An Overview of Engagement Ring Styles

The availability of many engagement ring styles makes it much easier to pick out a ring that fits your partner’s personal taste. The ring style contributes to the appearance of the whole ring and makes the gemstone stand out much better for the benefit of the person wearing it. Therefore, it is important to have an idea of your partner’s preferred ring style, so that the selection process is shortened. Some of the ways to find out about the kind of ring she would want is by asking her friends, listening to her talk about her preferences or even planning a window shopping date without revealing your intentions.

classic engagement ring styles

Although there are a number of engagement ring styles available in jewelry stores, it is important to seek assistance from the jewelers at the store when making a decision. The main purpose of the ring style is to hold the gemstone in place and protect it from any kind of damage. For example, the ring style for a black diamond ring ensures that the precious stone is kept in place but at the same time showcased for all to see. Most times, the ring style dictates the cut of the gemstone that will be used in its overall design of the engagement ring.

useful black diamond ring

Popular Engagement Ring Styles

  • Solitaire ring style

Among the many diamond engagement ring styles in the market, the solitaire is considered to be a classical one. Its simple style which includes a sole diamond makes the ring look elegant as well as graceful when placed on the finger as an engagement ring. The diamond that is incorporated in the design of the ring can be of different sizes, with the larger ones being preferred. When the metal used in the style is platinum, the style is greatly enhanced and the ring lasts much longer as well.

  • Bridal set ring style

These new engagement ring styles are ideal for couples that want to celebrate two occasions at the same time, which are the engagement as well as marriage. These two rings are designed in a way that they go together so that when they are worn together they look like one set. However, they can be bought separately, first as an engagement ring then a wedding ring which can be paired up with the other one on the wedding day. Most times, there are precious stones that are used in the style to further improve its appearance.

simple yet popular engagement ring styles

  • Three-stone ring style

This ring style is ideal for couples that want to celebrate their romantic journey from their past, present as well as their upcoming future together. The three stones that are distinct feature of the ring style represent the three stages of the journey and display them in the most elegant manner. Engagement ring styles that incorporate more than one stone are likely to use diamond which is available in many colors and set on different metal bands.

  • Promise ring style

This ring style is quite simple an ideal for smaller engagement rings that are made from valuable metals such as gold. It is common to find the rings also have gemstones as part of the style which makes them valuable and allows them to reflect light. Couples that are simple or want to keep their engagement low key can opt for this style.

stylish diamond engagement ring styles

The Final Decision Lies in Your Hands

Generally, the choice of engagement ring styles solely lies with the person buying the ring from a jeweler. However, paying attention to the advice of a jeweler when making a final decision; is also important as they have been interacting with ring styles for a long time.