Brilliant Gemstone Engagement Rings

Gemstone engagement rings are the best choice for couples that do not want to the usual diamond rings available in many jewelry stores. Although diamonds are still one of the leading choices for such rings, more couples are opting to incorporate other gemstones as part of their engagement rings. Gemstones are available in an assortment of colors and are very valuable making them a good choice for both men and women that are willing to step out of their comfort zone. In addition, using more than one gemstone in the design of an engagement ring is also possible.

astonishing gemstone engagement rings

The decision to buy gemstone engagement rings is accompanied by a lot of benefits such as lower costs, which make them ideal for couples that are on a budget but still want a quality ring. Also, choosing the right gemstone for a ring takes time, thus making the final choice very special for the person that is receiving the ring. Gemstones usually have different meanings and so it is important to find the right one so that it communicates the right message to your partner. Finally, engagement rings that have gemstones allow couples to make a unique statement about their feelings towards each other as well as the lifetime commitment they want to step in to, in the near future.

rectangular black diamond ring

Popular Types of Gemstone Engagement Rings

When buying gemstone engagement rings, it is important to consider the precious stone that will be held in its setting. Choosing the best gem can go a long way in enhancing the appearance of the ring while communicating a certain meaning to anyone looking at it. Most times, the gemstones are selected because they have a cultural meaning or are a birthstone but this is not restrictive especially when looking for unique gemstone engagement rings. Some of the well known gemstones used in the design of gemstones are:

  • Diamonds – These are the most common gemstones that are used for engagement rings and they are available in different sizes, colors and cuts. It is even possible to find a black diamond ring in some jewelry stores, which makes such engagement rings an ideal choice for those that prefer an uncommon diamond. Most people associate diamonds with purity because of its brilliant look which complements every woman’s finger.

    special emerald gemstone engagement rings

  • Sapphires – These exquisite gemstones that are associated with fidelity as well loyalty are more or less the same as diamonds, in terms of hardness. Although it is available in blue as well as pink color, the blue is more common in vintage gemstone engagement rings and are associated with royalty. In addition, the gemstones are available in different cuts which include cushion, round and even oval.

  • Emeralds – These gemstones have been part of the design of engagement rings for many centuries and are usually associated with love, faith and hope which is appropriate for such rings. Emerald gemstone engagement rings are the softest of these types of ornaments and they usually have some occlusion that enhances their character. Their striking green color enhances the appearance of the engagement ring making it very attractive.

    rare and unique gemstone engagement rings

  • Rubies – These precious gemstones are generally hard and can be cut into different shapes which include princess, round or cushion. The rubies are associated with deep understanding, liveliness and yearning which are positive attributes in any person’s life. Furthermore, the vibrant red color makes the ring finger look brighter and beautiful.

Gemstones for Making Lasting Impressions

In conclusion, engagement rings that have gemstones are a great way to make an impression on your partner. The precious stones symbolize love and commitment that lasts for a lifetime and look good as well.