The Different Options on Modern Engagement Rings

If you are one of those people who have a constant thing about anything modern or contemporary, you might want the same for your very memorable day – your wedding. Once you go for modern engagement rings, you can be assured that you are getting something that matches your fashion sense and personality type.

Modern engagement rings offer a fresh twist to a conventional wedding. In terms of design, they are normally crafted with minimalist and sleek figures – perfect for the contemporary and non-traditional individuals like you. If you are shopping for modern engagement rings for women, you might want to know that most ladies want rings that can improve their overall style and those that boast a flattering cut such as a princess cut or a round cut diamond ring. With regards to color, normally they would like a classic tone like white gold.

astounding modern engagement rings

Like a black diamond ring, modern engagement rings can make the event more extraordinary. Especially if they are outlined with a top quality construction, a ring can last for many years; if not for a lifetime.

Top Picks

Since you are in the market for one, this guide will give you a glimpse of the most popular and best selling options on modern rings for engagement. Such stunning pieces are briefly described below.

  • Diamond Engagement Rings in Platinum

Handcrafted with a gorgeous twisted micropave design, this band boasts a stunning row of brilliant diamonds. These modern diamond engagement rings may come in numerous types of cuts; and these include round, princess, emerald, oval, Asscher, and even radiant. And because it is made from high grade platinum, anyone can be confident that they are getting a worthy investment by simply choosing this one-of-a-kind modern ring.

giveable black diamond ring

  • Solitaire French Set Engagement Rings

For those searching for unique modern engagement rings with a touch of generous sparkle and a nice satin finish, then a Solitaire ring is the perfect choice. Hand-casted by skilled jewelry experts, definitely, these unique rings will not let you down; especially if you are in for a surprise for your bride to be. Choose the one with a sparkling row of diamonds for a stronger contemporary feel.

  • Palladium Engagement Rings

Simplicity is elegance – this is the best phrase that perfectly describes these rings that are also hand-casted and adorned by gorgeous pieces of tiny diamonds. If you are more on the minimalist side of things, this makes a simple and lovely choice. Available in virtually every cut possible, you sure have a handful when you check out these rings in the local market or on the internet.

cool modern engagement rings for women

  • Yellow Gold Micropave Rings

Designed with a twisted yellow gold façade, anyone will surely adore the modernist appeal of these rings that are embellished with 25-carat diamonds. Being offered in different cuts such as round, princess, Asscher, and many others, the ring is accentuated with a contemporary side detailing that will surely capture the interest of anyone who sees it. The ring is available in various sizes ranging from 3 to 9 and has a metallic beauty that weighs 4.8 grams.

  • White Gold Twisted Engagement Rings

Yet another modernist’s favorite is the white gold ring. Especially when incorporated with glittery diamonds, any bride to be can fall for the timeless beauty of white gold jewelry. Also available in various stone cuts and sizes from 3 to 9, you can get this contemporary engagement ring at slightly lower prices. Lightweight and metallically shiny, this could be the perfect ring for your loved one, so be sure to check out one.

rare and unique modern engagement rings


There may be other options out there; but currently, these are the modern engagement rings that garnered the top spot on consumers’ lists. Visit your favorite jeweler today – they might have these in their collection so be sure to take advantage of that wonderful opportunity.