Exclusive Custom Engagement Rings

The growing trend for custom engagement rings by many couples is a sign that they are becoming an alternative to ordinary store rings. The rings that are sold in many jewelry stores are produced for the mass market and are sometimes not ideal for everyone making the demand for customized ones to rise. However, for custom made engagement rings the designs are unique and can have some personal details about the couple making them much more special to the couple. In addition, it is unlikely that the engagement ting can be reproduced by any other designer making them a one-of-a-kind ornament.

buying custom engagement rings

There are two types of custom engagement rings that can be found among couples with the main features being the personal details that have been incorporated in the rings. It is possible to design the engagement ring from scratch by giving the jeweler ideas on the type of ring that you want and the details about the design. However, working with a pre-made ring such as a black diamond ring and making changes in its design is another way to have it customized so that you can have an engagement ring that meets your personal taste. Either of these two options provides satisfactory results especially when the customization is done by a skilled jeweler.

customizing black diamond ring

Buying Guide for Custom Engagement Rings

Shopping for custom engagement rings requires some effort on your part as jewelery stores that have them on sale are limited. However, with some research, it is possible to find engagement rings that reflect your style and personality at an affordable price. Finding custom engagement rings online is much easier than visiting jewelery stores in the local area and is very convenient as well. Nevertheless, it is important to aware of some guidelines that will make it possible to buy the best customized rings and they include:

  • Set money aside

It is obvious that the cost to be incurred when buying these engagement rings will be much higher than those of ordinary rings in a jewelery store. It is for this reason that a budget for the ring should be set so that you do not overspend. At times, the price of the engagement ring that is to be customized can be quite high, but it can be modified by the designer to fit the money that has been set aside for its purchase.

creating custom engagement rings online

  • Have ideas

Designing an engagement ring without having any guidelines can be a bit hard for a designer, thereby making it important to have an idea of the kind of ring you would love to wear. Browse the internet to search for ideas and even look at rings worn by friends or family to come up with a design that can be brought to reality by a jeweler. When researching on the ideal design for the custom ring, it is important to write down your preferences to act as a guide for the designer.

  • Identify a designer

There are a number of designers that are well known for their unique custom engagement rings and are worth checking out by couples that are need of such rings. Different designers offer their services at various prices and so it is important to find one that can make the engagement ring as per your budget while considering your personal specifications.

untraditional and unique custom engagement rings

  • Be patient

Bringing your dream custom ring to reality takes time especially if the specifications are a bit complicated. Therefore, it is important to give the designer a good amount of time to work on the rings and even make further changes after the initial delivery.

Custom Made Rings Make Engagements More Special

Generally, custom rings for engagements carry a lot of personal history and act as a reminder of the love two people share. In some cases, they can even be used as heirlooms that are given from on generation to another.

A Look into the Best Engagement Rings

Everyone shopping for an engagement ring for their partner hopes to select one from a collection of the best engagement rings. These rings are those that are able to capture the personal style of the person they are to be presented to, in every detail. Therefore, it is important to find out your partner’s preference in rings before making a purchase so that you can choose the best one available. There even times when their preference may require the engagement ring to be a custom made one, if they are to consider it the best.

buying the best engagement rings

To get the best engagement rings involves a lot of research both online and in different publications such as magazines and journals. These publications are a good place to find information on the various aspects of choosing engagement rings to ensure that the one picked will be suitable for your partner. However, this information on rings should be considered alongside the personal tastes of the person that will be wearing the ring.

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Tips on Finding the Best Engagement Rings

Selecting the best engagement rings is very overwhelming because of the diverse collections that you have to look through before picking out a suitable one. For many people, finding a ring that meets their partner’s expectation is their main focus when at jewelry stores both online and offline. Some of the factors to consider when selecting an engagement ring and to ensure it is the best include:

  • Style of the ring

It is important to consider the ring style when choosing an engagement ring because they are quite a number in the market. Some of the popular ring styles are cushion cut, emerald cut and halo which elevate the gemstone and make your ring look bigger and more beautiful. If these cuts of best diamond engagement rings are appealing to you, then having one of them as part of your engagement ring design will make it the best for you.

cool and best engagement rings designers

  • Ring designer

Although there are a number of engagement rings on sale at various jewelry stores by different designers, there are some that stand out above the rest. It is therefore important to identify the best engagement rings designers and buy a unique ring from their collection. Most times, designer engagement rings may be somewhat expensive but with some searching, you are bound to get an affordable one. Some of the famous ring designers to consider include Tacori, Verragio and Tiffany among others.

