Colored Diamond Engagement Rings at A Glance

It is impossible to talk of natural colored diamonds without mentioning how rare they are. Take natural yellow diamonds for instance. Out of every 10,000 diamonds mined only one is a natural yellow diamond. Pink diamonds are just as rare. Such facts and figures speak volumes on just why colored diamond engagement rings are rare. White stands out as a common diamond color which needless to say, is more affordable than pink and yellow. So just what makes natural colored diamonds that expensive?

gem colored diamond engagement rings


It takes ages, high temperatures and pressures for diamonds to form on the mantle or crust of the earth. Natural hues then form as a result of different trade elements that have to be present within the crystal structures of the diamond. For instance, trace nitrogen produces the incredibly rare yellow diamonds. Other trace elements are responsible for colors such as pink, red, violet, blue and several shades in between. Note that these colors can either be intense or faint.

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Now that you’ve had a glance on how these gems are formed, it is easy to understand why colored diamond engagement rings are expensive. Their rarity simply makes them prohibitively expensive for many. Fortunately, there is an alternative, which comes in the shape of treated colored diamonds. Irradiation happens to be the most common form of creating colored diamonds that are very similar to natural colored diamonds. The process involves bombarding diamonds with gamma rays, electrons or neutrons and knocking carbon atoms of the diamond’s lattice. The process cannot be complete without the diamond being subjected to increase pressure and heat to create other alluring colors such as:

  • Orange

  • Brown

  • Green

squared black diamond ring

What Makes Colored Diamonds Unique?

Women love color. They always want their engagement and wedding vents to be full of pomp and color. As such colored diamond engagement rings are always in order to match the theme of their events as well as their character. With that bit of smart nugget, find out what your fair lady likes such as her favorite colors. You should however note that some colors, though treated, can also cost you quite a fortune. Colors like pink and yellow are always in demand and costly; you can therefore opt for a more affordable option like a black diamond ring. After all, black goes well with just about any color.

nice and fancy colored diamond engagement rings

How Do I Handle My Diamond Engagement Ring?

Your colored diamond engagement ring is sacred. That means you have to handle it sparingly and ensure that it remains as magnificent as it was the first time you had it on your finger. The most basic or rather the thumb rule here is to avoid storing your fancy colored diamond engagement rings with other jewelry. The reason is simple. Storing your diamond ring with other pieces of jewelry will cause scratches on your ring and tarnish their flare.

Be extra careful with multi colored diamond engagement rings as they happen to be more delicate than the other types of colored diamonds. Use jewelry pouches to store your ring and a solution of Luke warm water mixed with one or two drops of ammonia. Remember that regular exposure to skin oils, sprays and wet wipes can cause build ups that will blur your ring’s sparkle and clarity. This especially happens with champagne colored diamond engagement rings as they are also delicate and need to be handled sparingly.

cushioned champagne colored diamond engagement rings


If you are about to give the woman of your dreams a colored diamond ring, take time to find a color that will sweep her off her feet. If on the other hand you are the recipient, always handle your ring with caution. That is the only way you can retain its charm and sparkle for as long as you want.