A Guide to Choosing Round Diamond Engagement Rings

 Many laymen use the terms ‘shape’ and ‘cut’ interchangeably, when referring to round diamond engagement rings. The terms are actually different and have little to do with each other. Diamond cuts are simply the styles or designs based on the arrangement of a diamond’s facets. Diamond shapes on the other hand are self explanatory. Their converging point comes with the fact that shapes and cuts are just but styles developed to realize full use of a diamond’s properties. There are several diamond shapes than there are cuts. Some of the most common include:

  • Round Brilliant Diamonds

  • Oval Diamonds

simple round diamond engagement rings

  • Marquise Diamonds

  • Pear Shaped Diamonds

  • Heart Shaped Diamonds

  • Princess Cut Diamond

  • Emerald shaped diamonds

  • Asscher shaped diamonds

  • Cushion cut diamonds

quartered black diamond ring

Round Brilliant Diamonds

They are characterized by their distinctive shine and sparkle. They also happen to be the most poplar diamond shapes on earth. Men and women alike prefer them because of how good they look in different deigns and how they easily stand out even when accented with other gemstones. Unlike other rings, round diamond engagement rings feature 57 facets complete with a culet and a fiery intricate touch. Note that round diamond engagement rings are only available in platinum, white gold and yellow. You may therefore have to weight other options if you wanted an elegant, round shaped black diamond ring.


Most round diamond engagement rings are designed with a single solitaire. That is why the grace of round diamond engagement rings with halo can hardly be matched with that of other varieties. The solitaires on these rings are intricately balanced with extra ordinary balance. The end result is often solitaire round diamond engagement rings that can charm just about any woman.

double round diamond engagement rings with halo

Why Round?

Over 75% of diamonds in the market today are round brilliant. That highlights just how desired round cut diamond engagement rings are. They are timeless pieces of grace and elegance that have withstood the tests of fashion and time with ease. They blend with different attires, thanks to their division which runs from the crown and girdle, all the way to the pavilion.


It all depends on how much you want to spend. You should however be prepared to spend much on round shaped diamond engagement rings than you would spend with other shapes. The reason is simple. Round shaped diamond engagement rings are widely sought after. The least you can spend on a medium range carat round shaped diamond ring is about $20,000. That is if the diamond color on the ring is natural. Speaking of natural diamonds, always insist on natural diamond rings and know how to differentiate between treated and natural diamonds. This could be had, so it is wise to have someone who knows more about diamonds to accompany you to the jewelry store.

about solitaire round diamond engagement rings


The fact that diamonds are the hardest stones on earth does not mean that you should have the least concerns on how to hand your round shaped diamond ring. If anything, you have to be overly cautious on how you store it or clean it. Regular expose to such things as body lotions and even some sprays means that over time, some debris will build up on the facets of your diamond ring and compromise its blue. Should that happen, just wipe it with a soft tissue paper or clean it with mild detergents. Two to three drops of ammonia mixed with warm water is highly recommended for cleaning diamonds. Then like you may have already guessed, always have a diamond pouch where you can separately store your diamond ring. This is the only way you will mage to keep scratches at bay.

Understand what makes round diamond rings special then choose one for your lady. Make sure that she has a thing for round diamonds before choosing the ring. That way, you can avoid embarrassing surprised when proposing to her with the ring.