Asscher Cut Engagement Rings –Timeless and Classic

Asscher cut engagement rings are quickly gaining fame as a stylish alternative to the more conventional ring styles in the market. The rings which are available in both online jewelry stores as well as those at physical locations are quite pricey but worth it in the long run. They are designed using diamonds which can be of different colors but having the asscher cut. Couples that want their engagement ring with this cut stand out; can opt for a black diamond ring which can hardly go unnoticed. However, it is important to buy such rings at reputable stores to ensure that the ring is genuine.

best antique asscher cut engagement rings

Majority of asscher cut engagement rings are associated with vintage styles because of their classic look which resembles a table that has cropped corners, which are four in number. This timeless cut is from the period referred to as Art Deco which is popular with individuals that know a lot about vintage asscher cut engagement rings. Due to the popularity of these engagement rings, it is possible to find replicas or others that are designed from their inspiration. It is therefore important to put some effort in finding a genuine engagement with the asscher cut, for the benefit of your partner.

Features of Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

Shopping for an antique asscher cut engagement rings can sometimes be overwhelming but with certain guidelines, the selection process should be much easier. Most times, the criterion is quite basic but the result will be a fashionable and even dramatic ring that will impress your partner. Some of the features to look out for when buying these engagement rings include:

best asscher cut engagement rings

  • Cut quality

Ensure that the asscher cut has been done well and should have the right depth so that light can be refracted from the diamond. When the diamond has been cut well, it will look larger and brilliant which makes it quite appealing to the eye. Since the cut is considered to be a very unique pattern, it is attracts a rather steep price when compared to other cuts in the market.

  • Color

Most of the engagement rings that have the asscher cut are generally dull because the focus is usually on their luster and clarity of the diamond. However, there are a number of colored diamonds to choose from that can greatly enhance the overall appearance of the engagement ring.

the best unique black diamond ring

  • Clarity

Engagement rings that hold an asscher cut diamond as the center stone are simply beautiful because of the clean cut and sharpness of the gemstone. They may not sparkle but their facets of the diamond are very clear which make them a good choice for those looking for engagement rings that have been designed in an intricate manner. Solitaire asscher cut engagement rings are a great choice for individuals that want the clarity of their diamond to be showcased.

cute vintage asscher cut engagement rings design

  • Setting

The setting of the asscher cut diamond in an engagement ring plays a big role in the beauty of the ornament. Most times, the four prong setting is the most ideal for this type of cut because it elevates the diamond and allows it to reflect a light that makes it sparkle. Also, when the corners of the diamond remain uncovered it looks much larger and more appealing.


Overall, when buying asscher cut engagement rings, it is important to consider the lifestyle of the person that will be wearing it. Most times, this type of diamond cut is best for women that do not lead a very active lifestyle as it allows them to consistently look stylish with the ring on their finger.