Palladium Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are made with different metals. The most common is gold, platinum and silver. Precious gems such as ruby, sapphire, diamond, emerald, amethyst, opal, and cubic zirconia are often used to make these rings look beautiful and expensive. The metals used where these gems are placed also contribute to the price of the ring. While gold and silver are the most popular choice in making engagement rings, there is one very rare metal that is twice as beautiful as platinum but of lesser weight. It is the Palladium metal.

shiny palladium engagement rings

Advantages of Palladium Metal

Palladium engagement rings are unique rings in so many ways. Compared to popular metals, there are benefits of choosing the right palladium engagement rings for women that could be far more advantageous to have.

  • Palladium metal is the rarest metal followed by platinum and gold. The total amount of gold mined all over the world could fill a swimming pool. The total amount of platinum mined could fill an average living room. The total amount of palladium mined all over the world could not even fill a room. That’s how rare palladium is.

  • Palladium is harder than platinum. In fact, it is 12% harder but still lighter. This lighter weight makes the engagement ring go through wear and tear compared to platinum.

amazing black diamond ring

  • Palladium engagement rings are resistant to tarnish and chemical erosion, has electrical stability.

  • Palladium is a sister metal to platinum.

  • It is a good investment of money as its value is way past the value of gold and platinum and still steadily rising.

spakling palladium engagement rings for women

Unique Designs of Women Engagement Rings

Finding palladium diamond engagement rings for your fiancé can be tricky because of the many options you might be presented with. To find that ring you are looking for, there are things to consider when you go ring shopping for unique engagement rings:

  • Research on the preferences of your soon wife to be. Make sure that she is also on the same page as with you on getting married or else you will be faced with a harsh rejection. You can find out if she is ready to move on to the next level when you talk about future plans with her.

  • If you want to surprise her, you can observe her personality and fashion style to get the ring that perfectly matches her style and personality.

  • To get a palladium engagement ring settings for the two of you can be a unique idea of having a remembrance for the two of you on you engagement day.

  • You must also consider giving her black diamond ring because it is a symbol of sophistication and elegance.

  • A marriage proposal must be carefully planned because it is a memorable moment for every woman. You need to do your homework on her, on the palladium engagement rings and how you can pull off the engagement idea.

crowned palladium engagement ring settings

You can never go wrong with getting a sparkling diamond ring in palladium metal. Aside from all its benefits you can get, it also has a value of rising worth. As a man who wants to make the event memorable, you need to plan at least two to three months ahead to gather the budget for the ring, the conceptualization of the proposal and the many things and people you need to collaborate if you have an elaborate plan of a marriage proposal. If you consider having everything recorded, you might need a little help from friends or family to set up the whole thing up. Careful planning of the event will add to her wishful idea of a romantic wedding proposal that could surely have her ‘yes’.