The Different Types of Engagement Ring Setting

Everyone dreams of being on the very romantic day on one’s life – the engagement day. For women, it can be the most thrilling moment there is; while for men, it can be very daunting since they have to choose the most vital part of the engagement – the engagement ring. However, this should not be the case when the groom-to-be knows the important factors to consider. One of which is the engagement ring setting, a ring design – normally found in the place where stones are located – that is used to hold the diamonds or other gemstones securely in place.

awesome engagement ring setting

The different types of engagement ring setting are conceptualized in order to meet the varying needs of every buyer. The traditional-loving bride-to-be may opt for the minimalist solitaire setting; while the more fashion-conscious women may go for more intricate settings like tension or bezel. If you are at a loss as to which contemporary or antique engagement ring setting to pick, here is an insight of the different ring setting types, together with a brief description of each.

Types of Ring Settings

Here are some engagement ring setting styles that can be found in the jewelry market today:

  • Prong – Among other settings, prong is considered the most popular. You’ll know that it is a prong setting when the ring that tiny metal prongs that are curved on the corners of a diamond or other types of gemstones. This particular setting is preferred by many jewelry enthusiasts; mainly because it showcases more of the stones structure and less of the metal used in the ring. To simply put, stones are better highlighted and more light can pass through them; allowing the jewelry to portray more brilliance.

small and round black diamond ring

  • Channel – Commonly seen on eternity rings, channel is a type of setting that is normally used when mounting smaller stones around the ring’s structure. So rather than having them held individually by prongs, the stones are placed and enclosed into a channel; which comprises of an uninterrupted piece of metal. Typically, this setting is used on diamond rings like the black diamond ring; as well as tennis bracelets.

  • Half Bezel – Also known as semi bezel setting, this setting type encases diamonds or other gemstones partially; hence the name half bezel. As for the application, it is normally used in making diamond rings.

  • Bezel – Unlike the half bezel setting, a bezel surrounds the stone completely, usually in a round shape. However, it also works beautifully even when used on different shapes of gemstones. Widely renowned for having a sturdy and clean construction, it uses a fine metal frame that holds the outer edge of the diamond securely. When white gold or platinum is used, the end result will be a sparkling diamond that looks much bigger than its real size.

a type of engagement ring setting types

  • Halo – One of the most enchanting settings known today is the halo style. It was called halo due to its design; which comprises of a border or circular frame that emphasizes the beauty of the diamond in the center. For this reason, the central diamond looks bigger than its actual size and gains more brilliance; thus improving the overall aesthetics of the diamond ring. If you are one of those people looking for extreme elegance for their engagement day, then halo setting engagement rings are your best friend.

unmounted antique engagement ring setting


You’ve just had a glimpse on the most popular engagement ring setting to date. While all of them look simply adorable, the best and most practical choice will still depend on your personal preferences so be sure to take these into proper account before heading to the checkout and paying for one. In this manner, you can be sure that you’ve made the right decision.