What It Takes To Find the Right Antique Diamond Engagement Rings

If you are about to get engaged, then there is no doubt at all that you have already mulled over what kind of ring you’ll stun your better half with . You must have pondered if it’s really worth it to go for antique diamond engagement rings. Well, it is! Instead of bumping into any jewelry store, consider going back to the good old days and get your lass an antique diamond ring. Not only will it stand out as unique and elegant, it will cost you less and save you a lot of time. The ring will also become an immediate heirloom and leave your fair lady with a feeling of longevity and sophistication.

stylish antique diamond engagement rings

Where and How Do I Shop For An Antique Ring?

Take note of the fact that an antique engagement ring is any ring that is more than 50 years old. Use the fact as a yardstick throughout the shopping process. It also helps to note that unique antique diamond engagement rings were made before 1950 and that they may be sometimes be referred to as vintage engagement rings. With all these in mind, you can shop for that antique black diamond ring secure in the knowledge that after all, you won’t get a raw deal. Feel free to choose a ring from any of the three ancient eras which include:

  • Victorian Antique Era- The era runs from 1835 to 1900. Victorian antique diamond engagement rings are often set in rose gold or yellow colors. They feature very simple yet elegant designs that range from intricate to magnificent designs. They also feature extras such as pearl and gold accents with diamonds that boast of extra facets on the bottom. Note that they are extremely delicate.

silver and squared black diamond ring

  • Edwardian Era– It runs from 1900 to 1920. This is about the time when platinum became a popular gem in North America and later to other parts around the word. Edwardian era antique diamond engagement rings were sort of lacy with prickly shapes and filigree details on the mountings. Clear and dazzling sapphires were often used with the diamond to give the rings more appeal. Edwardian era marked more advancement in jewelry designs and actually saw the birth of both yellow diamond antique engagement rings and antique cushion cut diamond engagement rings.

  • Art Deco Era- the era runs 1920 to 1930 and is often referred to as the era of jazz, machinery and exploration. Vintage and antique diamond engagement rings from this era reflect many of these feelings in one way or the other. They boast of streamlined geometric looks that reflect fashion trends of the art deco era. That is why most antique style diamond engagement rings from this era have colorful and glittery contrasting gemstones as aesthetic extras.

canary yellow diamond antique engagement rings

So Which Ring Is The Best?

It all depends on what is appealing to your eyes. It also depends on what is available when you are shopping for that engagement ring. the fact that they are diamond antique rings cut decades ago means that they are not that easy to come by. You must therefore be patient when shopping for ring and weigh other viable options should you miss your preferred antique diamond engagement ring. Other factors such as the price of the ring you want to buy also have to be considered, since most diamond rings are really expensive. Take proper care of your Victorian diamond engagement ring should you opt for one. As already mentioned they are delicate and require special handling.

classic antique cushion cut diamond engagement rings


It takes some effort to find that special ring for the love of your life. Don’t let that bother because you will enjoy the whole ring hunting process. Just be on the lookout for the best designs and be cautious enough to see into it that you don’t get a raw deal.

Colored Diamond Engagement Rings at A Glance

It is impossible to talk of natural colored diamonds without mentioning how rare they are. Take natural yellow diamonds for instance. Out of every 10,000 diamonds mined only one is a natural yellow diamond. Pink diamonds are just as rare. Such facts and figures speak volumes on just why colored diamond engagement rings are rare. White stands out as a common diamond color which needless to say, is more affordable than pink and yellow. So just what makes natural colored diamonds that expensive?

gem colored diamond engagement rings


It takes ages, high temperatures and pressures for diamonds to form on the mantle or crust of the earth. Natural hues then form as a result of different trade elements that have to be present within the crystal structures of the diamond. For instance, trace nitrogen produces the incredibly rare yellow diamonds. Other trace elements are responsible for colors such as pink, red, violet, blue and several shades in between. Note that these colors can either be intense or faint.

