Emerald Rings for Those Precious Occasions

People are slowly moving away from the conventional ruby and diamond engagement rings to explore new trends in jewelry for important occasions like engagements and weddings, and selecting emerald rings over other valuable stones is among one of them.

Beautiful Gold and Emerald Engagement Rings

Why people choose emeralds today

The deep emerald holds some mystifying aura that is unseen in any other gemstone, and therefore, it’s a beautiful and unique choice for engagement rings.

It has historical admiration and grandeur that has been enjoyed since ancient times. Kings and queens’ jewelry and thrones were encrusted intricately with some green precious emeralds. They were also considered as precious gifts in royal courts. Thus emerald engagement rings made from these valuable green gems are ideal choice for those unforgettable moments.

A variety of emerald rings for women can be chosen from known and leading jewelers all over the country. Whether it’s spectacular designer ring or elegant solitaire, each one of them reflects style and beauty. The three-stone emerald rings are quite popular as they blend perfectly well with small radiant diamonds.

Get Emerald Rings For Men and Women

Beauty and history

Emerald history is quite exotic and this alone makes one to want choose such rings for those precious occasions. It’s suitable for it symbolizes both faith and immortality. It’s also taken as the most powerful gemstone when it comes to healing energy.

It’s among the “Big Five” of those precious stones and taken as more precious than diamond. When compared to other metals, emerald is entirely unique and this makes the emerald rings to be one beautiful and favorite choice for engagement rings. While a number of precious stones are found in gem gravels, this one is normally found within granite or pegmatite from which it was formed.

White Gold Emerald Wedding Rings

Choosing the right ring

Your emerald wedding rings mean you have selected the stone which is relatively hard. They have that natural feature which makes them prone to chips. Fillers and oils are used in treating these small fissures and at the same time enhance the luster of the stone.

Apart from these rings made from emeralds, an elegant black diamond ring is also a favorite for many people for those special occasions. Having them is great because you are able to use it daily since diamond is extremely hard and thus difficult to erode or scratch.

Vintage Black Diamond Ring

Points to consider when selecting engagement rings

When you are intending to give the person you love an engagement ring, you should try to look into your budget and choose a simple design because you are able to see the beauty when the design is quite simple. Firmly stay within your budget before you begin shopping around for emerald rings and, if possible, have it in white gold setting in order to highlight the individuality and facets of the ring.

Shopping for your favorite engagement ring, whether made from diamond, emerald or another precious stone should not be a dreaded experience. When you have right amount of knowledge, mixed with the excitement of proposing to the girl you love to marry you, this can be some exciting experience. You only need to take into account the money you have for your wedding and engagement rings.