Four Most Important C’s to Consider When Shopping for Diamond Engagement Rings

Describing a diamond engagement ring as precious or beautiful would be an understatement. There is always much more than one can possibly put when it comes to diamond engagement rings, especially the colored ones. They may be costly but the joy your significant other will have at your sight on one knee asking for her hand in marriage with a pink, yellow or black diamond ring will be priceless. What you will get in return for that gem is nothing but true love and affection. But before you get there, to the point where you have that diamond engagement ring, you have to sweat a little bit. You have to shop around and be certain that what you are buying is pure diamond. That is where the 4 C’s of quality diamonds come into the picture.
perfect diamond engagement rings


Anytime you thing of a diamond, the first thing likely to strike your mind is a sparkling white or colorless stone. There are however more colors, such as natural yellow and pink which happen to be the most expensive. Take note of the word ‘natural’ as most diamond engagement rings available in different colors are not natural. They are enhanced or rather treated through process such as irradiation, so as to achieve the desired colors. That is why shopping for chocolate diamond engagement rings or emerald diamond engagement rings is not that hard. Going for the natural colored diamonds will cost you much more than you had planned and might even force you to take make orders on time from your jeweler. The fact that one out of every 10,000 diamonds is a natural yellow diamond should tell you something about just how rare these colored gems are.

inspirational black diamond ring


Carat is just but another name of describing the weight and value of the diamond one intends to purchase. It is often mistaken as the size of the diamond, so be sure to keep off from such misconceptions. 0.3g is not in any way equal to 3 carats. That said, always remember that carat has nothing to do with weight. Just ask your jeweler what the weight of the diamond engagement ring is and its value as well, because carat and diamond prices often complement each other.


Cut is the way the rough diamond has been intricately shaped up to one form. The most common cut is the modern brilliant cut, which appears in most diamond engagement rings. Cut is mostly important because it is responsible for sparkling, which is an essential element in any value priced diamond engagement ring. The more number of cuts your diamond ring has the more it will shine.

stylish cushion cut diamond engagement rings


Of all the C’s this one should be the easiest one to consider. It is all about how clear the diamond engagement ring you want to buy is. Take your time to check the diamond in bright light just to ensure that no foreign particles or impurities are trapped inside the stone.

Other Factors

Apart from the four C’s other factors come into play, not when shopping for the diamond engagement ring but when you already have one. It has to do with polishing and how you take care of your diamond ring. When taking it for polishing, be sure to let your jewelry know if the diamond color on your ring is enhanced or natural. Natural colors don’t fade under irradiation and other process used to clean or polish diamonds.

heart shaped chocolate diamond engagement rings


Don’t be in a rush when shopping for diamond engagement rings. The elegance and magnificence of cushion cut diamond engagement rings and princess cut yellow diamond rings can lead you into impulse buying. Just be patient and take time to know more about the diamond ring you want to buy.