Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings- Just How Do You Shop For the Right One?

First things first; what exactly is princess cut diamond engagement ring? It is a ring right, but not the kind of ring people are used to. The fact that it can identify itself with the word ‘princes’ then ‘diamond’ goes a long way to speak in high and clear tones that the rings is a preserve not just for the wealthy but people who know what class and elegance are all about. That said, princess cut diamond engagement rings are diamond rings that are square shaped and have flat tops. The rings hold more crystal weight, which explain their popularity among diamond cutters.

choosing princess cut diamond engagement rings

How Are They Cut?

The cut is just the same that of any other value priced diamond. The only difference is as already mentioned, the shape. It should however be noted that with princess cut diamond engagement rings, there are two types of cut that determine their worth.

  • The Step Cut
  • The Brilliant Cut

These two types of cuts are used to in the madding of princess cut diamond engagement rings across the world. The cuts are still fairly new, having been introduced in the early 60s. Apart from them, there is also a series of parallel diamond designs that run along the length and width of the diamond rings. The brilliant cuts happens to be more popular than the step cut thanks to its triangular shape which is responsible for imparting may faces to the diamond.

classic black diamond ring

Shopping For the Ring

Shopping for the princess cut diamond engagement ring is not hard. But shopping for the RIGHT diamond engagement ring is without a doubt an uphill task. This is despite the fact that princess cut diamond engagement rings are the second most popular engagement rings after classic round cut diamond engagement rings.

Understand the Four Cs

With diamonds, there is no escaping the four Cs that determine the worth of these precious stones. Whether you are shopping for a simple black diamond ring or the more costly princess cut diamond engagement rings white gold, the four C’s which always resurface as the prerequisites of finding diamond rings that can offer you value for your money. The fours Cs are:

  • Color
  • Cut
  • Clarity
  • Carat

nice princess cut diamond engagement rings white gold

Assuming that you are not on a budget, going for a good cut is fundamental. From there, you can choose a clarity level of VS2, G grade color and a depth percentage that range from 58 %. You can also choose a table of roughly the same range. This will cost you at least $35,000 or even more should you opt for a pair of well cut platinum princess diamond engagement rings.

Choose Reputable Jewelers

This sounds as something too subtle but it is not. You will be spending quite a fortune on your princess diamond engagement rings so you will not get nothing less of what you are paying for. Ad with the unending butterfly feelings synonymous with wedding preparations, it is easy to impulse buy. That said, think twice anytime you stumble upon jewelers claiming to offer cheap princess cut diamond engagement rings.

elegant and cheap princess cut diamond engagement rings


Take time to learn more about the ring you want to buy. Ask around read more about what makes a good princess cut diamond engagement ring. Window shop if and when you can. Then have a skilled jeweler accompany you to shop for the ring just to save money. By the time you find one that pleases your eyes, you will have learnt more about diamonds, how they are cut, weighed, polished and just about all the basic things that laymen should know about diamond wedding rings.