About Designer Engagement Rings

Choosing to buy designer engagement rings for your partner is one of the ways to make them feel special and valued. These rings which are designed in a variety of styles are a favorite of many women who want an exceptional ornament that they can be able to show off. Even though these rings are mostly worn by women, there are some masculine designs that are specifically made for men that want to wear these designer rings. Some of the top designers that have been recognized because of their unique designs include Kirk Kara, Tacori and Verragio among others.

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The construction of these designer engagement rings takes a lot of time so that the intricate details can be seen and appreciated. Some of them have precious stones such as diamonds, emeralds and even aquamarines which increase their overall value. For example, a black diamond ring from a well known designer is likely to have unique design which makes it much more valuable than any other similar engagement ring. Nevertheless, it is important to purchase the engagement ring from a reputable jewelry store as a guarantee that it is a designer brand.

Tips on Spotting Fake Designer Engagement Rings

Majority of the companies that produce unique designer engagement rings invest their time in creating designs that have a lot of intricate details. These details are what make them stand out and worth investing in regardless of the price attached to the rings. However, it is important to note that there are some engagement rings being sold in jewelry stores that are counterfeit and not worth buying. Some of the ways to identify these fake rings are:

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  • Price of the ring

Engagement rings that are sold under designer brand names usually cost a lot because of their unique designs. It is for this reason that any designer ring sold at a very cheap is likely to be fake and should not be bought by an individual seeking an authentic one. Browsing through the websites of engagement ring designers is a good of way of finding out their current prices so that it is easy to spot one that is being sold at an oddly low price.

  • Ring engraving

Designer rings always have a stamp that contains information on the various qualities of the ornament, making it easy to identify. Genuine engagement rings have engravings that can be easily read as the letters are sharp in appearance. In case, the engravings in the designer engagement rings are blotchy and the characters are oddly placed then they are likely fake.

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  • Ring package

Most top designer engagement rings are packaged in a unique way to make them visually appealing to shoppers. These packages always have a distinct color and a stamp that contains the designer’s name as a way of making sure that it can be easily identified. Therefore, if the wordings on the stamp are even a little bit crooked then it is likely the ring is not a designer brand.

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  • Quality of ring

When buying designer engagement rings for women it is important to consider the design and the overall construction of the ornament. Most designer rings are made from quality metal and their design is consistent on the interior as well as exterior. Therefore, engagement rings that seem to be too pronounced at one point or have a setting that is off balance are likely to be an imitation.

All in all, engagement rings that are part of a ring designer’s collection are a good choice when making such an important proposal. These rings go a long way in displaying your commitment without the use of words.