  • Type of gemstone

The most common precious stone used in engagement rings is the diamond which is available in every size, cut and color. Some colors such as those found in a black diamond ring are uncommon and offer a great way of making the gemstone stand out more. However, you can choose another gemstone that is more appealing to you and they include sapphires, rubies and even emeralds which give the engagement ring a different but striking effect and make it the best choice for you.

  • Price

The decision to find the best online engagement rings will largely depend on the cost attached to them by different jewelry stores. These online stores have a wide range of ring collections to choose from and they price them according to a variety of factors. So, to find the best one, it is important to compare prices from one store to another so that the final purchase will be affordable. An engagement ring that fits within your budget is the best ring you could ever buy.

shopping at best online engagement rings

Bottom Line

Overall, the thought put into the selection and eventual purchase of the ring is more important than its price. For most women the proposal accompanied by a perfect ring is the best thing that could ever happen to them.

Brilliant Gemstone Engagement Rings

Gemstone engagement rings are the best choice for couples that do not want to the usual diamond rings available in many jewelry stores. Although diamonds are still one of the leading choices for such rings, more couples are opting to incorporate other gemstones as part of their engagement rings. Gemstones are available in an assortment of colors and are very valuable making them a good choice for both men and women that are willing to step out of their comfort zone. In addition, using more than one gemstone in the design of an engagement ring is also possible.

astonishing gemstone engagement rings

The decision to buy gemstone engagement rings is accompanied by a lot of benefits such as lower costs, which make them ideal for couples that are on a budget but still want a quality ring. Also, choosing the right gemstone for a ring takes time, thus making the final choice very special for the person that is receiving the ring. Gemstones usually have different meanings and so it is important to find the right one so that it communicates the right message to your partner. Finally, engagement rings that have gemstones allow couples to make a unique statement about their feelings towards each other as well as the lifetime commitment they want to step in to, in the near future.

rectangular black diamond ring

Popular Types of Gemstone Engagement Rings

When buying gemstone engagement rings, it is important to consider the precious stone that will be held in its setting. Choosing the best gem can go a long way in enhancing the appearance of the ring while communicating a certain meaning to anyone looking at it. Most times, the gemstones are selected because they have a cultural meaning or are a birthstone but this is not restrictive especially when looking for unique gemstone engagement rings. Some of the well known gemstones used in the design of gemstones are:

  • Diamonds – These are the most common gemstones that are used for engagement rings and they are available in different sizes, colors and cuts. It is even possible to find a black diamond ring in some jewelry stores, which makes such engagement rings an ideal choice for those that prefer an uncommon diamond. Most people associate diamonds with purity because of its brilliant look which complements every woman’s finger.

    special emerald gemstone engagement rings

  • Sapphires – These exquisite gemstones that are associated with fidelity as well loyalty are more or less the same as diamonds, in terms of hardness. Although it is available in blue as well as pink color, the blue is more common in vintage gemstone engagement rings and are associated with royalty. In addition, the gemstones are available in different cuts which include cushion, round and even oval.

  • Emeralds – These gemstones have been part of the design of engagement rings for many centuries and are usually associated with love, faith and hope which is appropriate for such rings. Emerald gemstone engagement rings are the softest of these types of ornaments and they usually have some occlusion that enhances their character. Their striking green color enhances the appearance of the engagement ring making it very attractive.

    rare and unique gemstone engagement rings

  • Rubies – These precious gemstones are generally hard and can be cut into different shapes which include princess, round or cushion. The rubies are associated with deep understanding, liveliness and yearning which are positive attributes in any person’s life. Furthermore, the vibrant red color makes the ring finger look brighter and beautiful.

Gemstones for Making Lasting Impressions

In conclusion, engagement rings that have gemstones are a great way to make an impression on your partner. The precious stones symbolize love and commitment that lasts for a lifetime and look good as well.

What are Edwardian Engagement Rings?