Engagement Rings

Now that you’ve had a glance on how these gems are formed, it is easy to understand why colored diamond engagement rings are expensive. Their rarity simply makes them prohibitively expensive for many. Fortunately, there is an alternative, which comes in the shape of treated colored diamonds. Irradiation happens to be the most common form of creating colored diamonds that are very similar to natural colored diamonds. The process involves bombarding diamonds with gamma rays, electrons or neutrons and knocking carbon atoms of the diamond’s lattice. The process cannot be complete without the diamond being subjected to increase pressure and heat to create other alluring colors such as:

  • Orange

  • Brown

  • Green

squared black diamond ring

What Makes Colored Diamonds Unique?

Women love color. They always want their engagement and wedding vents to be full of pomp and color. As such colored diamond engagement rings are always in order to match the theme of their events as well as their character. With that bit of smart nugget, find out what your fair lady likes such as her favorite colors. You should however note that some colors, though treated, can also cost you quite a fortune. Colors like pink and yellow are always in demand and costly; you can therefore opt for a more affordable option like a black diamond ring. After all, black goes well with just about any color.

nice and fancy colored diamond engagement rings

How Do I Handle My Diamond Engagement Ring?

Your colored diamond engagement ring is sacred. That means you have to handle it sparingly and ensure that it remains as magnificent as it was the first time you had it on your finger. The most basic or rather the thumb rule here is to avoid storing your fancy colored diamond engagement rings with other jewelry. The reason is simple. Storing your diamond ring with other pieces of jewelry will cause scratches on your ring and tarnish their flare.

Be extra careful with multi colored diamond engagement rings as they happen to be more delicate than the other types of colored diamonds. Use jewelry pouches to store your ring and a solution of Luke warm water mixed with one or two drops of ammonia. Remember that regular exposure to skin oils, sprays and wet wipes can cause build ups that will blur your ring’s sparkle and clarity. This especially happens with champagne colored diamond engagement rings as they are also delicate and need to be handled sparingly.

cushioned champagne colored diamond engagement rings


If you are about to give the woman of your dreams a colored diamond ring, take time to find a color that will sweep her off her feet. If on the other hand you are the recipient, always handle your ring with caution. That is the only way you can retain its charm and sparkle for as long as you want.

Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings at a Glance

Most vintage diamond engagement rings may look old but what they symbolize is timeless. They symbolize timelessness, regality and most importantly, romance. That not everything. They also cover the period of the vintage platinum, Filigree and the retro engagement rings. though some quarters draw a line of distinction between the circa periods of the vintage from the antique, the craftsmanship and artistic designs shown from the early 1800s to the 1900s reflect in high and clear tones the brilliance and creativity its circa designers. That explains why vintage diamond engagement rings are expensive and rare. Surprise your significant other with one of and she’ll remain indebted to you forever.

grayed vintage diamond engagement rings

Choose Something Unique

It is easy to have a hard time choosing between modern and vintage diamond engagement rings. But like you will find out, vintage rings always take the medal. Either way, try the best you can to select a vintage diamond engagement rings that your better half will treasure for decades to come. Consider collections of vintage Victorian, Edwardian or Art Deco diamond engagement rings. For these, the price should be anything between moderate and high end.

nice black diamond ring


All antique vintage diamond engagement rings come in a wide range of unique and dainty designs that can effortlessly sweep your fair lady off her feet. Keep in mind that there are several diamond cutters who can easily create new vintage inspired diamond rings from your own choice of design. As such, matters about design and style shouldn’t really worry you. All you need to be concerned with is how much you will spend on the ring as well as the 4 Cs of perfect vintage diamond engagement rings. From there, you can begin your epic journey back to the days gone by with ease.

Victorian Style Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings

They date back from as early as 1830. One unique thing about them is the word ‘Dearest’ which was intricately etched in the rings. Their circa settings come in rose or gold with small diamond pieces or a conspicuous pearl accented with colored gems. Style then changed to one large diamond as the center stone when diamond mines in South Africa produced big diamonds. More deigns the saw the light of the day. Some of these deigns include

  • Stunning pink sapphire diamond rings
  • Long and thin rose cut diamond rings
  • Unique dematoid engagement rings
  • Regard diamond engagement rings

special antique vintage diamond engagement rings

Edwardian Style Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings

Edwardian vintage style diamond engagement rings feature intricate lace like detailed designs. They are actually more detailed than their Victorian counterparts as some boast of gold engravings, immaculate and classic motif craftsmanship. They are quite costly with the cheapest selling for around $12,000. You may have to part with double the amount for vintage yellow diamond engagement rings with appraisal certificates.

