Princess Cut Diamond

Princess cut diamond is also known as the quadrillion cut, it is the cut to utilize more of the rough diamond while retaining its sparkle and shine.


Simple Princess Cut Diamond Ring

Princess cut diamond ring is the most popular fancy shaped diamond, but is the second most popular cut shape after the round brilliant cut diamond. The face-up shape of this diamond is square with pointed corners, with a pyramid profile. The princess cut is slightly cheaper than the round brilliant cut diamond. They demand attention with its glitter from the way it reflects light. The princess cut diamond can be used as a center stone in a multi gemmed ring and other jewelry pieces.

Princess cut engagement rings

Princess cut diamond engagement rings have become one of the most desired rings and finding a quality one is not easy. You have to consider quality depending on the size, quality of stone, extra details and ring metal. The cost varies from $200 to $10,000 or even higher. The ring has 49 to 58 facets thus reflecting a lot of light and is made of 80% stone.

Gold Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

The variations are:


Princess cut solitaire ring

The diamond maybe set parallel to the ring band or slightly set at an angle to create a diamond shape. They are commonly set in platinum or white gold for that sleek look, but can come in a unique multi-tone engagement ring created from blending different metals.

Three stone Princess cut ring

This diamond engagement ring is a set of smaller diamond stones placed on both sides of a big diamond gem and is considered as one of the most popular variations.

Black diamond princess cut ring

Also known as carbonado, which means band in Portuguese. This gem has a dark inclusion making it look good on any jewelry, especially the black diamond ring which has been proven to be the best and one of the most expensive rings. The princess cut on it gives it an extra glitter making it very visible and elegant.

Unique Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Princess cut diamond earrings

Princess cut diamond earrings come in variations of studs, dangling pieces and even hoops. The stud variations are simple for daytime wear yet their brilliance and sparkle make them ideal fie evening wear. The hoops come with several stones making the sparkle greater and more classical. They are very expensive. The dangle style of this diamond pieces is a major wardrobe staple and are a great investment as they go with almost any outfit and come in different lengths.

Generally the diamond earrings with this cut are unique pieces that accessorize all styles perfectly.


Pretty Princess Cut Diamond Earrings


Since the rings are very expensive yet are vulnerable to ordinary wear and tear, special care is highly recommended to increase the jewelry life.

It is recommended that:

  • You wipe with a clean cloth and mild detergent to remove residue and dust particles.
  • The ring should also be stored in proper boxes after use and never store with other rings as their surfaces will rub on each other creating scratches on it.
  • Also care should be taken not to expose the jewelry to direct fire.

Finally the most crucial point when deciding on which diamond stone cut, is picking on the size, and color that suitably matches your style. The type of metal accompanying this diamond contributes highly on its aesthetic value. The princess cut diamond is the most contemporary style. When thinking of choosing this type of diamond cut for your marriage proposal, it is important to consider your girlfriend’s jewelry preferences and size of the finger without giving her the clue that you are planning a big surprise. Good luck with that!