Classic Solitaire Engagement Rings

For many years, solitaire engagement rings have been considered fashionable making them very popular with men seeking proposal rings. These rings are a good choice for a surprise proposal and are likely to be result in a positive answer from your partner. Women that adore classic ring styles and lead a simple life are likely to treasure this type of engagement ring. The design of diamond solitaire engagement rings is basically a combination of a setting and a diamond which results in a simple yet beautiful looking ring. Most times, the settings are designed in a way that they showcase the sole diamond on the engagement ring.

most unique round solitaire engagement rings

The centre stone that gives solitaire engagement rings their name is usually a diamond and should be chosen carefully. It is important to select the right diamond shape for the ring, with the round cut being the most popular because it has many facets that allow it to sparkle from all sides. However, cushion cut solitaire engagement rings are also very trendy with many women preferring them over the traditional round cut. Apart from the diamonds, these engagement rings can also be bought with different settings that make sure the gemstone is secure and adds the much needed aesthetics to the ring.

Top Reasons for Buying Solitaire Engagement Rings

Making the decision to buy conventional round solitaire engagement rings is usually a good one as it is easily acceptable by most women. However, there are a number of benefits that individuals who buy such engagement rings should expect and they include:

best solitaire engagement rings

  • Timeless appearance – The traditional design of the engagement ring never seems to get old regardless of the time period it has been worn. The design which is quite simple continues to look fashionable and is acceptable to women with different personalities and style tastes. It is a fact that many engagement ring designs have come and gone but the solitaire has continued to remain a favorite of many women.

  • Use of valuable metals – These engagement rings which can be bought in many jewelry stores are usually have metal bands made from precious metals which make them very valuable. The most common metals that support the diamond at the centre of the ring include platinum, titanium, palladium and gold. When the metal band is good quality, it contributes to the enhanced appearance of the engagement ring.

best black diamond ring design

  • Versatility – Although these engagement rings may have a simple design, they can be made to look different by using different colors and sizes of diamonds. For example, a black diamond ring with a solitaire setting is a stylish way of maintaining the simple design while changing its usual appearance. In addition, there are some people that use other gemstones as the center stone while maintaining the same setting.

cute cushion cut solitaire engagement rings designs

  • Affordable – Among the various types of engagement rings available in the market, solitaire engagement rings are the most affordable. They are sold at various prices depending on the size of the diamond that is used on the overall design. Most times, smaller diamonds in such engagement rings are much cheaper than those that have larger diamonds. Furthermore, the lack of accent stones which are present in most engagement rings makes them less costly and a good choice for men looking for a budget friendly ring.

Generally, buying an engagement ring with a solitaire setting is the best way to show commitment to a relationship and acts a symbol of a new beginning. It is vital to choose the best one in the jewelry store to make your woman feel special when they accept your proposal.