While there are still brides that go by the traditional way at the engagement, some of them still aim for a good change when choosing rings. If you are one of them, you want to look for something antique or unique like Edwardian engagement rings or a black diamond ring. By selecting one of these engagement rings, you will not get a hold of its charm and uniqueness, but will also have something that is cheaper, has better design and details, and can stand as a family heirloom for generations to come.

all about edwardian engagement rings

What exactly are Edwardian Engagement Rings?

These engagement bands were primarily designed during the Edwardian era – a period between 1900’s and 1920’s; hence the name Edwardian engagement rings. The trend was brought by the invention of the oxyacetylene torch – a tool that was used to craft antique Edwardian engagement rings. Since the innovation, jewelry designers got an idea of creating milgraining, pierced and lacy forms; along with filigree detail on the ring’s mounting. Aside from sapphire rings and rose cut diamond rings, these jewelry pieces were very coveted during this particular period.

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Popular Styles

On jewelry stores and online shopping platforms, a buyer can find a multitude of Edwardian style engagement rings in various cuts, colors, craftsmanship, shapes, and metals used. Since you are in the market for one, this article has listed down the top 5 picks on vintage Edwardian engagement rings today. And you can find them, along with their brief descriptions, below.

  • Diamond and Platinum Edwardian Ring

Crafted with a stunning European cut gemstone, you are going to love this diamond-detailed engagement ring with an Edwardian twist. Presented in a top-quality platinum material, the central diamond is adorned with little versions on the frame; which is carefully milgrained and slatted thoroughly to create a gorgeous finished product that is intricate handcrafted.

old antique edwardian engagement rings

  • Diamond Edwardian Ring with Filigree Design

Inspired by the early 20th century, this solitaire-mounted ring comes with a brilliant European cut diamond and a hand-finished white gold. Surrounding the diamond is a detailed filigree design; which accentuates the shoulders of this fine and elegant vintage ring.

  • Edwardian Old Mine Cut Ring

Another white gold and diamond masterpiece is this Edwardian engagement ring. At the center comes a gleaming old mine cut diamond; which is supported with gothic filigree on either sides of the frame. If you are keen about everything classic, then an old mine cut diamond ring is for you.

  • Art Deco Antique Platinum Ring

Presented in a sophisticated octagon setting that resembles a floating effect, the ring comes with a big, shining European cut diamond that is embellished with tiny diamonds in its surroundings. At the back of the ring lies fancy filigree that extends up to the ring’s shank. Exquisite and luxurious, the ring makes an excellent alternative for couples that can afford the extravagance of diamonds.

rare vintage edwardian engagement rings

  • Marquise Edwardian Diamond Ring

If you have a thing on rings with bigger gemstones, you will surely admire this Edwardian ring that is accentuated with a 9.55-carat diamond. Inspired by the early 20th century era, the ring comes with an oval shaped, old mine cut diamond at the center and a refined platinum frame and setting. If you look at the diamond more closely, you’ll notice that it has a subtle yellow tinge; however, this does not change the stone’s ability to shine. But if this sparkle is still not flattering for you, don’t fret because on the shoulders lie small old mine cut diamonds that are arranged in delicate milgrained settings. Impressively antique, any woman cannot resist the beauty and sparkle of this one-of-a-kind Edwardian ring.


And those were the top picks on Edwardian engagement rings that are worth considering today. Be sure to check out one today – your dream engagement ring can be just there waiting for you!

The Different Options on Modern Engagement Rings

If you are one of those people who have a constant thing about anything modern or contemporary, you might want the same for your very memorable day – your wedding. Once you go for modern engagement rings, you can be assured that you are getting something that matches your fashion sense and personality type.

Modern engagement rings offer a fresh twist to a conventional wedding. In terms of design, they are normally crafted with minimalist and sleek figures – perfect for the contemporary and non-traditional individuals like you. If you are shopping for modern engagement rings for women, you might want to know that most ladies want rings that can improve their overall style and those that boast a flattering cut such as a princess cut or a round cut diamond ring. With regards to color, normally they would like a classic tone like white gold.

astounding modern engagement rings

Like a black diamond ring, modern engagement rings can make the event more extraordinary. Especially if they are outlined with a top quality construction, a ring can last for many years; if not for a lifetime.

