Why You Need To Buy Your Lover a Gold Engagement Ring

If you’ve had an eye on the latest fashion trends in Hollywood, chances are you have already seen the rise in number of Hollywood common figures sporting what is certainly the latest fashion statement in engagement rings – gold rings, yellow gold engagement rings to be precise. Staging a comeback after being thrown into the back burner by popular crowd favorites such as palladium, platinum and white gold rings, yellow gold is without a doubt making its presence felt once again.

cute gold rings

What Makes The Rings Special?

With Victorian and antique inspired engagement rings being part and parcel of the current trends in engagement rings, it should not be a surprise that gold rings are back. Timeless and classic, there was a time when all ladies wished they could be wooed with gold rings. Starters, a gold engagement ring is more or less like a diamond engagement ring, as far as symbolizing eternal love is concerned. It just doesn’t fade or tarnish, just like the love a man should have for his woman. It is also strong and durable, which is why gold and diamonds complement each other.
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Unfortunately, due to the emergence of creative jewelry designers and the fickle nature of fashion trends, gold engagement rings quickly faded into oblivion. This happened because of the metallic looks that the designers used with silver overtones. Suddenly, engagement rings were not just pure gold. They were accented with other gems. It is now strange that somehow, this is no longer considered trendy.

What Changed?

In the age of smartphones and cutting edge technology, people have made up their mind that they have had enough of rose gold rings accented with other metals. They have now gone back to the glamour and glitz of the good old days. Demand for things is now high, something that justifies their hefty price tags.

What Are The Advantages of Gold Engagement Rings?

  • Truth is, you will churn out more money for a black diamond ring than you will for a gold ring. So pricing is the advantage gold has over diamond other gems like platinum.

  • You will also have an easy time maintain the glare and sparkle of your gold engagement ring than you would have if you had a diamond engagement ring. Why so? Gold does not get scratched easily.

  • It does not need plating, so maintaining its luster is always a downhill task. It also complements most skin tones with ease.

  • You can also have it polished quickly should it lose its glitz. The only exception could be gold rings, which must be handled sparingly.

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Customization Options

It is not a smart idea to customize gold engagement rings. The furthest you can go is to inscribe your lover’s name on the ring. This is simply because gold on its own, always stand out as unique, especially gold rings for men. The simpler they are, the more alluring and appealing they get.

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You can’t go wrong with gold engagement rings. Their flares always remain relevant. Their charm can woo any woman into saying yes for marriage. You’ll have to pay much for the ring but it will be worth it. Just be sure to take the necessary precautions when shopping for the ring. Buy the right carat for the right price and from a reputable jeweler.

Speaking of where to buy the ring, shop online. This way, you can always get value for your money as online goods hardly come with exaggerated price tags. Remember to exercise common sense precautions like sticking only to reputable and trusted online jewelry stores. Make good use of reviews, testimonials and word of mouth or referrals from friends who have already bought gold engagement rings online before.