Other Factors

When it comes to diamond vintage engagement rings, you really don’t have the usual natural vs. treated option. The reason is simple. Back then, technology had not advanced that much to a point where there were treated diamonds. That in fact explains why a simple vintage diamond engagement ring will cost more than a nice looking treated black diamond ring.

cushioned vintage style diamond engagement rings


Charm your lady with a vintage engagement ring and you will win her trust, love and affection forever. Choose a unique vintage diamond ring and be armed with it before you go down on one knee. Keep in mind that before it comes to that point, you will have to roll up your sleeves and embark on an epic window shopping adventure. That is the only way you will come across a unique, value priced diamond ring that will leave her breathless.

Four Outstanding Qualities of Cheap Diamond Engagement Rings

Talk of weddings and engagements and all one can think of is the ring she received or the ring he bought. That is for the married or already engaged. If you are the man asking for someone’s daughter for a hand in marriage, it is important that you present her with something unique; something that will let her know how much you treasure her and to some extent, your ability to provide for her. Nothing saves a man all these hassles than cheap diamond engagement rings.
cool cheap diamond engagement rings

What to Look For

Going for well cut ones could be expensive depending on your budget, so choosing cheap ones always come in handy. What’s more, all diamond rings are often crafted with definite elegance and style that can easily complement the personality and character of the woman wearing it. To make all these happen, you have to consider four important points when shopping for cheap diamond engagement rings.

  • Customized and Trendy

There are always and there will always be new trends that ember in engagement rings. This is always the case in the fashion industry. Then keep in mind that no woman would prefer cheap diamond engagement ring that are out of date. They all prefer new designs, metals and trendy diamond colors which often draw the cost higher. Your best catch should therefore be a ring like say, the black diamond ring or any other diamond rings that will last changing times with long term elegance. All these point to customized diamond rings. They are affordable and what’ more, they always brighten up the mood of the whole engagement event to great heights.

round black diamond ring

  • Must Fit Your Budget

This is one essential quality if cheap diamond engagement rings for women. They just have to fall within your budget. One easy way of doing this is by shopping via e-commerce websites as they always have the best deals compared to regular jewelry stores. This is mostly because high end showrooms always transfer their overheard business costs indirectly to customers by escalating and sometimes exaggerating prices. If you really have to buy cheap real diamond engagement rings offline, then brace yourself for some thorough window-shopping and price comparison.

  • Appraisal Certificates and Guarantees

You may not know this but the authenticity of the cheap diamond engagement rings you wish to buy depends on the certificate of guarantee obtained by the jeweler. This is the only way he or she can prove his credibility. As such, when you opt for cheap black diamond engagement rings, ensure that the jeweler you wish to buy from has been duly certified by GIA or AGS. If checking on the appraisal certificates and guarantees proves to be a herculean task, check on warranties and guarantees. Good jewelers offer warranties and guaranties. In fact, some offer money back guaranties or lifetime warranties, both of which are sure criteria to judge the reputation of the jeweler and the Ornaments he or she sells.

inexpensive cheap diamond engagement rings for women

  • 4 Cs

You just have to check on the Cs; color, carat, cut and clarity. You should however keep in mind that though diamonds are generally expensive, it is smart and beneficial to opt for square shaped princes cut diamonds. They are appealing and less expensive compared to round cut diamond engagement rings. Either way, the cheap diamond engagement rings you opt for should be of good quality, less inclusion and of optimal carat weight. It is that simple.

rounded cheap real diamond engagement rings


It is easy to shop for value priced diamond engagement rings. You only have to spare much of your time comparing prices and window shopping. Just don’t make hasty decisions or get into impulse buying. Ask if you have to or if possible shop with someone who understands more about diamonds than you do. 


Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings- Just How Do You Shop For the Right One?

First things first; what exactly is princess cut diamond engagement ring? It is a ring right, but not the kind of ring people are used to. The fact that it can identify itself with the word ‘princes’ then ‘diamond’ goes a long way to speak in high and clear tones that the rings is a preserve not just for the wealthy but people who know what class and elegance are all about. That said, princess cut diamond engagement rings are diamond rings that are square shaped and have flat tops. The rings hold more crystal weight, which explain their popularity among diamond cutters.

choosing princess cut diamond engagement rings

How Are They Cut?

The cut is just the same that of any other value priced diamond. The only difference is as already mentioned, the shape. It should however be noted that with princess cut diamond engagement rings, there are two types of cut that determine their worth.

  • The Step Cut
  • The Brilliant Cut

These two types of cuts are used to in the madding of princess cut diamond engagement rings across the world. The cuts are still fairly new, having been introduced in the early 60s. Apart from them, there is also a series of parallel diamond designs that run along the length and width of the diamond rings. The brilliant cuts happens to be more popular than the step cut thanks to its triangular shape which is responsible for imparting may faces to the diamond.

classic black diamond ring

Shopping For the Ring

Shopping for the princess cut diamond engagement ring is not hard. But shopping for the RIGHT diamond engagement ring is without a doubt an uphill task. This is despite the fact that princess cut diamond engagement rings are the second most popular engagement rings after classic round cut diamond engagement rings.

Understand the Four Cs

With diamonds, there is no escaping the four Cs that determine the worth of these precious stones. Whether you are shopping for a simple black diamond ring or the more costly princess cut diamond engagement rings white gold, the four C’s which always resurface as the prerequisites of finding diamond rings that can offer you value for your money. The fours Cs are:

  • Color
  • Cut
  • Clarity
  • Carat

nice princess cut diamond engagement rings white gold

Assuming that you are not on a budget, going for a good cut is fundamental. From there, you can choose a clarity level of VS2, G grade color and a depth percentage that range from 58 %. You can also choose a table of roughly the same range. This will cost you at least $35,000 or even more should you opt for a pair of well cut platinum princess diamond engagement rings.

Choose Reputable Jewelers

This sounds as something too subtle but it is not. You will be spending quite a fortune on your princess diamond engagement rings so you will not get nothing less of what you are paying for. Ad with the unending butterfly feelings synonymous with wedding preparations, it is easy to impulse buy. That said, think twice anytime you stumble upon jewelers claiming to offer cheap princess cut diamond engagement rings.

elegant and cheap princess cut diamond engagement rings


Take time to learn more about the ring you want to buy. Ask around read more about what makes a good princess cut diamond engagement ring. Window shop if and when you can. Then have a skilled jeweler accompany you to shop for the ring just to save money. By the time you find one that pleases your eyes, you will have learnt more about diamonds, how they are cut, weighed, polished and just about all the basic things that laymen should know about diamond wedding rings.

Four Most Important C’s to Consider When Shopping for Diamond Engagement Rings

Describing a diamond engagement ring as precious or beautiful would be an understatement. There is always much more than one can possibly put when it comes to diamond engagement rings, especially the colored ones. They may be costly but the joy your significant other will have at your sight on one knee asking for her hand in marriage with a pink, yellow or black diamond ring will be priceless. What you will get in return for that gem is nothing but true love and affection. But before you get there, to the point where you have that diamond engagement ring, you have to sweat a little bit. You have to shop around and be certain that what you are buying is pure diamond. That is where the 4 C’s of quality diamonds come into the picture.
perfect diamond engagement rings


Anytime you thing of a diamond, the first thing likely to strike your mind is a sparkling white or colorless stone. There are however more colors, such as natural yellow and pink which happen to be the most expensive. Take note of the word ‘natural’ as most diamond engagement rings available in different colors are not natural. They are enhanced or rather treated through process such as irradiation, so as to achieve the desired colors. That is why shopping for chocolate diamond engagement rings or emerald diamond engagement rings is not that hard. Going for the natural colored diamonds will cost you much more than you had planned and might even force you to take make orders on time from your jeweler. The fact that one out of every 10,000 diamonds is a natural yellow diamond should tell you something about just how rare these colored gems are.