Top Picks

Since you are in the market for one, this guide will give you a glimpse of the most popular and best selling options on modern rings for engagement. Such stunning pieces are briefly described below.

  • Diamond Engagement Rings in Platinum

Handcrafted with a gorgeous twisted micropave design, this band boasts a stunning row of brilliant diamonds. These modern diamond engagement rings may come in numerous types of cuts; and these include round, princess, emerald, oval, Asscher, and even radiant. And because it is made from high grade platinum, anyone can be confident that they are getting a worthy investment by simply choosing this one-of-a-kind modern ring.

giveable black diamond ring

  • Solitaire French Set Engagement Rings

For those searching for unique modern engagement rings with a touch of generous sparkle and a nice satin finish, then a Solitaire ring is the perfect choice. Hand-casted by skilled jewelry experts, definitely, these unique rings will not let you down; especially if you are in for a surprise for your bride to be. Choose the one with a sparkling row of diamonds for a stronger contemporary feel.

  • Palladium Engagement Rings

Simplicity is elegance – this is the best phrase that perfectly describes these rings that are also hand-casted and adorned by gorgeous pieces of tiny diamonds. If you are more on the minimalist side of things, this makes a simple and lovely choice. Available in virtually every cut possible, you sure have a handful when you check out these rings in the local market or on the internet.

cool modern engagement rings for women

  • Yellow Gold Micropave Rings

Designed with a twisted yellow gold façade, anyone will surely adore the modernist appeal of these rings that are embellished with 25-carat diamonds. Being offered in different cuts such as round, princess, Asscher, and many others, the ring is accentuated with a contemporary side detailing that will surely capture the interest of anyone who sees it. The ring is available in various sizes ranging from 3 to 9 and has a metallic beauty that weighs 4.8 grams.

  • White Gold Twisted Engagement Rings

Yet another modernist’s favorite is the white gold ring. Especially when incorporated with glittery diamonds, any bride to be can fall for the timeless beauty of white gold jewelry. Also available in various stone cuts and sizes from 3 to 9, you can get this contemporary engagement ring at slightly lower prices. Lightweight and metallically shiny, this could be the perfect ring for your loved one, so be sure to check out one.

rare and unique modern engagement rings


There may be other options out there; but currently, these are the modern engagement rings that garnered the top spot on consumers’ lists. Visit your favorite jeweler today – they might have these in their collection so be sure to take advantage of that wonderful opportunity.

Expensive Engagement Rings

Getting engaged is probably the most eccentric and memorable moment in a couple’s life. This is the start of their decision to live and love each other for the rest of their life time. Along with the proposal is one important and most revered symbol of an engagement proposal – the engagement ring. Depending on what your girl likes and what are her styles and personality, you can buy one of the most expensive engagement rings or just the average one.

most expensive engagement rings

Most famous celebrities and tv personalities flash their big expensive engagement rings to the media. Rich and famous men are also on the edge of giving their fiancé only the best diamond engagement rings they can find and afford.

If you are curious on the world’s five expensive engagement rings that have been created, diamond rings and other precious gems and metals are the top of the list. Here are the top expensive diamond engagement rings that would surely drain the bank:

  • Brilliant Platinum

    • De Beers Jewelers has the record of creating and designing the most expensive diamond engagement and wedding rings that most women would love to wear on their hands. Their very famous diamond ring is the Round Brilliant Platinum. This very expensive ring is made of 9 carats pure white diamonds surrounding the ring and they are all made in platinum. This D-grade diamond ring is very well desired and sought after because of its gracefulness and extensiveness.

stocked black diamond ring


  • Tiffany Diamond

    • One of the most bank draining engagement rings is the Tiffany Oval Diamond. It is made round and square which are both platinum. It features a 14.79 carats which amounting to a staggering $1.5 million dollars.

