Expensive Engagement Rings

Getting engaged is probably the most eccentric and memorable moment in a couple’s life. This is the start of their decision to live and love each other for the rest of their life time. Along with the proposal is one important and most revered symbol of an engagement proposal – the engagement ring. Depending on what your girl likes and what are her styles and personality, you can buy one of the most expensive engagement rings or just the average one.

most expensive engagement rings

Most famous celebrities and tv personalities flash their big expensive engagement rings to the media. Rich and famous men are also on the edge of giving their fiancé only the best diamond engagement rings they can find and afford.

If you are curious on the world’s five expensive engagement rings that have been created, diamond rings and other precious gems and metals are the top of the list. Here are the top expensive diamond engagement rings that would surely drain the bank:

  • Brilliant Platinum

    • De Beers Jewelers has the record of creating and designing the most expensive diamond engagement and wedding rings that most women would love to wear on their hands. Their very famous diamond ring is the Round Brilliant Platinum. This very expensive ring is made of 9 carats pure white diamonds surrounding the ring and they are all made in platinum. This D-grade diamond ring is very well desired and sought after because of its gracefulness and extensiveness.

stocked black diamond ring


  • Tiffany Diamond

    • One of the most bank draining engagement rings is the Tiffany Oval Diamond. It is made round and square which are both platinum. It features a 14.79 carats which amounting to a staggering $1.5 million dollars.

  • Oval Diamond

    • Equally famous and respected jeweler House of Taylor has also created a very exquisite and classic design of the Oval Diamond engagement ring. This ring is purposely made oval to imitate the shape of the flower with 5.98 carats and its surrounding smaller cut white diamond embellishments 3.96 carats. This diamond made in platinum is sold at a hefty price of $1.3 million dollars making it the third most expensive ring in the world.

worlds most expensive engagement rings

  • Secret Kiss of the Rose King

    • This fourth most expensive diamond engagement ring has been popularized by the De Beers Company. It features a flawless bud shape cut that merges two diamond rarities with 10.9 carats. This ring is perfect for those who love to wear pink as it also features modest pink at 0.80 carats. Selling at a high price of $525,500, it has total carats of 13.38.

  • Asscher Cut Diamond

    • The fifth place goes to one of the expensive engagement rings for women is named for a British royal family’s gem cutters who invented this attractive and elegant cut in the year 1902. It is a square shaped with its corner polished to perfection. The ring price will largely depend on its size of the carat, color, and shape. Asscher Cut Diamond ring is priced at $520,500 with carats of 10.19 available in popular cities such as Chicago, New York, Amsterdam and South Africa.

abstract expensive engagement rings for women

Buying the certain type of expensive engagement rings will solely depend on the budget and the personality of the receiver. An expensive diamond ring will surely make any woman drool over it but there are some women who would love to receive a unique engagement ring such as the black diamond ring and other beautifully crafted rings made of other precious gems and jewels.