inspirational black diamond ring


Carat is just but another name of describing the weight and value of the diamond one intends to purchase. It is often mistaken as the size of the diamond, so be sure to keep off from such misconceptions. 0.3g is not in any way equal to 3 carats. That said, always remember that carat has nothing to do with weight. Just ask your jeweler what the weight of the diamond engagement ring is and its value as well, because carat and diamond prices often complement each other.


Cut is the way the rough diamond has been intricately shaped up to one form. The most common cut is the modern brilliant cut, which appears in most diamond engagement rings. Cut is mostly important because it is responsible for sparkling, which is an essential element in any value priced diamond engagement ring. The more number of cuts your diamond ring has the more it will shine.

stylish cushion cut diamond engagement rings


Of all the C’s this one should be the easiest one to consider. It is all about how clear the diamond engagement ring you want to buy is. Take your time to check the diamond in bright light just to ensure that no foreign particles or impurities are trapped inside the stone.

Other Factors

Apart from the four C’s other factors come into play, not when shopping for the diamond engagement ring but when you already have one. It has to do with polishing and how you take care of your diamond ring. When taking it for polishing, be sure to let your jewelry know if the diamond color on your ring is enhanced or natural. Natural colors don’t fade under irradiation and other process used to clean or polish diamonds.

heart shaped chocolate diamond engagement rings


Don’t be in a rush when shopping for diamond engagement rings. The elegance and magnificence of cushion cut diamond engagement rings and princess cut yellow diamond rings can lead you into impulse buying. Just be patient and take time to know more about the diamond ring you want to buy.

Everything You Need To Know About Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

Every Tom, Dick and Harry can tell you something about colorless diamond engagement rings. From where to buy them, where to have them polished and where to sell them. But when it comes to colored diamond engagement rings, only a handful of people can dare speak on the subject. Reason? Colored diamonds – specifically yellow diamond engagement rings, are a preserve for those with a taste of class. Those who know what it mean to but their significant others a gem that can give them a hint of just how much they mean to them.

astonished yellow diamond engagement rings

What Makes Yellow Diamonds Unique?

It is a proven fact that out of every 10,000 diamonds found naturally, only one will have a visible color, which could be either pink or yellow. In a nutshell, colored diamonds are usually full of brilliance, sparkle and fire as light hits them at different angles. Surprising your loved one with a yellow diamond ring on your wedding day will therefore symbolize her worth and the fact that you just can’t trade her for anything else under the sun.

dark black diamond ring

Shopping For the Right Diamond

The thumb rule here is, know what you want. This simply means that you should be able to tell the difference between a treated yellow diamond engagement ring and a natural yellow diamond engagement ring. You may have to seek the assistance o a skilled jeweler to be able to tell the difference. Such concerns aside, always keep in mind that diamonds have specific colors that fall out of a grading zone used to determine a diamond’s worth.

Diamonds that that fall with D-Z in the grading zone are referred to as fancy yellow diamond engagement rings. The grading system is universally accepted so you can shop for your canary yellow diamond engagement rings anywhere in the world using the system. Just remember that grading is done through the pavilion (face down) so as to accurate measure the absence of the color yellow in a diamond ring.

formal canary yellow diamond engagement rings

  • D to F – Colorless

  • G to J – Almost Colorless

  • K to M – Very Light Yellow Color

  • N to R – Extremely Light Yellow Color

  • S to Z – Light Yellow Color


It all depends with the four C’s of a value priced diamond – color, carat, cut and clarity. For instance, a 1.48 carat yellow diamond ring sells for about $28,000. This goes a long way to explain just one thing; that for most couples, the cost of natural yellow diamond engagement rings can be prohibitive. Fortunately, there is a solution, in the form of treated yellow diamond engagement rings.

heart shaped fancy yellow diamond engagement rings

How Different Are Treated Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings?