  • Oval Diamond

    • Equally famous and respected jeweler House of Taylor has also created a very exquisite and classic design of the Oval Diamond engagement ring. This ring is purposely made oval to imitate the shape of the flower with 5.98 carats and its surrounding smaller cut white diamond embellishments 3.96 carats. This diamond made in platinum is sold at a hefty price of $1.3 million dollars making it the third most expensive ring in the world.

worlds most expensive engagement rings

  • Secret Kiss of the Rose King

    • This fourth most expensive diamond engagement ring has been popularized by the De Beers Company. It features a flawless bud shape cut that merges two diamond rarities with 10.9 carats. This ring is perfect for those who love to wear pink as it also features modest pink at 0.80 carats. Selling at a high price of $525,500, it has total carats of 13.38.

  • Asscher Cut Diamond

    • The fifth place goes to one of the expensive engagement rings for women is named for a British royal family’s gem cutters who invented this attractive and elegant cut in the year 1902. It is a square shaped with its corner polished to perfection. The ring price will largely depend on its size of the carat, color, and shape. Asscher Cut Diamond ring is priced at $520,500 with carats of 10.19 available in popular cities such as Chicago, New York, Amsterdam and South Africa.

abstract expensive engagement rings for women

Buying the certain type of expensive engagement rings will solely depend on the budget and the personality of the receiver. An expensive diamond ring will surely make any woman drool over it but there are some women who would love to receive a unique engagement ring such as the black diamond ring and other beautifully crafted rings made of other precious gems and jewels.

Advantages of Fake Engagement Rings

The media would make a stir when famous celebrities announce their engagement and one of the first things they would probe is how much and what design is the engagement ring. Women of high status are pestered with paparazzi hovering on the ring that fits the ring finger of the hand. This emphasis on lavish engagement rings have paved the way to marketing bigger, more sparkling and more expensive cuts of diamond rings. The praise they get for having an expensive ring is very opposite to the critic on what other people would believe so in marriage proposals. This is the reason why very few people disclose how much their rings cost or if it was even real in the first place.

creating fake engagement rings

While these rich and powerful men show off their prowess in buying expensive engagement rings, the ordinary worker would settle on the rings under a thousand dollar or for most people would afford fake engagement rings.

Advantages of Fake Engagement Rings

No matter how appealing an expensive wedding and engagement rings could be, if you don’t realize it, there are also many advantages of having fake engagement rings.

benefits of black diamond ring

  • Fake versions can also look realistic and worthy of the same level of praise and appreciation as with real expensive ones.

  • When you are prone to losing things, when losing a fake and cheaper ring, you can easily replace it and won’t have to go on a panic attack of not finding it.

  • The cost of the fake ring is just a fraction of the real expensive one. This is beneficial to those men who don’t have a lot of money in spending for the right ring that would wow his girl.

  • You can use fake engagement rings for travel for safety and caution against theft, robbery and misplacement of the item.

buying cheap fake engagement rings

There are many cheapfake engagement rings available in the market. They also come in different colors and hues to resemble precious gems and stones. Ruby and Sapphire gemstones are the most popular unique engagement rings. However, one of the best fake engagement rings is probably the Cubic Zirconia. It closely resembles the real diamond, sparkles like the real diamond and can be fashioned into famous diamond cuts. With its close resemblance to diamonds, having one of these fake engagement rings would truly wow your girl without the hefty price tag.

Unique Diamond Engagement Rings

Aside from precious gems and stones, there is also one type of diamond engagement ring that you should not miss to check out. One of the rarest to find is a black diamond ring. The sophistication it brings to the wearer’s hand makes it a sure stand out amongst all other engagement ring. This stand out ring is suited to the highly fashionable woman who has a keen taste on fine things and knows the value of a black diamond on her hand.

specialized for best fake engagement rings

Some women would love real expensive jewelry while other women are contented with just any fancy jewelry. Depending on the kind of person she is, you will need to get to know her preferences before settling to buy fake engagement rings. If she really loves you, any ring will not matter as long as you have sincerely put up an effort to propose to her in the most memorable way the two of you will treasure the memory forever. Some women consider splurging on an expensive ring is rather materialistic while others display a love for the finer things in life. Whatever you decide, make sure that the focus of the proposal is your commitment and love for the person and not on the ring. After all, true love doesn’t come with a cost.

The Advantages of Buying Used Engagement Rings

Are you thinking of proposing soon but still battling over some financial issues? Do not let this concern bother you that much, a proposal can still be as special as you want it to be even when you’re on a budget. One popular and easy way to achieve this is to look for used engagement rings instead of eyeing on the new ones. At first thought, you might not like this idea but as soon as you become more aware of its advantages, you will definitely agree as to how used diamond engagement rings can be even more practical and smart.

