Why Gold Engagement Rings Still Rock

Life changing events always call for some sort of celebration just to commemorate the occasion in style. A wedding or rather marriage proposal is one of those moments. You have to make it unique as you will celebrate the occasion just once. As such you must present the woman of your dreams with not just a ring but the RIGHT ring; something that will make her to want to spend the rest of her life with you. Try gold engagement rings.

Choosing the Ring

Expect a challenge; more or less like what you went through trying to win her love. That aside, it is always recommended that you follow your instincts as far as designs of gold engagement rings are concerned. Color matters too, which is why yellow gold engagement rings are always in demand. They easily blend with most skin tones and attires and they are always classy. In addition, yellow gold symbolizes warmth and love.

exquisite gold engagement rings

Remember to have a look inside the band of your gold engagement ring so as to see the mark of its quality. The mark ranges from 14k to 14 k and 24k which is the purest and softest form of gold under the sun. It will cost you a fortune, so be sure to have it insured.

Go For a Unique Gold Engagement Ring

Women like gold engagement rings with intricate detailing. They just can’t get enough of gold engagement rings with filigree work done on the bands. This can be done on diamond engagement rings too, so as to come up with a perfect mount. Consider any of the following detailing options:

pretty white gold engagement rings

  • Scroll detailing

  • Style band

  • Antique

  • Bezel detailing

  • Curved baskets

  • Engraving

  • Trellis detailing

Yellow gold engagement rings blend well with these details. The same cannot be said of black gold engagement rings and white gold engagement rings which are just unique on their own. They are also delicate and expensive. With a simple yellow diamond engagement ring, the lowest you can go is $500 while the furthest end of the spectrum is about $3000.

Gold vs. Other Metals

elegant yellow gold engagement rings

Gold is stronger than other popular metals like platinum. This means that gold rings do not scrap or bend easily. Take white gold for instance. It stays brighter for long and is very easy to maintain. What’s more, it is more affordable than platinum and the more popular black diamond ring. Platinum engagement rings also become blunt easily. Their prongs also break easily than the prongs on gold rings. This is something you wouldn’t want on your gold ring because prongs highlight the beauty of a gold or diamond ring.

stylish black diamond ring

Of course, there is silver, which is more affordable than gold and many go for it. But think about it for a moment. You want to stun the woman of your dreams. You want to spoil her and tell her through an engagement ring just what she means to you. Nothing will make this easier and more fun than a value priced gold engagement ring. It will blow her mind away, and it won’t end there. It will see into it that she forever remains indebted to you.


Don’t just choose a ring. Choose the right ring. Then ensure that the ring will complement the skin tone of your fair lady. This should be easy if you take time to observe the kind of gold jewelry your lady prefers. Her collection could be antique gold jewelry or contemporary ones, so surprise her with just what she likes. It will give her a hint that you really understand her. Also, remember to take the necessary precautions when shopping, to avoid getting ripped off.