Common Non Diamond Engagement Rings and What They Symbolize

 It is hard to understand why some women and even men opt for non diamond engagement rings when they have more than enough to buy diamond engagement rings. People are just different and often have reasons as to why their decisions sometimes lean on grounds that other people consider strange or unfamiliar. That’s just it; more or less the human nature or something beyond it.

golden non diamond engagement rings

Symbols and Hidden Meanings

Apart from color, different precious stones and gems have deeper meanings that define them. That is why sensitive and sentimental people often opt for nothing short of gems that suit their personalities and uphold their values. To them, there is always more than what meets the eye with gems that other people consider as just valuable. Some of the deeper meanings that accompany non diamond engagement rings include:

  • Rubies – They symbolize open heartedness and encourage love.

  • Topaz- Lessen Your worries.

  • Sapphire- Have a clear mind

  • Aquamarine- Clean, pure and full of positive energy

oval curved black diamond ring

Of course other gemstones have their meaning. Finding their mysterious meanings should be your lot, something that you will find fun. Sort of like looking for hidden treasures.


Just like buying diamonds, it is crucial that you carefully observe the quality of the non diamond engagement rings you want to buy. This should be easy, if you take time to undertake some online and offline research prior to buying the engagement ring. Feel free to ask your jeweler if the ring you have chosen would be ideal with your work and lifestyle.

Other Affordable Options

Most couples these days go for moissanite engagement rings instead of the usual diamond engagement rings. They are affordable and have an appealing appearance that can only be compared with diamond rings. They are in fact, more refractive and appealing than diamonds and just as durable. The only flaw with them is that they are lab produced.

nice and unique non diamond engagement rings

Celtic is yet another option for men who want to stun their ladies with unique non diamond engagement rings. Celtic engagement rings can go with or without center stones and still sweep your lady off her feet. It is highly recommended that you choose one without a center stone as the stone can outshine the beautiful patterns and knots that are so characteristic of Celtic engagement rings.

Customized Options

It is easy and affordable to go for customized non diamond engagement rings for women. Moissanite engagement rings for instance can be easily customized to one’s preferred metal setting and design. The same cannot be said of a black diamond ring as you would have to churn out more money to have it customized.

gorgeous antique non diamond engagement rings

Consider What She Loves

They say one man’s meat is another man’s poison. People just don’t like the same things. On that line, what you consider breathtaking could be something your significant other considers off putting. That said, think outside the box and present your lady with something she will always put a smile on her face. Take your time to observe her jewelry collection. What kind of necklaces does she sport? What of her earrings? Are they silver, gold? Are they antique or contemporary? Don’t ask her about what she likes. The whole engagement ring thing should take her by surprise. Consider antique non diamond engagement rings if she fancies bringing back the old with antique earrings and necklaces.

You don’t have to spend a lot of cash looking for a diamond engagement ring. There are other viable options that are just as good. Yours is to first find out what kind of non diamond ring would suit your lady then start looking for it in different jewelry stores.