to their division which runs from the crown and girdle, all the way to the pavilion.


It all depends on how much you want to spend. You should however be prepared to spend much on round shaped diamond engagement rings than you would spend with other shapes. The reason is simple. Round shaped diamond engagement rings are widely sought after. The least you can spend on a medium range carat round shaped diamond ring is about $20,000. That is if the diamond color on the ring is natural. Speaking of natural diamonds, always insist on natural diamond rings and know how to differentiate between treated and natural diamonds. This could be had, so it is wise to have someone who knows more about diamonds to accompany you to the jewelry store.

about solitaire round diamond engagement rings


The fact that diamonds are the hardest stones on earth does not mean that you should have the least concerns on how to hand your round shaped diamond ring. If anything, you have to be overly cautious on how you store it or clean it. Regular expose to such things as body lotions and even some sprays means that over time, some debris will build up on the facets of your diamond ring and compromise its blue. Should that happen, just wipe it with a soft tissue paper or clean it with mild detergents. Two to three drops of ammonia mixed with warm water is highly recommended for cleaning diamonds. Then like you may have already guessed, always have a diamond pouch where you can separately store your diamond ring. This is the only way you will mage to keep scratches at bay.

Understand what makes round diamond rings special then choose one for your lady. Make sure that she has a thing for round diamonds before choosing the ring. That way, you can avoid embarrassing surprised when proposing to her with the ring.

Common Non Diamond Engagement Rings and What They Symbolize

 It is hard to understand why some women and even men opt for non diamond engagement rings when they have more than enough to buy diamond engagement rings. People are just different and often have reasons as to why their decisions sometimes lean on grounds that other people consider strange or unfamiliar. That’s just it; more or less the human nature or something beyond it.

golden non diamond engagement rings

Symbols and Hidden Meanings

Apart from color, different precious stones and gems have deeper meanings that define them. That is why sensitive and sentimental people often opt for nothing short of gems that suit their personalities and uphold their values. To them, there is always more than what meets the eye with gems that other people consider as just valuable. Some of the deeper meanings that accompany non diamond engagement rings include:

  • Rubies – They symbolize open heartedness and encourage love.

  • Topaz- Lessen Your worries.

  • Sapphire- Have a clear mind

  • Aquamarine- Clean, pure and full of positive energy

oval curved black diamond ring

Of course other gemstones have their meaning. Finding their mysterious meanings should be your lot, something that you will find fun. Sort of like looking for hidden treasures.


Just like buying diamonds, it is crucial that you carefully observe the quality of the non diamond engagement rings you want to buy. This should be easy, if you take time to undertake some online and offline research prior to buying the engagement ring. Feel free to ask your jeweler if the ring you have chosen would be ideal with your work and lifestyle.

Other Affordable Options

Most couples these days go for moissanite engagement rings instead of the usual diamond engagement rings. They are affordable and have an appealing appearance that can only be compared with diamond rings. They are in fact, more refractive and appealing than diamonds and just as durable. The only flaw with them is that they are lab produced.

nice and unique non diamond engagement rings

Celtic is yet another option for men who want to stun their ladies with unique non diamond engagement rings. Celtic engagement rings can go with or without center stones and still sweep your lady off her feet. It is highly recommended that you choose one without a center stone as the stone can outshine the beautiful patterns and knots that are so characteristic of Celtic engagement rings.

Customized Options

It is easy and affordable to go for customized non diamond engagement rings for women. Moissanite engagement rings for instance can be easily customized to one’s preferred metal setting and design. The same cannot be said of a black diamond ring as you would have to churn out more money to have it customized.

gorgeous antique non diamond engagement rings

Consider What She Loves

They say one man’s meat is another man’s poison. People just don’t like the same things. On that line, what you consider breathtaking could be something your significant other considers off putting. That said, think outside the box and present your lady with something she will always put a smile on her face. Take your time to observe her jewelry collection. What kind of necklaces does she sport? What of her earrings? Are they silver, gold? Are they antique or contemporary? Don’t ask her about what she likes. The whole engagement ring thing should take her by surprise. Consider antique non diamond engagement rings if she fancies bringing back the old with antique earrings and necklaces.

You don’t have to spend a lot of cash looking for a diamond engagement ring. There are other viable options that are just as good. Yours is to first find out what kind of non diamond ring would suit your lady then start looking for it in different jewelry stores.