All about used engagement rings

Several benefits of buying used engagement rings

  • More budget-friendly

Since it is your pocket that is your ultimate concern, you will need to find something that will fit within your budget range. Having that said, you will surely appreciate cheap used engagement rings. Because these rings were previously owned by other couples or people, the value is no longer that high, but rest assured that the appraisal of the jewelry is never going down. When looking for a pre-owned engagement ring, make sure you carefully choose the style and design. Buying something cheaper does not necessarily mean having to settle for anything lesser. The ring still needs to be something that your partner will appreciate and love.

three stone black diamond ring

  • Easy to find

Because the idea of buying and selling previously owned rings has relatively soared up, another advantage is the ease and convenience of finding one without have to search really further. Some notable places to start your search would be pawn shops, classified ads and even antique shops. Another popular platform would be the internet. Searching for used engagement rings online is very easy and exciting. You will find out just how many options you actually have, you only need to be very careful with whom you will be transacting with. Make sure the seller has a verified and trusted identity.

some used engagement rings online

  • Unique and stylish

With used engagement rings, the chance of finding something that’s unique and special is always possible. In fact, antique rings are obviously known to be pre-owned, with some even related to earlier era or generations. If your partner fancies antique and vintage items, she will surely find it adorable to have one for her engagement ring. Antique shops usually offer such kinds of items, you just need to ask and let them know what you are looking for. Who knows, it might be your lucky day and get something as good as a unique black diamond ring for your special someone.

rare and cheap used engagement rings

  • No one can ever tell

Another advantage of considering used rings for engagement would be the fact that no one can tell or know for sure that you bought something that’s not brand new. Diamonds are never prone to scratches, chipping or tearing, so you don’t have to worry even if you are planning to buy something that’s been resold for centuries. All you need to do is just find a beautiful and charming box where you can place the ring and it will surely serve its sole purpose. The decision is entirely up to you should you decide to tell your partner about the ring’s history, but even if you won’t, there’s no way she can ever guess.

Final tips

Used engagement rings are definitely a life-saver for many reasons. If you are worrying about impressing your partner and giving her the best, you can consider this option. After all, it’s the thought that counts. She will be just as happy to receive something you’ve searched and prepared for. At the end of the day, you will realize how practical and convenient your decision has actually been.

How to Buy Square Engagement Rings

So you have finally found the “one” and now ready to ask her to tie the knot. Obviously, for this special moment, you will need the most important thing – the engagement ring. While there are numerous selections on rings out there, you don’t have to feel pressured or overwhelmed with choosing the perfect ring. Since you only want what’s the best for your girlfriend, why not opt for the most renowned options like square engagement rings? In this manner, you’ll not only make her feel special, but will also allow her to proudly show off the ring to her family and friends.

cool square engagement rings

About Square Engagement Rings

Also known as princess cut diamond rings, square engagement bands are the second most popular cut in the world; as far as diamond is concerned. However, in some cases, these rings do not only come in square shapes, but in rectangular forms as well. You’ll know that a diamond has a princess cut when it resembles the shape of an inverted pyramid with sides that are designed in a beveled manner.

Primarily created in the year 1960 by Israel Itzkowitz and Betzalel Ambar, princess cut rings are known to have a unique faceted cut that displays almost the same brilliance as that of a round brilliant cut diamond. When struck by light, the gemstone bounces the highest degree of light; just like the round cut rings. Formerly named as Barion cut, the diamond was renamed as princess cut as it gained popularity in the jewelry market.

popular black diamond ring

Square Engagement Ring Buying Guide

Unlike Asscher cut and emerald cut diamonds, a princess cut ring is more forgiving; as far as diamond weaknesses and flaws are concerned. So, for you to easily find the finest square engagement rings, this article has listed a number of minimum standards that you can use as a basis when choosing one. Acceptable qualities of square cut engagement rings include the following:

