Things You Need to Know about Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Rings

Fred and Ginger, Sonny and Cher, chocolate and peanut butter, milk and honey…some things were just destined to be together and diamond and sapphire engagement rings are no exception. With the wide array of choices available, a set of diamond and sapphire engagement rings can go down your history with as much excitement and romance as Romeo and Juliet…with a much happier ending so to speak.

beautiful diamond and sapphire engagement rings

Why Sapphire Engagement Rings?

No need for the blues, with sapphires you can effortlessly veer off into an array of melodies. While sapphire rings are often associated with royal blue, they actually cover a large portion of the kaleidoscope from reds to oranges to purples. You can therefore imagine the glitter and glitz of a white or black diamond ring surrounding by a radiant ruby sapphire. If you fancy the idea of colored diamonds like yellow or pink, you can find an excellent complimentary sapphire to exude an elegant if not magnificent summer sunset on your finger!

What about the Costs and Customization?

Keep your options open so that if the cost of a colored diamond becomes too much, you still have an alternative. Go for colored sapphires. The main charm could be pink and yellow sapphires, blended well by intricate linings of smaller diamonds. This way, no one can uncover your secret. You will have saved a lot and still pull a stunt that will leave people ogling.

crowned black diamond ring

Alternatively, you can create the ‘look’ without the price tag. That is if you desire colored vintage diamond and sapphire engagement rings and if you are not courting a wealthy partner. Simply set a smaller pink or yellow diamond in the center and intricately surround it with the same sapphire colors. This easily creates at mind blowing look and greatly lowers the costs. In other words, you don’t have to break the bank just for the diamond and sapphire engagement rings. You can have that million dollar look without subjecting yourself to debt that can outlive your marriage.

Where to Buy the Rings

This can be a little bit tricky, especially if you know little about diamond and sapphire engagement rings. Normally, you can find exciting selections on these rings through the following:

  • There are several jewelry stores that sell diamonds, but as is often the case, jewelers take advantage of clueless buyers. So be smart before visiting any jewelry store. Do your homework. Research online if you have to. Then when you get to the shop, speak like someone who knows what he’s looking for. That is as far as offline shopping for diamond and sapphire engagement rings is concerned.

unique diamond and blue sapphire engagement rings

  • The best deals are always online but even for this option, you still have to be careful, especially when shopping for diamond and blue sapphire engagement rings. Make sure who you are dealing with is reputable and certified. Read unbiased reviews and try to find out if there have been unsatisfied customers before. Then lastly, go for nothing short of GIA certified contemporary or antique diamond and sapphire engagement rings.

How Do Handle The Rings?

It happens to everyone. You take off your ring sapphire or diamond engagement ring before you shower. By the time you go back for it, it is lying in a puddle of soapy water. This happens time and again till the ring losses its glare. In the worst of cases, you take a dip into the swimming pool and you lose it. Don’t worry, such jewelry catastrophes do happen. Your best bet should therefore be to insure the ring. Then always take it off when showering or swimming. Wipe it with tissue paper and clean with a solution of warm water and a few drops off ammonia.

crowned antique diamond and sapphire engagement rings


Blend sapphire and diamond engagement rings to come up with something unique. Do this with someone who understands how to blend colors. In the end, what matters is stunning your love and making the whole engagement event as colorful as possible.