Princess Engagement Rings

Princess engagement rings are cut in a square or in a rectangular shape. This cut has been relatively new in the diamond industry; created in 1960’s compared to the round cut that has been popular in the early 1900’s. It has gained popularity over the years coming second from round diamond engagement rings. Although diamonds are the standard for engagement rings, other gemstones are rising in popularity also. There are different diamond and other gemstone shapes to choose.

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Five Most Popular Types of Diamond Shape

There are many types of diamond ring cut. Probably the most popular is the round cut. But before you bet on the most popular, you must know which ring shape could make the cut for you.

  • Round brilliant – This the most popular and most classic diamond gem cut. It is created with 57 facets that bring out the most sparkling and brilliant shine of all the shapes. Most celebrities have advertised their round engagement rings.

  • Princess – this type of cut is the second most popular of all shapes. It can be rectangular or square. Its pointed corners makes the delicate facets enhance diamond’s natural brilliance. The princess engagement rings are best for women who have a fancy for princess whims.

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  • Emerald – This cut has rectangular shape that emphasizes a bigger surface and few facets. This highpoints the clarity of the diamond than any other shape.

  • Asscher – This cut is a combination of Emerald and Princess cut. It has a square shape like the Princess cut but with a flat surface like the Emerald cut. It has been created in the 1920’s and remained one of the most popular even upto the present.

  • Radiant – This type of cut is one of a kind and can be the perfect cut for those looking for a unique engagement ring to give.

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The Princess Cut

The princess cut being the second most popular ring shape has its own set of perks. Every woman has at some point in her childhood has encountered cartoon about princesses. That is the reason why disney princess engagement rings are also as popular because of every girl’s innate wish to be treated as a princess. What makes princess engagement rings special is their association to childhood whimsical fantasy of every girl.

The princess cut halo engagement rings are perfect for a stunning display on the fingers. At a far glance, this ring will make quite an impression because of its elaborate design that would not go unnoticed. When designing your own engagement ring, you might want to consider mounting your diamonds to white gold metal to create the perfect white gold princess cut engagement rings. The character of the white gold will enhance the beauty of the diamonds in a much larger scale than gold ring. For more stunning effect of white gold or platinum ring is with a black diamond. A black diamond ring in platinum, silver, palladium or white gold is perfect for stunning sophistication.

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Preparing for a marriage proposal can be nerve wrecking. It can even be more anxiety filled event if you are unsure of the ring you are about to give your future wife. But what is more important than finding the right engagement ring is making sure that your girlfriend has sufficient understanding of what you want in your relationship. It is very crucial that a few months before the marriage proposal is that you have done your homework on her views on family, children, future with you and the type of ring she would want to brag to her friends about. You don’t want to screw up on getting the wrong type of ring, but most importantly you don’t want to screw up on the wrong notion that your girlfriend is ready to settle down with you. It is better to be sure but be sure to do it in a subtle way. Women love surprises and when you surprise her with an engagement proposal, you’ll have the ‘yes’ you so want to hear.