Choosing the Best Unique Diamond Engagement Rings

You may not know it, but your lady is priceless. She completes you. She’s the epitome of your becoming. It therefore makes perfect sense to embark on an epic ring hunting adventure before proposing to her. You can consider unique diamond engagement rings or you can go simple on her with ravishingly stunning black diamond ring. Either way, choose a ring that will give her a hint on just how much she means to you; a ring that will symbolize the love and commitment you will shower her with.

braided unique diamond engagement rings

Be Unique

Customs and traditions assert that when a man and a woman love each other, they date. Then they get to know each other and subsequently declare their readiness to commit to each other. This is often crowed by an engagement event where the ring stands out as the symbol of love and commitment. In a way, the pattern always goes on and on and the ring recipient can almost predict the kind of ring she’ll have. Be unique, break away from the traditional ways and give your significant other something that will leave people ogling at your union.

Choose the Right Ring

There is a clear rift between a ring and the RIGHT ring. It does not end there; unique diamond engagement rings come in several designs, styles and cuts. What will and should make your selection different and individual to your taste is the kind of perception you have towards your better half. That fact, couple with a little knowledge on unique diamond engagement rings trends and styles will make your ring selection a simple downhill task. Speaking of trends, be keen on the following trends that stand mark as hallmarks of unique diamond engagement rings.

four edged black diamond ring

  • Custom Designed Diamond Rings – They are for people whose tastes tend to have a bend towards something new, yet unique. The trend is still relatively new, so it is perfect for anyone looking for unique black diamond engagement rings or the rarer and expensive unique yellow diamond engagement rings. Be sure to have special words inscribed on the ring, just to give your fair lady the pleasure of having her fantasies fulfilled. Inscribe her name or a combination of your names.

  • Diamond Eternity Rings – The trend is also new but it is gaining popularity at an alarming rate. It features on conspicuous diamond in the middle of the ring with other gems set proportionately around the ring to give it more flare. They are ideal for brides who have a thing for sophisticated jewelry designs that have to complement not just their outfits but their characters and personalities as well.

round and unique black diamond engagement rings

  • Natural Vs Treated Diamonds – There have been raging debates for a long time now on whether treated diamonds are fake diamonds. They are not. As a matter of fact they are unique and affordable. Natural diamonds are just too expensive for the common man to afford. The former option therefore comes in a rescue alternative to a man who wants to impress with a unique diamond engagement ring but money stands as a stumbling block.

  • Alternative Metals- It is not a trend per se, but just a way of cutting on the engagement ring costs and considering other viable options. This means choosing other metals such as titanium or platinum. So, if anytime the thought of shopping for unique blue diamond engagement rings scare you, consider going for alternative metals.

round and unique yellow diamond engagement rings


Choosing a unique diamond engagement ring is about buying an expensive ring that is eye catching. It involves taking time to study diamond ring trends and choosing treading on a path that only a few have trodden on before. Go antique if you have to or go for a mix of diamond colors. At the end of the day, you want to surprise the woman of your dreams with something she’s never seen before.