About White Gold Wedding Rings

White gold wedding rings are gradually replacing those made of yellow gold which have been used for many years. The main difference between these two types of rings is the amount of gold as well as alloys used in their production. These rings which can be worn by both men and women are considered to be more fashionable than the conventional ones that are made from yellow gold. However, it is important to note that the white gold is as valuable as yellow gold and is worth investing in as a wedding ring. In addition, they are a great substitute for a black diamond ring which is also a favorite of many couples planning a wedding.

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Many reputable jewelers have white gold wedding rings as part of their collection, which gives couples an opportunity to choose the ones that most suitable for them. These wedding rings are available under a diverse price range depending on the gold karat and if any precious stones have been included in their design. Most times, the higher the carat or use of gemstones, the more costly the wedding ring made of white gold. Nevertheless, there are a number of online jewelry stores that sell cheap white gold wedding rings to individuals that are looking for quality rings at discounted prices to use in their ceremony.

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Pros and Cons of White Gold Wedding Rings

Even though white gold wedding rings are becoming the popular choice for most couples, it is important to know more about them before making a final decision. Some of the pros and cons of purchasing wedding rings made of white gold are:


  • It is a good alternative for couples that cannot afford rings similar in appearance to silver such as titanium or even platinum. White gold has a brilliant color which does not fade off easily thereby making it a good choice for mens white gold wedding rings. Men wearing these rings do not have to worry that they will start looking darker and unsightly over time.

  • The strong alloys which pair up within white gold makes it resistant to scratches and more durable when compared to yellow gold. Wedding rings are usually worn on a daily basis and should be able to withstand most surfaces or pressure that would make it bend or get easily damaged, which are features that are inherent in white gold.

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  • White gold is light in weight thus making it an easy metal to fashion into various ring sizes for men and women. It is common to find these rings embedded with various types of precious stones because of their flexibility which makes the metal a perfect choice for white gold wedding rings for women.

  • Wedding rings made of white gold are able to complement other types of jewelery when worn together to reveal an individual that is fashionable and willing to try out new things. Most times, the rings are able to highlight the other types of jewelry worn on the hand thus making the overall combination quite stylish.


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  • There are a number of wedding rings in the market that are counterfeits which makes it important to know the number of alloys used in producing the ring to know whether it is real or not.

  • Most rings made of white gold are plated with rhodium to give them a silver color and more brightness which makes them attractive. However, the rhodium wears off over time thus requiring them to be re-plated by a jeweler at least annually.


In general, wedding rings in white gold is a great way to stand out at your wedding and also express your personal style. They can be of the same design or not depending on the preference of the couple getting married.