  • Cut – Look at the ring’s cut closely. Make sure that it is rated very good or 59-74 in figures.
  • Color – In terms of color, the diamond should be graded at least with a G rating, excellent, or colorless, to put it simply.
  • Clarity – Ideally, the diamond should be rated with VS2; or nicely clear in layman’s terms.
  • Table – The table width should be at least 58%.
  • Depth Percentage – The percentage should be the same as the percentage of the table width.

nice square engagement rings for women

For those who are running low on budget, these standards should find you cheaper square engagement rings for women:

  • Cut – A rating of good or at least 56 for a diamond would suffice.
  • Color – A grade of at least I or faint is acceptable.
  • Clarity – A grade of SI2 or very good can give you acceptable diamond clarity.
  • Table – Should be at least 53%.
  • Depth Percentage – A minimum of 56%, normally, will do. But as a general rule, the lower the percentage is, the better the ring will be.

    inspiring vintage square engagement rings

Additional Purchasing Tips

Because a princess cut diamond, even those in the famous black diamond ring and vintage square engagement rings, has a four-sided shape, it is wise to keep in mind that you have to select the one that comes with a four-prong setting. By doing so, you can be assured that the diamond will not fall off over time, especially when it was hit by a sudden impact. And since princess cut diamonds are prone to certain flaws like extra facets and inclusions as well as natural flaws, this kind of setting will effectively hide them; hence the ring will look more aesthetically pleasing in the long run.

The Different Types of Engagement Ring Setting

Everyone dreams of being on the very romantic day on one’s life – the engagement day. For women, it can be the most thrilling moment there is; while for men, it can be very daunting since they have to choose the most vital part of the engagement – the engagement ring. However, this should not be the case when the groom-to-be knows the important factors to consider. One of which is the engagement ring setting, a ring design – normally found in the place where stones are located – that is used to hold the diamonds or other gemstones securely in place.

awesome engagement ring setting

The different types of engagement ring setting are conceptualized in order to meet the varying needs of every buyer. The traditional-loving bride-to-be may opt for the minimalist solitaire setting; while the more fashion-conscious women may go for more intricate settings like tension or bezel. If you are at a loss as to which contemporary or antique engagement ring setting to pick, here is an insight of the different ring setting types, together with a brief description of each.

Types of Ring Settings

Here are some engagement ring setting styles that can be found in the jewelry market today:

  • Prong – Among other settings, prong is considered the most popular. You’ll know that it is a prong setting when the ring that tiny metal prongs that are curved on the corners of a diamond or other types of gemstones. This particular setting is preferred by many jewelry enthusiasts; mainly because it showcases more of the stones structure and less of the metal used in the ring. To simply put, stones are better highlighted and more light can pass through them; allowing the jewelry to portray more brilliance.

small and round black diamond ring

  • Channel – Commonly seen on eternity rings, channel is a type of setting that is normally used when mounting smaller stones around the ring’s structure. So rather than having them held individually by prongs, the stones are placed and enclosed into a channel; which comprises of an uninterrupted piece of metal. Typically, this setting is used on diamond rings like the black diamond ring; as well as tennis bracelets.

  • Half Bezel – Also known as semi bezel setting, this setting type encases diamonds or other gemstones partially; hence the name half bezel. As for the application, it is normally used in making diamond rings.

  • Bezel – Unlike the half bezel setting, a bezel surrounds the stone completely, usually in a round shape. However, it also works beautifully even when used on different shapes of gemstones. Widely renowned for having a sturdy and clean construction, it uses a fine metal frame that holds the outer edge of the diamond securely. When white gold or platinum is used, the end result will be a sparkling diamond that looks much bigger than its real size.

a type of engagement ring setting types

  • Halo – One of the most enchanting settings known today is the halo style. It was called halo due to its design; which comprises of a border or circular frame that emphasizes the beauty of the diamond in the center. For this reason, the central diamond looks bigger than its actual size and gains more brilliance; thus improving the overall aesthetics of the diamond ring. If you are one of those people looking for extreme elegance for their engagement day, then halo setting engagement rings are your best friend.

unmounted antique engagement ring setting


You’ve just had a glimpse on the most popular engagement ring setting to date. While all of them look simply adorable, the best and most practical choice will still depend on your personal preferences so be sure to take these into proper account before heading to the checkout and paying for one. In this manner, you can be sure that you’ve made the right decision.