It is hard to tell the difference between a treated diamond ring and natural one. What matters at the end of the day is that you walk down the aisle with a yellow diamond ring. But even then, the kind of diamond treatment method matters a lot. The most common treatment method, which is irradiation, happens to be the best one as well. It penetrates the diamond and leaves permanent coloration which could be pink yellow green or whichever color one desire. There is however one caveat that comes with treated princess cut yellow diamond engagement rings. Always let your goldsmith know that your diamond ring is treated as the heat from the soldering torch used to polish diamonds can impact the coloration of your yellow diamond engagement rings.


Take time to find out more about the diamond engagement rings you wish to buy. Do this because it is incumbent upon your seller to inform you that the yellow or black diamond ring you are about to buy is treated. Take time to also window shop for the rings. By the time you are through, you will have learnt more about diamond rings and will have an easy time shopping for any diamond jewelry the next time you need one.

Just What Does It Take To Buy Pink Diamond Engagement Ring?

Walking down the aisle is often a highly anticipated moment. It involves lots of preparations for the big day, just to ensure that nothing goes amiss. What type of ring to get is just one the things involved in the preparations? That is where pink diamond engagement rings come into the picture. The rings have in the recent past cemented their place as symbols of class, magnificence and of course, elegance. But like any jeweler will tell you, there is always more than what meets the eye even with the simplest pink diamond engagement ring. Size, shape and color of the pink diamond engagement ring one intends to buy are just but some of the things one has to consider.

youthful pink diamond engagement rings

What Makes Pink Diamond Rings So Special?

For starters, every couple wants to be unique, stand out from the crowd and have their wedding as the talk of town for months, if not years. So, what could be a better way to bring out your uniqueness than buying a pink or black diamond ring?

Note that pink diamond engagement rings are quite costly, primarily because of how rare they are. They are also always in demand just like other princess cut stones. It does not end there. Experts in the diamond industry affirm that before a pink diamond is formed, precise and extreme geological forces must take place. These forces are the factors that give the diamond its characteristic pink color.

simple black diamond ring

How Do I Choose The Best Pink Diamond Engagement Ring?

Just like you may have already guessed, it depends with how much you want to spend on the ring. Naturally colored diamonds are extremely rate, so if you want pink diamond engagement rings that have the naturally formed pink diamond, you will have to churn out a lot of money. That should not worry you because there are about 12 diverse colors with more than 230 possible color combinations. You can therefore settle for a diamond ring that fits your budget.

Why Pink?

Colors have different meanings. They are symbolic, just like the ring. Pink symbolizes:

  • Passion
  • Love
  • Desire
  • Energy

cute princess cut pink diamond engagement rings

Pink also tends to have a more profound meaning and holds an intricate place in the heart of the prospective bride. Remember that after natural pink diamonds are the second rarest diamonds after natural yellow diamonds. Because of this, it makes perfect sense that the price per carat of natural pink diamond engagement rings hit the ceiling. In the end, the rings will stand out in the wedding event and also the lives of the couples joined in holy matrimony as a symbol of how much they treasure each other’s love.

Other Options

Since the natural pink color is rare and costly, cost couples often opt for a more affordable options in the shape of treated pink diamond engagement rings. The treatment process is high tech and often results in diamond rings that are high quality, appealing and durable. What’s more, it is virtually impossible to tell part from a natural pink diamond engagement ring. So next time you are out to shop for pink diamond engagement rings and you just can’t find one with the natural stone, consider a treated one. It will save you time and money.

small but light pink diamond engagement rings

Color Combinations

Sure, every couple would want pure pink diamond engagement rings. Finding one is however a herculean task for the reasons already hinted. That is why the pink colored diamond engagement rings available on the market today often consist of secondary hues like gray, purple, brown and brownish orange. You can also opt for light pink diamond engagement rings or princess cut diamond engagement rings but even for these, you may have to do some extra window shopping and spend more.


Natural pink diamond rings are hard to find. Don’t be surprised if you just can’t find one on time for your big day. To save yourself from such inconveniences, start shopping for the ring at least six months before your wedding.