Just Why Are Man made Diamond Engagement Rings Trending?

It’s almost impossible to flip through TV channels and magazine pages without coming across something about man made diamond engagement rings. That is justified, given that man made diamonds have come a long way. Science has been trying for hundreds of years to create flawless synthetic diamonds. Ultimately, 21st century technology has pushed that prospect into fruition and made it a reality.

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Why Man Made?

There are 101 reasons to go for man made diamond engagement rings instead of the natural, mined variety. For starters, the price tags that come with natural diamond engagement rings are in the very best and politest verbiage, an illusion. Sounds off-putting to some but truth is, some diamond cuts out there are not a just reflection of what diamonds should be worth. That’s why you have to be careful when shopping for both natural and man made diamond engagement rings.

Take that with a pinch of salt. Then keep in mind that studies reveal that at least one out of every three diamonds sold in the United States today has been artificially altered to skyrocket its value. Further studies reveal that on average a couple churns out 40% too much for their diamond engagement rings.

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Beyond deceptive an exaggerated pricing, there are other issues of ‘blood diamond’, forced child labor and a myriad of disturbing natural diamond facts. For the emotionally sensitive diamond lover, these facts may mean that her love for the diamond cave in with time. After all, it would be demeaning to always put on diamond ring that reminds you someone somewhere had to die or sweat for it just for peanuts. All these facts leave one viable alternative which needless to say, is free of all the said evils – the manmade diamond engagement ring.

How Do They Look Like?

Quality man made diamond engagement rings are virtually indistinguishable from the natural variety. They are also extremely affordable than the typical black diamond ring, which happens to be very popular. You may not know it but recently, socially conscious celebrities and public figures like Angelina Jolie and Minnie Driver have made a vocal stand of wearing only man made diamonds to gala events.

Many have mistaken the diamonds for real diamonds and have even valued the diamonds than they are worth. This begs the question; just what is the difference between manmade diamond rings and natural ones. The difference is simple. The former are made in a lab, the latter are mined.

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Types of Man Made Diamond Rings

There are types of manmade diamond rings, otherwise referred to as synthetic diamond rings. The options are numerous, but unbiased and reliable information is scarce. That’s why man made diamond engagement rings reviews always come in handy when shopping for cheap man made diamond engagement rings. The most common types of manmade diamonds today are:

  • Cubic Zirconia

  • Russian Diamonds

  • Gemesis Cultured Diamond Rings

How to Take Care of Manmade Diamond Rings?

It is simple. Just take care of your man made diamond ring like you would your natural ring. It should however be noted that man made pink diamond engagement rings need special care. They are more susceptible to scratches, so avoid keeping them with other diamonds. Simply make good use of your special diamond ring case or pouch.

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Natural diamonds may be expensive. But guess what! You finally have a cheaper alternative. You only need to find out the favorite color of your significant other then go for a manmade diamond ring with that color. You will spend less and more importantly, you will surprise the woman of your dreams with something unique; something she may have never heard of or seen before!